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What is Destiny 2 Character Boost Price?

Bungie is giving players character boosts from PL750 to PL900, the soft cap for Destiny 2. All players below 750 will be upgraded free to 750, where they can get the character boost.

If you are an avid player of Destiny 2, you know it mostly boosts the power cap. However, the new expansion is beyond the norm and goes for the power floor. This has been proposed as a way to brush off the early game rind before players enjoy some new content.

This upgrade has several benefits to players. First, it may only take a few hours for players to reach the soft cap. Second, they are on their way to unlocking new modes due to their progression. This new development came about from the reset of the popular game, and it is quite strange that Bungie offers players a chance to purchase a modest character boost.

How Much Do You Pay for the Boost?

Destiny 2 allows you to buy the character boost to the power level 900 for just 200 silver, which would cost around $20. You will then choose your character, and they will get enough gear to reach PL900.

It is not the first time that players are getting a boost in Destiny 2. Bungie offers players a medium boost to help players who do not want to grind out the level with each major release. Sometimes, it offers players an additional free bundle that they can use once to boost a different character to the same level. This comes in handy for people with multiple alts.

What is Odd about the Boost?

Players get a free boost to PL750

The most peculiar of the most recent power boost opportunity is that at the launch of the shadowkeep and the free to play New Light, the game developer removed the levelling system along with all characters at PL750, whether or not one had previous accomplishments. This step was to allow other players to jump into the new upgrade with little fuss.

Before the change of plans, players would be required to grind out various levels until they reach a level high enough to play at par with their friends. Now, this is the reason why boosts made sense. Now anyone can jump into the new update without requiring the grinding. Therefore, the $20 boost does not make any sense. Essentially, players may just buy a boost to climb a game they can push free.

You can transfer your weapons to other alts

There is still another oddity with the boost. At the moment, 900 is the soft cap on Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. Therefore, it means that any gear you collect will boost you to 900. This makes grinding quite easy. Besides, the game allows players to transfer their high-level gear to other alts and skip grinding. In this case, one would not need to buy the boost to move up the levels.

The real grinding happens after you hit 900

As discussed earlier, 900 is the soft cap in Destiny 2. This means that the real grind starts from this point. You can only surpass the grind by using powerful gear drops, which gets you to 950. On the other hand, if you go with the pinnacle gear, you will get to 960. You need to surpass the grind if you wish to roll any of the endgame content.

Many players have decried that $20 is very high. However, since they will not require the boosts if they have some time, the price might not be an issue here. Still, those that may love to try boosting may feel the pinch of the high cost and little gains in terms of points.

Other Caveats about the Boost

Once you purchase the boosts, you cannot get a refund if you decide to forego them. Besides, if your armor inventory is full, all the power level 900 weapons that you got from the booster will be sent to the postmaster instead.

Are there other Character Boosts Coming soon?

Starting November 24, 2022, Bungie will allow all players to purchase a character boost that would essentially take them to level 1200. You cannot buy the Beyond Light character boost until a character reaches the power level 1200.

This offer will be available at the character select screen and will use the silver you have accumulated. If you do not have enough silver, you will be directed to the marketplace to buy extra silver. Again, if the inventory is full, the armor you purchase will be sent to the postmaster. It is always good to check the armor in your postmaster before purchasing any character boost.

A Simple Shadowkeep Levelling Guide

If you are looking for ways to gain higher caps without necessarily buying boosts, you can go about it in several ways. Follow this guide to avoid wasting precious loot drops while grinding.

Hit the Level 900 Soft Cap

You will want to hit the soft cap first. If you want to do it fast, avoid any additional quests that may result in the prime endgame. Instead, consider completing the Shadowkeep story campaign.

Push Beyond the 900 Soft Cap

You will notice that you will be moving slowly after 900. This is because many engrams will cap out at this level. However, you can play with the weekly quests to push ahead. This includes completing eight Gambit bounties and finishing eight Vanguard, Crucible and Gunsmith bounties. You may also get a reward from Eris in her memory pursuit, which helps push your levels. On completing the quests, you may consider taking on the 100k Nightfall challenge as it has the highest reward drop that you may get in the entire game aside from the raid drops.

Get a Boost

If navigating all these quests and levels is hard, consider getting a boosting service to push you to the new update. A Destiny 2 boosting service connects you to a professional who can go through the levels and get you to the level you wish. It is an easy, straight and cheap service to level up without all the strain of grinding.

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