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The Best Way To Play Crimson Doubles 2019


Crimson Days, the Valentine’s Day event in Destiny 2, for 2019 will launch today at the usual reset time of 5PM GMT. This year the event is slightly different to last year, in that there are now bounties to complete each day, as well as a beast of a weekly bounty which will help you get a weapon at 650 Power Level.

With a number of new Guardians joining the community since the launch of Forsaken, we thought you could use a handy little guide for the best way to play the Crimson Days-exclusive Crucible playlist, Crimson Doubles.

1) Collect Bounties Every Day

Lord Shaxx is going to have Bounties for you to complete on a daily basis. There is also one which is a weekly Bounty, but this is for the Nightfall only.

Bounties are an easy way for you to earn more Confectionary Hearts, and they’re not restricted to PVP either. We don’t know exactly what they’ll entail, but if you’re able to log in and play every day you’ll probably be able to complete all four of then each day.

Completing a daily Bounty will net you a bunch of Confectionary Hearts, the currency required to buy rewards from Lord Shaxx during Crimson Days. We don’t know exactly how many, but it will most likely be between 10 and 20, considering that the weekly Bounty awards 75.

Even if you’re not going to play Crimson Doubles, logging in and acquiring and completing these Bounties will help you get The Vow.

2) Play Crimson Doubles Every Day

This one might seem obvious but really some Guardians won’t do it. Yes you can get Powerful gear rewards from doing every weekly and daily activity, and those are worth doing. However, Crimson Days is here for one week out of 52 of the year, and it’s got rewards so exclusive that they give a Guardian an almost gold-like status for the rest of the year.

While the event is one take my word for it and plough all of your time into Crimson Doubles. You’ve a better chance of getting more of the event’s rewards if you complete more matches.

3) Stay close to Your Partner

In Crimson Doubles it’s two of you against another pair. when you stay close to your partner you’re easier targets, but you gain enhanced ability recharges. When you’re too far away from your partner the enemy team can see where you are anywhere on the map, and they’ll hunt you down and kill you.

This game mode is brilliant because it subverts what you’d normally be doing in the Crucible. When your instinct is to run around frantically and get the drop on unsuspecting enemies, your priority now is your partner. Keep them alive, revive them, and protect them with your abilities if you can.

Matches will be over quickly, and even if you lose you get 5 Confectionary Hearts. That means you only need to lose 25 matches in order to get The Vow, and there will probably be a few Guardians who will carry you through others.

4) Pay Attention to Crimson Days Triumphs

A list of Triumphs will be available to complete for Crimson Days. Since the event is only a week long they will more than likely relate to completing a number of daily Bounties, completing the weekly Bounty, and then performing certain acts in Crimson Doubles.

If you complete every Bounty you’ll net the Sugary Shell, a much coveted Ghost Shell. Probably because it look delicious.

The only way you’re guaranteed to complete every Bounty is by paying attention to what is required to complete them. As soon as the event goes live tonight, look them up and gear your game time towards completing them.

Those are our tips for the best way to play Crimson Doubles 2019. If you have anything you think we missed then let us know in the comments.

Image Source: Daily Star

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