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Destiny 2 Shards Of The Traveller Concept Art

Destiny 2 begins with Guardians loosing their connection with the Traveller’s Light. Now it’s obvious to anyone who knows the first game that at some point the Guardians must get back in touch with the Light in order to access their new Subclasses. This is correct, and that’s why in this article we’re looking at some Destiny 2 shards of the Traveller concept art.


When the Traveller saved Earth from the forces of the Darkness it gave its life, at least as near as we can tell. When it unleashed its power it destroyed the Darkness, whatever that evil pursuing force was, and birthed the Ghosts which in turn created Guardians. When it burst with Light, the force that must have destroyed the Darkness, it also damaged itself. In this piece of concept art you can see the shards of the Traveller cracking and falling away from it. Now granted, the Traveller doesn’t look that badly damaged in Destiny or Destiny 2, but it’s certainly missing quite a chunk of the outer shell. The opening scenes of Destiny 2 are the only thing that have explained the reason for the Traveller’s appearance in any kind of detail, for me at least, so now I understand the reason for its dishevelled look.


This next piece of concept art is really just something beautiful. It’s taken from the intro to Destiny 2, don’t worry there aren’t any spoilers here. What it does do is show you a bit more of the underbelly of the Traveller, that place where its shell has broken away and the blackened innards are exposed. In the beginning of Destiny 2 Gaul has a chat with another Cabal, and they mention that the Traveller is a machine, the energy of which they intend to capture and properly harness. Obviously Guardians see the Traveller as a bit more than a machine, but just think about if this is a machine. Who or what made it?


Okay, these are the shards of the Traveller. In the Destiny 2 beta I thought this was the scattered remains of the Traveller after the Red Legion are done with it, but thankfully that isn’t true. Here is where the Guardians get their Light, and their power and immortality, back. Having played through this section of the game I can say that it feels totally organic, and a part of the universe of Destiny 2 instead of a forced area to loop the game back into making you immortal.

One question I have about these shards is why have Guardians never explored them properly before? In the surrounding area things are dying, from the grass and trees to all animals, and it’s a pretty bleak place. However, the shards seem to have Light flowing through them, so why is everything dying around them? This could be due to some sort of radiation that the Traveller emits, and since the rest of it doesn’t touch the ground there’s no way of checking that.

for now at least this area seems to have been breezed over in the early part of the game, but I think the shards of the Traveller have a lot more to offer than we know just yet.

I'm an avid Destiny 2 fan and player. I fell in love with Destiny 1 during the early alpha and have been hooked by the universe ever since. I really enjoy playing with other Guardians, speculating about the lore, and writing about as much of the Destiny universe as I can.

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