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Destiny 2 Beyond Light Born In Darkness Quest Guide

A guide for getting through the Born in Darkness quest in Destiny 2 Beyond Light.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Born In Darkness Quest Guide

There are loads of new quests to pick up and get your head around in Destiny 2 Beyond Light. Once you’ve smashed out the main campaign, you’ll be left with the more obscure quests. These ones take ages to complete, and quite a lot of effort too. In this guide we’re covering how to complete Born in Darkness, a quest that will take an extremely long time.

Step 1 – Speak to the Exo Stranger

Once you’ve finished the main campaign, and have picked up No Time To Explain from her, you need to chat to the Exo Stranger again. She’ll ask you to kill enemies on Europa with your new Stasis powers. This means that you now need to collect 50 Energised Ether from killing Fallen on Europa, and defeat 10 enemies with Stasis final blows.

Lost Sectors are the best thing for this quest, so jump on it quick and get through it fast.

Step 2 – Strikes!

The next part of this quest requires you to complete three Strikes with Stasis equipped. This means your Stasis Subclass. You also need to defeat 60 targets who have been afflicted by Stasis in the Strike playlist. Jump into the Strike playlist and power through until this is done.

Step 3 – Weniks’ Platoon

Now you need to kill Weniks and their platoon of Fallen enemies. Simply track the task and you’ll be given a waypoint to head to. Get there and destroy all the Fallen you come across. Once you’ve killed Weniks, you’ll be onto the next step.

Step 4 – The Bunker

The next part of this quest is to meet the Exo Stranger in Bunker E15. Get to the bunker and complete the Lost Sector there. She’s right at the end. You’ll need to use the Skeleton Key in order to progress.

Now you need to speak to the Exo Stranger in order to advance the quest. She’ll give you the Aspect of Control quest. You need to complete this before you can advance Born in Darkness any further. Read our guide for how to do that here.

Step 5 – Kill Vex

With Aspect of Control out of the way, you need to kill some Vex. You need to kill 50 of them and collect their Radiolarian Fluid on Europa. You’ll also need to defeat 20 enemies that have been frozen by Stasis. It’s easy to combine these, so head for some Vex and ket freezing and shooting.

Step 6 – Activities

This step is pretty open. You need to complete three playlist activities with Stasis equipped, and then defeat 60 combatants with Stasis. It’s an easy task you should be able to complete in the span of three Strikes, though you could complete it in the Crucible or Gambit if you wanted to.

Step 7 – The House of Salvation

The House of Salvation are lurking in Riis-Reborn Approach. You need to follow the waypoint to the location and kill them all, revealing a Crux of Darkness.

Step 8 – Lost Sector Perdition

Now it’s time for another Lost Sector. This one is Perdition. The Exo Stranger is hanging out in a side room connected to the boss room, where you’ll need to use the Skeleton Key to open up the terminal key once again.

Step 9 – The Stranger

Now it’s time to speak with the Exo Stranger in her usual locale again. She’ll grant you access to a Stasis grenade ability, and open up the final part of this quest.

Step 10 – Kill Vex and Fallen

This step is very easy. All you need to do is kill 30 Vex and 30 Fallen on Europa. You could even complete this in Europa’s Strike. You’ll also need to kill 20 enemies affected by Stasis. As long as you’re running with your Stasis Subclass, this should be no problem.

Step 11 – Gambit

The next step of this quest requires you to complete three Gambit matches with your Stasis Subclass equipped. You also need to kill 60 combatants with Stasis final blows. This can be any combatant, so invasions definitely do count.

Step 12 – Teraks

Teraks is the final Captain of the House of Salvation that you’ll need to take down as part of this quest. Follow the waypoint and destroy them alongside their Fallen brethren.

Step 13 – Concealed Void

This is the final Lost Sector that forms part of this questline. Head to the Concealed Void Lost Sector and complete it. The Exo Stranger is in there, in another room connected to the boss room. There you’ll use the Skeleton Key again and advance the quest.

Step 14 – Finish

Now all you need to do is chat to the Exo Stranger where she usually hangs out. She’ll award you with a final Stasis ability, and you’re good to go on your way.

Let us know if you manage to complete this quest in the comments.

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