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10 Underrated Casino Games That Flew Under The Radar

When we talk about online casinos where you can play for real money or free (for example,, the first thing that comes to mind is roulette, baccarat, blackjack poker, and, of course, free online casino slots. But there are no less interesting games, which names will say almost nothing to the average player. We will tell you about some of them.

1.Sic Bo

This is an ancient Chinese game, which is one of the varieties of dice. The name itself is translated from Chinese as “a pair of dice,” although in fact, the game consists of three dice. Many people are familiar with this game, based on the numerous kung fu action movies, where the main character is revealing the dealer’s dishonest hands. But you can not worry about that now, of course, if you play in a licensed casino.

The player’s goal is to guess the combination to get the top prize. Like in roulette, you can bet on one or two dice, on the range, more-less, etc., but the winnings, in this case, will be much smaller.

2.Pai Gow

If it is difficult to explain the low popularity of the previous game, there is no question here: Pai Gow is unpopular due to extremely difficult rules to master. Most poker room regulars know this name from Pai Gow Poker, but many of them don’t even realize that it’s a poker-like game played with dominoes.

Moreover, some of the knuckles appear only once, and some occur twice. And the number of combinations involved in the game exceeds 900! It is not surprising that there are few places where you can play this Chinese game. Look for it on the portals, focused on the Asian audience.

3.Crazy Time

Crazy Time is an ambitious project from world-renowned developer Evolution Gaming. This is one of the varieties of “Wheel of Fortune”, which, in turn, is a development of well-known roulette. But the main feature of Crazy Time is that the game is played only in a live format with a live dealer, who performs a real-time show.

In addition to the unforgettable and sparkling atmosphere, the game has a number of exclusive features, such as betting multipliers that can change before each round. Players can communicate not only with the croupier in the online chat but also with each other.

4.Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is another live game show, which is also high quality, but does not enjoy much popularity either. Although the claim to success was more than serious, the game’s pros include:

  • a sparkling presenter-croupier;
  • online chat;
  • an original game wheel, similar in shape to the Indian amulet that gave the game its name.

5.Monopoly Live

Who hasn’t dreamed of playing the legendary Monopoly for real money? The Monopoly Live project gives everyone the opportunity to do so. You would think – here it is, the game of dreams. What could go wrong? Disappointment comes at the start: in fact, Monopoly Live is just another “Wheel of Fortune” whose connection with Monopoly is purely symbolic. It is not surprising that the game disappeared from the radar rather quickly.

6.Three Card Poker

Three-card poker is an attempt to make poker simpler, clearer, and more accessible. As the name suggests, players get not five, but three cards, so the possible hands are only five:

  • a pair;
  • flush;
  • straight;
  • a straight flush;
  • three of a kind.

This dynamic and relatively simple game, unfortunately, has not found a response neither among the experienced poker players, nor among newcomers, and nowadays few people are interested in it, except for the circle of fans.


Pachinko is another Asian game that is unfamiliar to players from Europe and the New World. This is a kind of pinball for money. The game has become extremely popular in Japan, thanks to local laws prohibiting the installation of traditional slots.

Players are attracted by the fact that in Pachinko the outcome is influenced not only by the favor of fortune but also by the skills of the players. This has led to the emergence of a galaxy of professionals, who earn a lot of money. All interested can play in the online version of Pachinko, but the popularity of the Japanese land version of the game to the computer simulation is very far.


Dreidel is an ancient Jewish version of dice. There is one dice (actually, Dreidel) and it is very unusual, tetrahedral, it is not thrown but unwound, like a top spinning wheel. The letters of the Hebrew alphabet are inscribed on the facets of the dreidel:

  • ” Nun” (נ);
  • “Gimel” (ג);
  • “Hei” (ה);
  • “Shin” (פ).

Players with the same stack in hand place equal bets into the pot and then spin the Dreidel in turn. Depending on the rolled edge, the player performs a certain action, and each of them has a corresponding name in Yiddish:

  • “Nun” – niсht – “nothing,” skip a move;
  • “Gimel” – gantz – “all”, the player takes the pot;
  • “Hei” – halb – “half”, the player takes the half of the pot;
  • “Shin” – stell – “put” (“bet”), the player adds a single bet from himself.

If the pot is empty, the players bet again. The player, whose stack is empty, is eliminated. The game is played until the last player is left with coins or tokens, and he is declared the winner.

Despite the simple rules, the game is very gambling and attractive, which not once generated attempts to popularize it in casinos. However, no attempt has been successful.


Mahjong has gained worldwide popularity as a free puzzle solitaire game from Microsoft. It is included in the library of free minigames of the Windows operating system. Most users have no idea that Mahjong is actually the most popular gambling game in the East.

The game uses a monomino with special characters, which are 136 in total. Mahjong attracts players by its combination of skill and randomness, similar to poker. However, the complexity of the rules has prevented the game from spreading outside of China.


Two-up is an Australian version of the game of eagle, which involves two coins. Players bet on heads or tails, after which the coins are flipped. Both of these coins need to be flipped side up (Two-up) in order for the bet to play. Players who have a winning bet receive a double reward. If the coins fall on different sides, all bets go to the institution.

The game enjoyed tremendous popularity at the time of the settlement of the continent, but with the establishment of the sphere of gambling, it was banned because of the exorbitant share of the profits of the institution.

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