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Who Is The Crow? An Analysis of the Life, Death, & Resurrection of Uldren Sov

An exploration of everything we know about Crow.

Who Is The Crow? An Analysis of the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Uldren Sov

Diving Into the Lore of the Forsaken Prince turned Guardian

“The line between light and dark is so very thin. Do you know which side you’re on?”

Uldren Sov, Destiny 2: Forsaken (2018)

With the Season of the Hunt on the horizon I only get it would be fit to look at who our vendor is. Most seasoned veterans of the Destiny franchise know the smug and cocky brother of the Awoken Queen, whether it’s for his distrust of Guardians for no reason or the blood on his hands for the murder of Cayde-6, but for all of the New Light players this character may seem like just another seasonal vendor. I’m here to outline the entire existence of Uldren Sov aka The Crow


Before the events of the first game took place Uldren Sov was the prince of the awoken, but also was a lead spy for the awoken. While heading his spy network he captured transmissions between the Eliksni houses as they entered Sol. While deciphering these messages he discovered the Fallen’s plot to attack the Last City. After warning the Guardians of the oncoming attack, Uldren would also join in the most infamous battle in Destiny lore, the Battle of Twilight Gap. After these transgressions occurred the House of Wolves wild attempt to move into the Reef only to have their Kell, Virixas, among other high ranking Wolves eliminated. This would initiate the Reef Wars and wild scatter the House of Wolves into three branches under the leaderships of Irxas, Parixas, and Skolas. This war would end with the Queen’s enslavement of the House of Wolves.

Destiny(2014)- The Taken King(2015)

When our Guardian first travels to the Reef to ask the Queen a favor we are greeted by her brother, Promce Uldren. Uldren despise the Guardian and believes them untrustworthy, but after moments of arguing he sarcastically offers to make us a personal key to the Black Garden if we bring the eye of a vex gate lord to him and the queen. However, during the events of the Taken King he is determined to be dead after Oryx decimated the entire awoken fleet. Uldren’s ship can later be found in a lost sector on Mars proving he is still alive.

Destiny 2(2017)- Beyond Light(2020)

During the Warmind DLC, our Guardian would discover a crashed Crow ship belonging to Uldren Sov on Mars, but no signs of a body. Wandering the Martian service Uldren would briefly study the Black Garden, but his main focus was leaving the planet. Once he made it off the planet he would be found in the Tangled Shore. On the Shore he would find an injured dreg named Fikrul and would wish for the dreg to recover. At this time Riven had been taken, but still granted the wish corrupting Fikrul’s ether and creating the Fanatic. With the Fanatic by his side Uldren would aid in the creation of the Scorn and its barons before ultimately being captured and imprisoned by Petra Venj. Uldren has been driven mad and believes his sister to still be alive.

Forsaken opens with Uldren escaping during a riot in the Prison of Elders, but before his escape he would kill the Hunter Vanguard, Cayde-6, and claim the Ace of Spades as his own. Throughout Forsaken, Uldren is manipulated by Riven, in disguise as Mara Sov, to open up the Dreaming City with the aid of the Scorn. Fikrul and Uldren would travel to the Shard of the Traveller in the EDZ to forge the Fanatic’s staff. The duo would succeed in opening the Dreaming City’s gates, but soon the Fanatic and Uldren would die at our Guardian’s hands.

Two months after we executed the Forsaken Prince, a lonely ghost named Porkchop, who has been searching for his Guardian for decades, would resurrect Uldren Sov, wiping his memories and giving him a clean slate. In the months following his revival Uldren would stay hidden from civilians and Guardians due to the way they treated him. Knowing nothing of his past Uldren would don the name Crow. In the Season of the Hunt, the Crow alongside Zavala, Osiris, & the Spider will be attempting to stop Xivu Arath’s onslaught on the Dreaming City.

Are you glad to see Uldren officially return to Destiny 2? Will you give the Crow a chance in the Season of the Hunt or will you continue to hold grudge? Only time will tell how our ghost and Guardian react to Uldren’s return. Only time will tell if Uldren will have to step into the role of Hunter Vanguard.

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I am, what many would call, a Destiny veteran spanning back to when we first dropped into the Hellmouth to take out Crota. In the coming years I would realize this game was a focal point in the development of my life creating many memories with friends and even helping pull me through some of the roughest patches I went through. When I’m not playing Destiny or writing, however, I’m working as a 3rd shift CNA or effortlessly teaching my fiancé how to play as well (hang in there baby you’re doing great). That’s about all I have to say. Hope you enjoy!!!

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