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Sony Starting to Fully Embrace the PS5

Every new gaming generation starts slow, but the latest with the PS5 and Xbox Series took that idea a step further. Rather than being flooded with exclusives to show off the new hardware, multiplatform titles set the path for the new systems. Even at the time of this article, two years after launch, the PS5 has only 12 major exclusive titles. Considering the PS1 ended up with more than 400 exclusives over its lifespan, the new system has some catching up to do.

Of course, exclusives aren’t the only measure of how a new platform is doing, just as important is a company’s dedication to a new system. That’s why we’re so excited to see, with Sony’s new upcoming games showcase, more emphasis than ever is being put on games built first for the PS5. With games like Spider-Man 2, Final Fantasy 16, Suicide Squad, Star Wars Jedi Survivor, and many more, the company is finally moving past the PS4, and that could have some big effects on other systems.

More Potential, but Reduced Access

The most important change seen by players is that, by moving away from the last-gen, the games on the new-gen will be able to get even bigger and better. Video games are built on pushing the technological limit, after all, which means having to cater to older platforms can hold some of them back. This means games that only target new systems will be bigger, they’ll be more complex, and they’ll look better as a baseline.

In the landscape of console gaming, this is inevitable, but it also comes with some downsides. For an illustration of why consider the opposite end of the spectrum with online casino games. A website that evaluates these casinos in states like Michigan compares major services like BetMGM Casino, Fanduel, and DraftKings, as well as their promotions like deposit matches and free spins. This range of websites and bonuses is only possible because of the thousands of games like slots which aren’t bound by generation, offering play across even aging and low-powered devices equally well.

By focusing on the newer system, Sony adopts a double-edged sword approach. While inevitable in video games, it will still negatively affect some players. People who can’t afford to upgrade from the PS4, for example, will be left out. Players on Switch hoping for a downgrade might also be left in the wind, as reducing a game for the PS5 to fit the humble handheld might not be possible.

This move by Sony might have taken longer than expected, but it was always going to happen. For anyone already engaged with the PS5 ecosystem, we could expect to finally fully embrace a new age of console gaming. For anyone else, this move could be frustrating to watch, at least until a potential move beyond the older console. Just remember, if you are looking for an upgrade, the disk model of the PS5 may be more expensive, but you can quickly make up the difference by buying second-hand games.

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