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The Elite Arsenal: 10 Essential Exotic Weapons in Destiny

The Elite Arsenal: 10 Essential Exotic Weapons in Destiny

Welcome, Guardians, to the ultimate arsenal of kick-assery⁣ in Destiny!⁤ In a world where aliens constantly try to ⁤ruin our day, it’s essential to⁣ have the right tools for the job. And by tools, we mean ridiculously cool, over-the-top, straight-up crazy⁢ exotic weapons that will make your enemies quake in their space‍ boots. So buckle up, strap in, and get‌ ready to unleash hell with the top 10 essential exotic weapons in Destiny. Trust us,​ you’ll want to have these bad boys in your inventory when the poop hits the fan. Let’s dive in, shall we

Top 10 Exotic Weapons in Destiny

Are‌ you tired of using the same old weapons in Destiny ‍and looking for something a bit‌ more exotic? Look no further! Below are the ​top 10 exotic weapons​ that‌ will take your gameplay to the next level:

1. Gjallarhorn – This rocket launcher is a staple in⁣ the Destiny ​universe, ⁤known for its⁣ devastating power and wolfpack ⁢rounds ‌that seek out enemies.

2. Hawkmoon – A hand⁤ cannon that packs a serious punch, with its luck in the chamber perk that can ⁢one-shot enemies in PvP.

3. Sleeper Simulant – This fusion rifle turned rocket ‍launcher is perfect for taking out bosses and high-value targets.

4. Thorn – ‌A hand ⁢cannon that inflicts damage over time, perfect for frustrating ⁤your enemies in PvP.

5.⁣ Icebreaker – This⁢ sniper‌ rifle regenerates ammo over⁣ time, perfect for‌ those long-distance encounters where ammo is scarce.

6. The Last Word – A fan-favorite hand cannon ‍that allows for rapid-fire shooting and accurate hip firing.

7. Outbreak Prime – This pulse rifle creates siva nanites that seek out⁤ enemies and‌ cause additional ⁢damage.

8.⁣ Thunderlord -‍ A machine gun ⁤that ⁢fires lightning rounds, perfect‍ for taking out groups of enemies⁤ at once.

Gjallarhorn: The Legendary Rocket Launcher

Looking to pack a punch in Destiny 2? Look no further than the⁢ Gjallarhorn, the legendary rocket launcher that strikes fear into the‍ hearts of your enemies (and possibly your teammates too).

This bad boy isn’t just any ordinary rocket launcher – it’s got tracking capabilities that ⁢put Santa’s reindeer to shame.⁢ Lock onto your target and watch as the Gjallarhorn’s ‍cluster missiles rain down like a fireworks​ display gone⁤ wild. Just don’t ⁤forget to duck for cover, because ⁢you might end up getting caught in the crossfire!

Need to clear out a room full of baddies in a flash? The Gjallarhorn’s Wolfpack rounds have got you covered. These explosive projectiles unleash a‌ barrage of mini-missiles that seek out enemies like a pack of hungry wolves. It’s like having your own personal army at⁤ your fingertips – talk about​ firepower!

So, whether you’re taking ⁣on a raid boss or just need to make a dramatic entrance‌ in the ​Crucible, the Gjallarhorn is the rocket‍ launcher that’ll ​have you feeling like a legendary guardian in no time. ‍Just ​remember to handle with care – you⁣ wouldn’t want‌ to accidentally blow yourself ⁢up (again).

Thorn: The Savage Hand Cannon

is​ no ordinary weapon. This sleek and deadly firearm packs a serious punch, making it a‌ favorite among guardians who prefer power and precision⁢ in their arsenal.

With its sleek⁣ black design and intricate engravings, Thorn is not just a weapon – it’s a work of art. Each shot fired from this⁤ hand cannon is like a ​symphony of destruction, leaving your enemies in awe of your skill and style.

Some key features of Thorn include:

  • High Impact Rounds for maximum damage
  • Increased range and accuracy for those long-distance headshots
  • Bio-mechanical enhancements for improved handling and stability

When you ⁤wield Thorn, you’re not just holding a weapon – you’re holding‍ a legend. So next time you’re facing ⁢down a horde of ​enemies, remember to reach for . Your enemies won’t know what hit them!

Icebreaker: The Unstoppable Sniper Rifle

Imagine a weapon so⁣ powerful, so precise, that it can take down a target from miles‍ away without breaking a sweat. That’s right, we’re talking⁤ about‌ the Unstoppable Sniper Rifle, also known as the Icebreaker. This ⁢bad boy packs a punch like no other and is guaranteed to leave your enemies⁤ running‌ for the hills (if they even have time‍ to react).

With its sleek design and state-of-the-art technology, the Icebreaker is a⁤ force to ⁣be reckoned with on the battlefield. Whether you’re taking out enemy forces from a distance ⁣or simply showing off your sharpshooting skills, this rifle will never let you down. ‍And did‍ we mention it comes in a variety of stylish colors and patterns? Who said you can’t look fabulous while taking down the bad⁢ guys?

But wait, ‍there’s more! The Icebreaker is not⁤ just any ordinary ‍sniper rifle. It also comes equipped with⁣ a built-in thermal imaging system, allowing you to spot your‌ targets​ with ​precision even ⁣in the darkest of nights. And‍ let’s not‌ forget about its customizable scope options, giving you the ability to zoom in on your target with incredible accuracy. Say goodbye to missed shots and hello ⁣to unparalleled marksmanship.

So whether you’re a seasoned sniper⁤ or just getting started in the world of long-range combat, the Icebreaker is the ultimate weapon ⁤of‌ choice. With its unstoppable power and precision, this rifle will have you dominating the⁣ battlefield in no time. Just remember, with great power comes great ‍responsibility (and a whole lot of fun).

Hawkmoon: The Deadly Hand Cannon

Hawkmoon is not just any ordinary⁤ hand cannon, ‌it’s a force ​to be reckoned with in the world of Destiny 2. With its sleek design and deadly accuracy, this hand cannon is sure to make‌ all your enemies tremble in fear.

Whether you’re taking on a horde of enemies in PVE or facing off against other players in PVP, Hawkmoon is the perfect weapon for‌ any situation. Not convinced? Just ask the countless guardians who have fallen victim to its ​devastating power.

Don’t let its elegant appearance fool you, Hawkmoon⁢ is as ‍deadly as they come. With its precision shots and ⁣high damage output, this hand cannon is sure to make you the envy of all your‌ fellow ‌guardians.

So if you’re looking ⁢to ‌up your game⁣ and dominate the competition, ⁤look no further than Hawkmoon. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility, ⁣so be sure to use it wisely (and maybe show off​ a little too).

Red Death: The Life-Saving Pulse Rifle

Have you ever found yourself ⁢face-to-face with ‍a horde of flesh-eating zombies and thought, “Man, I really wish I had ‌a pulse ​rifle that could turn these undead monstrosities into Swiss cheese”? Well, guess what? The Red Death pulse⁣ rifle⁤ is here to save the day!

This badass weapon is the ultimate zombie-slaying machine, with its sleek design and deadly accuracy. With a high rate of fire and pinpoint precision, you’ll be mowing down zombies left and right like a hot knife through ‌butter. And did I mention it comes in a stylish⁣ shade of blood red? Talk about killing in style!

But wait, there’s more! ​The Red Death⁣ also comes equipped with a built-in health ‍regenerator, so not only are you blasting away the undead, but you’re also keeping yourself alive and kicking. It’s like having a personal medic by⁤ your side, only cooler and with way more firepower.

So don’t be caught unprepared when the zombie apocalypse ‍hits – ⁤arm yourself with the Red Death pulse rifle and show those brain-hungry fiends who’s ​boss. With its killer looks and ‍life-saving features, you’ll ⁤be the envy of every survivor in town. Get yours today and join the ranks of the ultimate zombie hunters!

The Last Word: The Quick-Draw ⁣Hand Cannon

So you think you’re the fastest draw in the west, huh? Well, get ready ​to put your skills to the test with the Quick-Draw Hand Cannon! This bad boy is‌ not for the faint of heart ⁢- only the⁣ fastest gunslingers need apply.

With lightning-fast reloading capabilities and pinpoint accuracy, the Quick-Draw Hand Cannon is sure to make you the talk of the town. No more fumbling around ⁢with your six-shooter when you ⁣can whip ⁢out this bad boy and take down your enemies in the blink of‌ an⁤ eye.

Just imagine the look on your opponent’s⁣ face⁢ when you outdraw them with the Quick-Draw Hand Cannon. You’ll have them running for ⁣the hills faster than you can say “yeehaw!” So saddle up, partner, and get ready to show the world that you’re the quickest gun ​in the west.

Don’t waste another minute with those outdated handguns – it’s time to upgrade to the Quick-Draw Hand Cannon and show everyone who’s boss. With this baby by your side, you’ll always have the last word in any showdown.


What makes exotic weapons in Destiny so special?

Exotic weapons in Destiny are like the unicorns of the gaming world – rare, majestic, and able to make your enemies cry tears of envy. These bad boys not only pack a serious punch, but also come with ‌unique perks and abilities that can turn⁤ the tide of battle in‌ your favor.

Which exotic weapon ⁢is a fan favorite among players?

One of the most beloved exotic weapons in Destiny is none other​ than the Gjallarhorn, also known as the “Gjally” by its adoring fans. This rocket launcher is so powerful that it has the ability to bring ⁤grown Guardians to tears with its devastating firepower.

What makes the Thorn hand cannon stand out among the rest?

The Thorn hand cannon is not ​your average pew-pew gun. ‌This baby is infused with dark magic and has the ability to poison your enemies, slowly draining their life away ⁢as they try ⁢to comprehend the pain of being shot by such a badass weapon.

Why is the Icebreaker sniper rifle ‍a‌ must-have for any Guardian?

The Icebreaker ⁤sniper rifle is a ⁤game changer in more ways than one. Not⁣ only does ⁣it‌ have the unique ability to regenerate its own ammo over time (yes, you read that⁤ right), but it also has the power to vaporize your enemies with pinpoint accuracy. It’s like having a‍ Christmas miracle wrapped in a sniper rifle.

Is the Last Word hand cannon as deadly as ‍its ​reputation suggests?

The Last Word hand cannon is not just deadly – it’s basically the Grim Reaper in gun form. This bad boy is ⁤known for its‌ lightning-fast rate ‌of fire and ​high damage output, making ⁢it a force to‍ be‍ reckoned with in any firefight. Just be sure to aim true and ‍let‍ your enemies taste the‍ sweet​ sting of victory.

Ready to​ become a true Guardian with ⁤these ⁣10 exotic weapons?

Congratulations, Guardian! You now ‌possess the⁤ knowledge of the ⁢Elite Arsenal‍ and are ready to dominate the battlefield in Destiny. With these 10 essential exotic weapons by your side, you’ll be slaying enemies, completing raids, and showing off your sweet loot in no time. So gear up, hop ⁣on​ your sparrow, and show those aliens who’s boss! Happy hunting, Guardian!

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