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So, How is Shaxx Sending Us to the Missing Planets For Crucible Games?

Io, Mars, Mercury, and Titan have been swallowed by the darkness. Yet, Crucible matches are still taking place on them. How is Shaxx doing it?

So, How is Shaxx Sending Us to the Missing Planets For Crucible Games?

If you have played even a small amount of Crucible since the launch of Beyond Light, then you have probably noticed that even though they are gone, Shaxx is still holding Crucible matches on Io, Mars, Mercury, and Titan. This has left many in the Destiny community confused about how Lord Shaxx, the loud but lovable Crucible handler, is seemingly able to defy the darkness and continue to utilize the missing planets for Crucible matches.

The answer to how actually has very little to do with Lord Shaxx. Instead, it lies with two individuals that we have gotten to know quite well in recent seasons: Saint-14 and Osiris. In an interaction with Saint-14; it is revealed that while searching for Vance, Saint-14 comes across some of the Infinite Simulacrum that could be found scattered around Mercury. With some convincing, Saint-14 managed to persuade Osiris into teaching him how he can use the Infinite Simulacrum to simulate not just the different crucible areas but also the lighthouse for when trials can finally return.

While Saint admits that the areas in the Infinite Simulacrums are not quite the same as the real areas, he does mention that he brought the simulations before lord Shaxx and tells him that he should do that same. From there we can only assume that Shaxx takes Saint’s advice and follows his lead in using the simulated areas as we have been the areas even though the planet they are located on is missing.

I believe that we can also assume that the Drifter is doing the same, or something similar, with Gambit maps. Gambit is still being hosted on maps from the missing planets, but Saint-14 does not mention sharing his simulation method with the Drifter and in my search for answers, I could not find any lore entries that mention how the Drifter is achieving this. Perhaps the Drifter is using the Haul behind his ship to create the maps and sending Guardians in to complete in Gambit.

What do you think about using simulations for the crucible maps on the missing planets? How do you believe the Drifter is sending Guardians to the Gamit areas that should be missing? Do you think Bungie should have vaulted these maps as they did with the PvE content that takes place on those planets? Would you have rather seen Bungie add a whole host of new maps, or would you have been disappointed seeing some fan-favorite crucible maps being removed?

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