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The Violet King: The Story Of The Greatest Titan Who Ever Lived In Destiny 2

Telling the story of the Exo Titan Saint-14!

Robert Brookes Confirms That Osiris And Saint-14 Are Together in Destiny 2
Season of Dawn banner by Bungie

Hero Rising

Sometime before the Tower Age, within the rubble of Old Russia, an Exo was revived by a ghost called Geppetto. This Exo would become a Titan and his name would be Saint-14. Upon his revival, Saint would be escorted to the Last City by a man known as the Speaker, whom he would view as a fatherly figure.

The first known act of heroism that Saint-14 would be known for would be the Battle of Zephyr Station. It was the Pidgeon’s first off world mission where he was tasked with evacuating refugees from the Vex conversion and Fallen scavengers on Mercury. Saint combatted the House of Rain until he became pinned down under his Ward of Dawn. This would’ve been the end for Saint, until a mysterious Guardian and Ghost arrived to rescue him and repel the House of Rain. Saint-14 would call this guardian the Savior and would leave Saint on Mercury after gifting him the Perfect Paradox and showing him a glimpse of the City he would help build.

Saint-14 receives the Perfect Paradox

The Battle of Six Fronts defined Saint as a true hero. The Savior had inspired Saint to keep fighting no matter how much you struggled. Saint-14, aided by Osiris, would respond to a distress call from the Firebreak Order. Upon arrival eight guardians were downed and only Elriq, a Titan of the Firebreak Order, remained fighting. While Osiris held back oncoming Eliksni, Saint and Elriq fought to provide a vantage point to revive their downed allies. Even as Elriq began to fear defeat they would succeed. As the battle free to a close guardians from all corners of the battlefield would make radio calls to the others; Shaxx, Saladin, Osiris, Saint-14, and Elriq would report zero casualties among the guardians in battle.

Saint-14 by KANUCS

The Death of the Iron Lords

On a grim day, the tower fell into disarray. The Iron Lords were gone and only Lord Saladin and Lady Efrideet remained. The citizens of the last city were in a panic and feared that they had no protection. Saint-14 silenced their fears and the Vanguard was formed. Saint-14, the Speaker, several other guardians, and the factions of the last city met to decide on who would lead the Vanguard. Saint nominated Osiris as Vanguard Commander, but was met with resistance by Concordat, a city faction at the time, that claimed Osiris was a failed Golden Age experiment that Sagira mistakenly revived. Nevertheless, Osiris became the first Vanguard Commander and Saint served as his Titan Vanguard.

Saint-14 by Brian Moncus

After establishing the Vanguard, Saint would continue the Titan Crusade. One such Crusade led him to encounter Sekris, Baron of Shanks, a future shadow of Calus, but at the time he served in the Fallen House of Stone. After cornering the Baron behind a barricade, the two would boast each other accomplishments and even though the Baron escaped from Saint, he would still keep tabs on the Pidgeon until his disappearance. Upon returning to the tower, Saint-14 would be tasked with hunting down Taniks the Scarred, but would be beaten to the execution by Cayde-6.

The Battle of Twilight Gap as seen in the Destiny Comics

The Battle of Twilight Gap ended the titan’s crusade. Several fallen houses converged in Twilight Gap and began combatting the guardians. Infamous Eliksni such as Eramis, Phylaks, Skolas, and Aksor would be present during the battle; many of which would be imprisoned in the Reef in the Prison of Elders for their crimes. Solkis was the Kell of the House of Devils. Solkis was feared and for the very reason that he ruled the Cosmodrome under the House of Devils banner. Saint-14 in an effort to win the battle challenged the Kell. The two would fight with Solkis beating down the Titan at every turn. Saint would think of the Savior and of what they would do, and in a last ditch effort Saint-14 would channel all of his remaining light and strength into the spike of his helmet as he head butted Solkis, Kell of Devils, to death ending the Battle of Twilight Gap.

The Search for Osiris

Osiris and Saint had been close throughout their entire life as guardians. The two would even be revealed as an item in recent writings. When Osiris was exiled by the Speaker, Saint immediately left the tower to aid his comrade. After Osiris vanished on Mercury, Saint would enter the Infinite Forest to find him. The Violet King became lost in the Forest, and fearing his death wrote letters to his closest allies. Saint wrote letter to Osiris, where he established it wasn’t his fault that Saint had been lost, the Speaker, and to the Savior. In his letter to the Savior he motioned that they should reclaim the Perfect Paradox and continue using it for good. Not long after Agioktis, the Marty Mind would drain Saint’s light and leave him to fight hordes of Vex. Saint-14 would fight the hordes until his dying breathe.

Concept Art for The Final Resting Place of Saint-14

After the events of Curse of Osiris, our guardian would enter the Infinite Forest following a signal in the Simulant Future. The Guardian would find the grave and claim the Perfect Paradox from Saint’s corpse. After relaying this information to Osiris, the Phoenix would visit the Pidgeon’s final resting place. Osiris noted the vex had erected a shrine to Saint-14 and had restored his armor meaning they saw him as an admirable warrior. Osiris would leave the grave stricken with grief and regrets. A problem he would endlessly attempt to resolve.

A New Dawn

Saint & the Savior at Zephyr Station

Osiris constructed the Sundial to open the Corridors of Time. His main goal was to bring Saint back, but no matter how hard he tried he continuously failed. Osiris shut down the Sundial, only for the Red Legion to attempt to wield it against the Last City. The Guardian would reclaim the Sundial from the Cabal and Osiris would give us a task: Find Saint-14. The Guardian traversed the corridors eventually leading them to the Battle of Zephyr Station. Our first encounter with Saint would earn us the title of Savior. After our departure from Zephyr Station, we would encounter Saint again as he battled the Martyr Mind. This time, with a twist of fate, Saint would destroy the Mind. Moments later Saint-14 emerged from the infinite Forest and returned to the Tower.

Rescuing Saint from the Martyr Mind

Saint’s return came with heartbreak. He learned of his former ally Cayde-6’s death as well as the death of his father, The Speaker. Following his return he would aid our guardian in forging the Devil’s Ruin and Bastion, leading to his reunion with Lord Shaxx and Osiris. Soon Saint-14 would found the Empyrean Foundation, which indefinitely ushered in the return of the Trials of Osiris and the creation of a new Lighthouse.

Saint-14 walks out of the Infinite Forest

Saint-14 has been described as the greatest Titan to ever exist. Every ribbon on his armor and ship is said to represent a gift from the people he saved. Do you believe the Pidgeon lives up to his reputation?

I am, what many would call, a Destiny veteran spanning back to when we first dropped into the Hellmouth to take out Crota. In the coming years I would realize this game was a focal point in the development of my life creating many memories with friends and even helping pull me through some of the roughest patches I went through. When I’m not playing Destiny or writing, however, I’m working as a 3rd shift CNA or effortlessly teaching my fiancé how to play as well (hang in there baby you’re doing great). That’s about all I have to say. Hope you enjoy!!!

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