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Main activities in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a bright representative of shooters that combines the best qualities of an MMO RPG project with advanced graphics, wide opportunities for exploring space and planets, many mechanics for a cooperative and interesting game of large and small groups of characters, a developed system of raids and PVP activities.

For beginners, such an abundance of mechanics may seem difficult, but if you start to gradually delve into all the proposed activities, then the tangle will gradually begin to unravel, because it is important for developers that the content is understandable, but difficult to master, and then players will spend months and years on their favorite MMO RPG.

Even the seemingly difficult PVP mode Trial of Osiris can be mastered within the seasons, or follow the link – and order the passage of the mode to immediately get the legendary weapon and greatly simplify your gameplay.

The service guarantees the passage in one, maximum several visits and provides all the necessary anonymity to avoid unnecessary attention from the gaming administration.

But this will be in the later stages of the game, which have yet to be reached.


The beginning of the game in any MMO RPG begins with learning and it’s not about your experience – you can play various similar projects for more than 20 years – it doesn’t matter at all, because it is extremely important for developers to show you the main mechanics and capabilities of the project and teach you the nuances that it is not always possible to see and recognize on your own, but you can learn on the go, but if possible it is better to avoid this.


In Destiny 2, experience plays an important role as it allows the character to level up and unlock new abilities.

So you can get access to new, more profitable quests, interesting and valuable raids, PVP Trial of Osiris mode and many other contents, not to mention the opportunity to fly to Neptune as part of the new Lightfall update.

How exactly can you level up:

  • Quests
  • Grind
  • Contracts
  • Strikes and Raids
  • PvP mode Trial of Osiris


Quests are the backbone of most MMO RPGs, and Destiny 2 is no exception. Through quests, developers can give you a constant increase in experience and at the same time tell the story of the universe and introduce you to the main characters and changes in the world. As a reward, you will receive glimmers – local currency and experience, periodically items of equipment and weapons.

Quests are basic – long and interconnected with a good reward and a common story, and secondary. Optional minor quests that can bring additional glimmers and experience, but you should not focus on such quests, since they are far from always located in the same location as the main quests, and doing only secondary quests means significantly reducing the increase in experience and income.


The good old grind is a way to gain experience, glimmers and equipment just by killing monsters that suit your level.

Grind is a great opportunity to just enjoy the gameplay and spend time playing, while you can listen to an audiobook, or do any other activity in parallel.

The main advantage of this approach is that you are absolutely free and get as much experience and glimmer as you are willing to devote time to Destiny 2 and simultaneously move through the locations in accordance with the current level. It is desirable that the monsters are several values older than you, but not too much, then pumping will become more difficult until a closer level parity is reached.


Contracts are alternative tasks that you need to complete in the process of grinding and completing quests.

These are not quests, as it may seem to many, but a list of tasks that need to be completed in the process and that will be taken into account when the conditions are met. For example, kill 100 enemies with a headshot.

When you reach the desired value, the contract will be counted and you will be able to gain experience.

Each such contract has time to complete, and if you do not have time to invest in this time frame, then the order will simply be reset to zero and you will have to take a new one.

If you made a contract on time, then for additional glimmers you can take another one of the same kind and, in fact, convert money into experience in the amount you need without any restrictions.

Strikes and Raids

Strikes are the first step to enter the world of raids. Battles with bosses of varying difficulty to get unique equipment and gear and at the same time high leveling rates, since such monsters always carry an increased amount of experience and if a minimum of time is spent on passing a strike, at least less than on leveling, then this format is much more profitable than regular quests, or grind.

The structure of the strike is simple – you need to go to a combat location, destroy the entire retinue and get to the very head of the dungeon and start the fight.

The battle will not last long, the main thing is to constantly deal damage in order to prevent the enemy from regenerating, avoid his enhanced attacks, which can be of short and long range, and dodge jumps if they are in the boss’s mechanics and victory will not be long in coming.

Don’t forget to collect all the loot from the defeated enemy.

The main difference between strikes and full-fledged raids is the number of participants, equipment requirements, greater health and attack power, the total value of all trophies – including legendary equipment, if it is on the drop list.

Raids have several difficulty levels, which can be roughly divided into three groups:

  • Ordinary – fact-finding, not more difficult than a strike.
  • Heroic – more players. longer farm duration, higher entry requirements, better reward.
  • Mythic – up to 18 people, no room for mistakes, very demanding on equipment, fast reloading of all boss skills, legendary items as trophies in case of success.

PvP mode Trial of Osiris

This is a full-fledged mode for playing against other players, where everyone is divided into teams and fight against each other in the arenas.

The goal is to score as many victories in a row as possible in order to get seasonal legendary equipment and weapons.

At first, it will not be easy, but all matches go very quickly, so if you do not give up your attempts, or turn to the professional Skycoach service, then success will definitely await you.

Don’t forget to balance your group to have both a tank and a healer, then it will be easier to succeed thanks to good defensive play. Warlock can also act as an attacking class and some roles can be duplicated – it is not necessary to take a representative of each class into the group.

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