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Main Online Gambling Changes Over the Last 10 Years

Inarguably, the first online casino launched in 1997 is remarkably different from what we have now. Back then, the visual elements were not stellar as what we have now, as the graphics were only limited to pixelated cards and text.

Still, it was received with allure from enthusiasts. At this period, online sites only offered poker because computers were not strong enough to power memory-demanding games like casinos.

However, as time passed and computers grew in memory and power, online gambling became broad. Now, previously physical games like casinos, soccer, etc., betting was provided virtually. But, even more significantly, there was more to virtual gaming, especially with the progress in animation, user interface, and artificial intelligence.

So, within a decade, online gambling has morphed from a single offering with monotonous design to highly interactive and visually appealing designs. Nevertheless, these are only a part of the revolutionizing changes in the world of online gambling in the past decade.

Seven Changes in Online Gambling

It is hard to notice all the changes in gambling if they happen gradually. But if we look back, we will notice how the gambling industry world changed. This article provides the top seven changes in online gambling in the last decade.


The rise of smartphones has been by far the most seismic change in online gambling since 2010. Before smartphones, only computers provided access to online gambling. In instances where people don’t have bespoke computers, they will instead use public computers in digital cafes, which is not exactly different from playing physical games.

However, smartphones have provided easy accessibility as individuals can play their favourite games in the comforts of their homes using their phones. In the UK, for example, 87% of adults use smartphones, and more than 95% of them are between the ages of 16 and 34 years. Commendably, online casinos have taken full advantage, with mobile views, intuitive designs, and even downloadable applications.

The Resurgence of Bingo

Bingo was traditionally exclusive to teenagers and young adults in the 1960s. Still, its appeal among the youths dwindled as it became seen largely as a game for older adults and pensioners. However, the game has rediscovered its allure thanks to the internet.

Because of Bingo’s nature as a risk-averse game, its popularity among the youths is not surprising. But notably, the internet has made its enjoyable features more pronounced. Games are short and exciting, and with the ultra-interactive nature of the internet, Bingo online is just as exciting as the physical ones.


Widely seen as a bubble that would eventually burst – like the dot-com saga in the early 2000s – cryptocurrencies have immensely proved naysayers wrong. Besides being a store of value, cryptocurrencies have been commonly used as a medium of payment in popular countries and across several industries, including casinos.

In casinos, cryptocurrency is, in fact, more than a method of payment. One, they provide a layered security protocol as they offer complete anonymity with their characteristic encrypted feature. As such, casinos have progressively tapped into this essential feature. A notable number of crypto casinos have been launched in the past five years. Even though only a few casinos offer the tech as a medium of exchange, cryptocurrency’s most notable significance is its extra-layer security in digital transactions.

More Promotional Offers for Players

As internet accessibility grew geometrically, the number of online casinos quadrupled, causing these casino websites to start competing for new players while also ensuring existing players retained their loyalties. To stay ahead of the pack, each website now provides huge promotional offers that are just too good to be true.

These bonuses have represented different areas in the customer journey. For example, the most popular – the 15x wagering bonus – is essentially designed to attract new players, while loyalty programs and free spins are offered to keep existing players.

Quite fascinating, with online betting, you don’t even need to deposit money to get started playing. Free bonus no deposit UK exists just in place to get started playing without a deposit and to select the best online casinos with no deposit bonuses in the UK. The table below explores the top 3 promotional offers for players introduced in the last 10 years:

New Promotional Offers Details
Free Spins This is a bonus feature viable for slot machines or video slots. As the name suggests, the free spin bonus allows you to spin on a slot game without having to bet your real money on the outcome.
No Deposit Bonus No Deposit Bonus is rewarded cash credited into players betting accounts for completing required tasks. This kind of bonus can be used to place multiple bets in board games, slots, etc.
Loyalty Bonus Casinos now reward their regular players. A loyalty Bonus is simply a reward for staying true and completely loyal to a specific platform. This kind of bonus varies depending on the betting platform.

Mobile Casinos

The most popular type of gambling is not left out in the sporadic wave of development. More than enough, it appears online casinos are now synonymous with internet gambling. Well, how did it happen? In the early 2000s, when mobile technology was at its peak, and 3G technology was rampant, online casinos became accessible through web browsers, making less extensive internet-enabled devices like smartphones and tablets helpful in accessing the internet.

But more growth was to come, years to come. In 2007, the iPhone was released; Google’s App store was launched a year later. The introduction of these two provides a massive boost in the historical arc of mobile casinos. First, users could now access the web hitch-free. And perhaps most importantly, the HTML5 tech was another crucial twist in the evolution of mobile casinos.

HTML5 allowed developers to create games using less OS, improving gamblers’ experience by making titles displayed on any device. Additionally, HTML5 provided more security measures than Flash, which was also widely used. Now, most casino sites are powered by HTML 5, which requires no download for easy access.

Introduction of LIVE Dealer Games

The rise of the internet coincided with many things: the popularity of gambling, more players, and the incorporation of animated gaming features like Live dealer games. Live games in gambling are primarily designed to provide a close virtual experience to what physical casinos feel like. With live dealer games, plays are televised straight from land locations, offering players the feeling of random land casino oozes. Notably, live dealer games started with evolution gaming in 2006 and have since extended to other developers like NetEnt, Ezugi, Pragmatic Play, and Playtech.

Live games are alternative means for players to identify with land casinos despite playing on the internet. Often, ecstasy and excitement is the essential driver behind its influence.

E-Sports Betting

Gaming was exclusively seen as an activity to pastime with no financial incentive until recently. However, thanks to the boom in esports, there’s been multiple introductions of incredible options to gamble on esports on prominent online gambling sites. Thus, what is initially a small niche is steadily growing at an alarming pace. Here, bets can be applied to various games, especially the leading ones like Fortnite, League of Legends, Overwatch, and Valorant.

Attempts to promote esports have seen TV providers incorporate e-sports wagering in their packages. Of course, understandable. The esports industry is predicted to grow to $2.8bn by 2030, explaining why betting casinos are taking full advantage of the present reality and potential upward curve.


A decade appears to be a century-long in the rapidly evolving world of online gambling. Within ten years, there have been remarkable changes in gambling, generally internet gambling.

From using computers as the sole means of accessing online gambling, decade-long changes have resulted in the wide use of smartphones and portable hand gadgets. Consequently, this has had a prodigious effect as many internet sites went from text-based graphics to animating features that are visually appealing to use. But beyond the changes in the internet-related scene is the introduction of cryptocurrency, another masterstroke now in vogue for its anonymity. In short, changes are countless, but we’ve highlighted our top seven.

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