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Destiny 2 Bugs

Keeping the game like “The Destiny 2” running both now and always might seem an uphill task. Glitches and bugs often slip like water through a strainer. Truth be told, bugs in the development of a video game of any genre are literally inevitable. But even with all that being said, ‘Destiny 2’ bugs are popping up one after another to really hurt this Season of the Haunted, despite the activity you’ve chosen to do. These bugs often provide exploits that are nothing but game-changing, not to say game-breaking. But that’s what makes the game a lot more ridiculous – and, oftentimes, way funnier.

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The bugs of this season of Destiny 2 so far


  •         If deleted, a vaulted Seal and Title might not be able to be equipped again;
  •         Words may display vertically in the text chat. The bug can be resolved by restarting the game;
  •         When viewed from Ikora’s inventory, Solar icons have blue backgrounds;
  •         When dismantling items one-by-one, the tooltip doesn’t appear as the consequence;
  •         Vortex grenades cause less damage than they should.

Error Codes

  •         MARMOT errors;
  •         BROCCOLI errors when players are viewing the opening cutscene.


  •         When importing friends from other platforms, some of them display an error and can’t import friends for Bungie Friends;
  •         The changed setting “Others can communicate w/ voice, text, or invites” doesn’t work until you restart the game.

Items and Weapons

  •         Weapons of Seasonal Trials of Osiris that were earned through Trials reputation ranks are missing masterwork slots;
  •         Pieces of artifice armor are missing their seasonal mod slot;
  •         Multiple hand cannons don’t have a scope visual.


  •         One of The Destiny 2’s most recent glitches makes the exotic Wish Ender bow cause extensive damage. The weapon designed to over-penetrate targets and see enemies through walls is causing sniper-like damage in PvE. Needless to say, this bug makes the exotic Wish Ender bow one of the game’s primary weapons. Many Destiny 2 players consider that it makes the weapon a unique tool worthy of its exotic status. But Bungie has eventually patched the Wish Ender’s damage. Players found a new way to break Wish Ender after the patch, however, this involved a little more set-up;
  •         The Renewal Grasps’ damage buff is out of order within the area of effect of a Duskfield Grenade;
  •         If a player dies or picks up a relic, 2x damage of the Anarchy exotic grenade launcher is lost;
  •         If a player’s helmet is off, the top part of the Mark of the Falling Star ornament disappears;
  •         The Polaris Lance catalyst does not progress with Perfect Fifth burn kills;
  •         When a player stands in the healing/empowering rifts, the exotic armor called the Boots of the Assembler is no longer summoning noble seekers.

The funniest Bugs & Glitches

Here are some other popular bugs, glitches, and exploits of The Destiny 2.

Telesto – Broken & “Besto”

The most frequently bugged gun is the Telesto. It’s an exotic Fusion Rifle that shoots shells that stick to targets and explode. At times, the shells’ explosions have been accidentally counted towards a player’s “enemies defeated” count. It resulted in numerous game-breaking exploits.

Around the time of the game’s launch, the Telesto Super glitch allowed players to gain a full Super energy instantly by throwing a grenade at the Telesto shells. Later, the Telesto ammo bug gave infinite ammo for the weapon. Other Telesto bugs were discovered after the ammo glitch was patched.

Prometheus Lens Laser Tag

Many PvP players remember a “laser tag weekend”. That time the Prometheus Lens exotic Trace Rifle was bugged after being introduced during the Curse of Osiris expansion. It was able to kill Guardians at long ranges in the shortest time possible. Bungie didn’t have time to patch the bug before the weekend. Due to the chaos, it added the Prometheus Lens to Xur’s exotic inventory. This prompted the community to dub the Prometheus Lens event the “laser tag.”

God Mode Glitch

This recently discovered glitch allows players to gain immunity as they become invulnerable to an enemy and environmental damage. Fixing the glitch is a matter of executing a long combination of sword swings, dodges, and emotes with the Hunter class. But the result is an unbreakable, bullet-shooting, first-person camera.

Nova Bomb Dodgeball PvP

After the initial launch in 2017, players shortly discovered that a Warlock Nova Bomb glitch makes Mayhem PvP mode even more chaotic. Normally, Mayhem gives players Super ability energy back pretty quickly. But the glitch allowed them keeping full Super energy at all times, while still tossing tons of devastating Nova Bomb Supers.

Boss-Tossing Finishers

Finishers introduced an interesting wrinkle to average combat encounters. But The Destiny 2 raid boss-punching glitch contributed much more to the game. The bug allowed players to “pocket” a Finisher for later use. When used in front of a boss, it enables players to “yeet” certain bosses off cliffs and out of arenas for an instant victory.

All-Powerful Toaster, Jotunn

The most broken weapon glitch ever is the increased Jotunn damage bug. Introduced in the Black Armory season, the toaster-like Jotunn managed to kill raid bosses in eight shots. The gun was so out of order that Bungie simply disabled Jotunn for the first run.


By and large, the season is good. Leviathan is back and the missions are fabulous. Trial rewards are worthwhile and multi-perk playlist weapons are really cool. But all these bugs, man!

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