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Red Rover Guide – How to Complete the First Raid Challenge

The first of the rotation of raid challenges to release for Deep Stone Crypt is called Red Rover, and it takes place during the first encounter, Crypt Security. Completion of this challenge will earn you a Triumph as well as an extra loot chest when you complete the encounter.

How To Complete Red Rover

To complete this challenge, every guardian will have to act as the Operator at least once during the encounter. They will each have to activate panels in the basement area of Crypt Security as well.

To do this, we will work a 3 round rotation, and doing DPS in 3 total phases. This will take longer than the very easy one phase, but it’s worth it for extra loot.

To start, split up into 3 teams of 2, and decide the order in which each team will be Operator. There will be one Operator team per round of DPS. In each team, decide which guardian will be Operator 1 and which will be Operator 2.

As each round starts, Operator 1 will go downstairs, and activating the correct panels on only the Dark side of the map. Following this, Operator 1 will then send the augment upstairs via the terminal, which Operator 2 will then grab. Operator 2 will go downstairs next, trading places with Operator 1, and activating the 2 panels on the Light side. This will start DPS.

From here, execute the DPS phase as normal, but only destroying 2 fuses, no more, and no less. Once you destroy 2, make sure both Scanner and Operator are back upstairs, and the next Operator team will take over.

With a little practice, this challenge is easily completed, and a fun experience in teamwork and logistics! Plus, that extra loot bonus is always nice.

Important Notes

If anyone dies while in the basement area, the challenge will fail, so Operator rotations need to be quick. You do get some breathing room though, so don’t rush. 

Every single player must act as the Operator to complete this challenge. If anyone gets left out, the challenge will fail.

Best of luck guardians, and if anyone has found a method for completing Red Rover more efficient than this, be sure to let us know in the comments!

I am an avid Destiny 2 player and raider. I fell in love with the game during Forsaken and have been playing ever since. I love raiding with my friends and clanmates, and love creating content from that perspective.

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