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The Meaning of Crypto Market Cap

Cryptocurrency trading and investment bring impressive amounts of profit for investors and traders. Due to high price volatility, it is possible to earn daily or over a longer period of time. For that purpose, traders use different trading techniques:

  1. Intraday trading
  2. Scalping
  3. Swing trading
  4. Buy and hold.

The scalping strategy is the most dynamic and may take a couple of minutes to 15 minutes. Buy and hold is the longest strategy that implies holding crypto assets long-term.

Opening and closing trades occur on crypto exchanges. We recommend using large and reliable platforms with significant trade volume, for example, WhiteBIT. On this exchange, you will see a cryptocurrency price calculator where you may enter the information about your trade:

  1. The coins you want to sell and their amount
  2. The asset you want to buy

Calculator can be applied to any trading tool. For example, the crypto staking calculator allows you to count your rewards depending on the amount of assets you lock and the length of the locking.

What are the Main Characteristics of Crypto Assets?

All crypto coins are characterised by price, market cap and trade volume. Market capitalisation is an important indicator that shows the total value of all the crypto coins in circulation. It depends on the number of coins released and cryptocurrencies prices. There are crypto assets with a large cap (over $10 billion), middle ($1 – $10 billion) and small (less than $1 billion). The good thing about large-cap assets is that if people massively sell them, their price can stand that and not drop. The lower the market cap, the more volatility of the asset.

The good thing about coins with middle and small capitalisation is that they have room for growth. So it is recommended to plan your investment portfolio in such a way that it contains large and small market cap coins.

If you want to buy crypto coins, welcome to the WhiteBIT exchange. It offers over 450 trading pairs containing both large and small-cap assets. The platform has a convenient crypto trade calculator that displays current crypto rates and enables fast and efficient trading.

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