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How To Study And Play Destiny 2 At The Same Time


In our time, video games have become part of our lives. It’s a fun activity, but it can be difficult to find the time for it, especially if you are a student. But there is a solution. For example, if you need to write an essay, but want to spend this time on video games, you can buy essays online on special writing services.

Destiny is a very interesting game. This is a series that everyone knows and an outstanding shooter. It’s a constant reminder of Bungie’s immense talent. Destiny is capable of attracting even those who are not interested in MMOs. But how to study and play Destiny at the same time – let’s figure out.

Destiny and Study

As a college graduate and a true gamer, I want to state: study is boring. I’m sure you are shocked. I am not saying that school should be fun. We just perceive information better when we are fully focused and enjoy the work process. Think about it.

Children learn about the world through play. They learn the alphabet more easily through song or dance. We encourage kids to be creative and craft to learn colors, material properties and develop coordination.

But over time, training turns into a lecture format. Students are told something for eight hours a day, five days a week, and then they are required to repeat it strictly according to the textbook. And, what is most unpleasant, they are frightened by poor grades, because of which there is a risk of falling behind their peers.

For many, this is stressful. However, we are not interested in criticism of education, but in the role of gaming in it, especially a game Destiny. Destiny can be addictive and enjoyable, which means they can immerse you in an optimal state for learning. Like other games, it can teach problem solving, math, physics, history, languages, and other humanities. The list can be extended.

In this TED video, Jane McGonigal talks about how games can change the world for the better. Jane creates games with which she seeks to prove that gaming improves teamwork and develops real-life skills. In addition, Jane believes that games will help solve global problems: hunger, poverty, global warming, war, etc. As we play games, Destiny, in particular, we focus on solving complex problems much faster.

In addition, video games (and games in general) are expected to help solve the difficulties associated with obtaining an education and finding a job. The current educational system is designed to train specialists who work in one place all their lives. But the world has changed long ago: according to the data, the average American changes up to 10 jobs by the age of 45.

And considering how many new specialties appear every year, the trend will only intensify. With the development of AI, robotics, and technology, humanity will have to solve more and more complex tasks that require deep concentration. These are the skills that video games like Destiny develop. This means that in the future, gamers may have an advantage.

Games in Education: Obstacles and Disadvantages

It looks like gaming does solve many of the shortcomings of the education system and can change it for the better. But it’s not that simple. Few people still know about the benefits of games. More scientific research is needed for change to occur.

With all the hype surrounding learning games, there is little research to show that games improve students’ academic performance. Memory plays a key role in learning. Therefore, games that develop memory should also improve student performance. But to prove it, they need to conduct a series of studies.

In addition, the teachers themselves must first be taught the new techniques. And if you have ever explained to your parents how to use a smartphone, then you understand how difficult it is for people with established habits to relearn.

It may seem that the game is a digital textbook of a new generation that will solve many problems, including personnel ones. But games alone will not make schools more effective, replace teachers, or become a tool that can teach an infinite number of students.

It is also worth touching on the financial aspect. To play, you need expensive devices like tablets or computers, reliable Internet connection, and the ability to buy the games themselves. Of course, over time, devices become cheaper, and games become more accessible (like Destiny), but the problem is still relevant.


Games already benefit education. It is a pity that I graduated before they appeared in schools. But I’m happy for future generations because the innovations look promising. Perhaps Destiny will be the start of a new genre of educational games. I think we have a lot of innovations in the educational game genre, and I will look forward to them. However, even now, MMOs can teach how to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

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