Destiny 2 – What Are Warminds?

Since the only information we have so far, which is a leak based on a post on the Destiny Subreddit, points to the next Destiny 2 expansion being Destiny 2: Gods of Mars we thought we’d explore a key concept of that potential leak, Warminds. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then please read our info on the potential details for the second Destiny 2 expansion here. Otherwise you may or may not understand what a Warmind is, why they’re important to the Destiny universe, and what is so important about their roles in keeping Guardians alive. Let’s dive in.

A Warmind is a complex artificial intelligence built for strategic warfare purposes. They are so incredibly vast and complex that not even the Vex, a race of alien machines who make it their mission to predict everything ever that could have possibly been in the universe, cannot accurately anticipate them.

Warminds were built in the Golden Age before the Collapse, before The Darkness came and tried to wipe out all life in our system. They work through a network of hardened military installations on planets around the system as well as Warsats in order to coordinate and monitor the defence of the entire Solar System.

In Destiny 1 we meet what is known to be the only surviving Warmind on the system, Rasputin. We even go so far as to get inside Rasputin and fight The Fallen and The Taken who have attempted to take it down. This was done inside Rasputin’s Warmind Vault, a huge underground bunker that’s locked behind a heavy door and contains everything that a Warmind is in various servers and other pieces of machinery. There are several empty but fully functioning vaults around the system, so the question some have is; is Rasputin the only Warmind to survive the Collapse?

Rasputin is currently stuck on Earth in the Cosmodrome but has access to some off-world installations thanks to the reactivation of the Terrestrial Complex Array, a large satellite array on Earth.

However, we know that another Warmind, Charlemagne, was meant to appear in the Destiny 1 story but was cut. There’s even supposed to be a Charlemagne Vault on Mars, which the Destiny 2 second expansion leak said is where the Warmind is holding up.

Two Warminds would be far better than one at defending our system that’s currently being battered by four different alien races, not to mention The Darkness whenever that decides to show up. But if the leak for Destiny 2: Gods of Mars is to be believed then the only surviving Warminds will be battling each other. A theory I have around this is that Charlemagne is corrupted by The Darkness, and is supposed to be a distraction so that the forces of The Darkness can sneak in and attack the Traveller. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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What Are The Vex?

With the first expansion for Destiny 2, The Curse of Osiris, releasing very soon we thought it was time to take a look at the star villains of the DLC, the Vex.

The Vex are an ancient cyborg species that are linked together and ruled over by the Axis Minds. They appeared first on Venus at an unknown time through transfer gates, which allow them to teleport instantly from planet to planet.

All communication attempts with the Vex have failed because of their single-minded purpose of expanding throughout the galaxy until they are the only race around. The Axis Minds want only for this result and nothing will stand in their way, and nothing can escape their path of destruction.

While the Vex appear to be machines made of a metal that is similar to hammered brass in appearance, part of them is organic as well. On the world they’ve transformed into a machine planet, Nessus, Vex Milk can be seen in rivers and lakes everywhere. This is what the Vex radiolaria cells float inside the machine bodies, because the Vex are aquatic creatures at heart. They deem their mechanical bodies indestructible, and as such they recycle them whenever they’re done with them.

During the Golden Age the Collective on Venus found Vex structures that seemed to be billions of years old, meaning they’d have to have been built when the planet was so hot it would melt any metal. The best theory around this is that when the Traveller transformed Venus into a garden world it brought the Vex structures through from another version of Venus.

The Collective even found a Vex specimen among the structures, and found that it had created a simulation of Venus as it was in the present day, with the scientists who analysed it accurately portrayed in the simulation as well. This pushed the Collective to madness, and in the end they brought in a Warmind to do the work as they became convinced that they were in fact a simulation themselves.

Now on Mercury the Vex have built a forest, the Infinite Forest, underneath the planet’s crust. This is a possibility engine that runs endless possibilities for the Vex to analyse for how they can achieve them, helping them further their goal of complete galactic domination. In the Curse of Osiris Guardians will travel through this forest to hopefully divine the Vex’s true purpose for having suddenly started up work again.

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Destiny 2 – Understanding Mercury

In the upcoming first Expansion for Destiny 2, the Curse of Osiris, we’re going to Mercury. The problem is that we don’t know a lot about this scorched planet that’s closest to the Sun, so I thought I’d do some research and explain where Mercury is going to be at by the time we return there in the upcoming DLC.

First let’s talk about Mercury in Destiny 1. The planet is already a machine world owned by the Vex, but no one goes there apart from to compete in the Crucible. Part of Guardian efforts in the Crucible that see them on Mercury is the Trials of Osiris. This is an event that celebrates the big man himself, and those who get a flawless win in it will get to go to the Lighthouse, the last bastion of the Cult of Osiris. This shady bunch build the Lighthouse in order to honour Osiris, but he’s long since gone and got himself dead or alive, no one actually knows.

So what do we know about Mercury’s history? Well the Traveller transformed it into a garden world with thick forests as far as they eye could see. We know part of these still exist in Destiny 2 because they’re mentioned in the patrol area included with the Expansion.

When the Darkness arrived and started the Collapse, the Vex arrived on Mercury and took it. In a short period of time they turned it from paradise to hell, making it a machine of their will and somewhere they could summon massive Vex machines from. Apparently the reason you can see the Sun without being blinded is something to do with the way the Vex machine world within alters your perception of it.

Also on Mercury is a Cabal base named Vertigo, which has been mysteriously abandoned, as well as the Sunbreakers. Obviously these are Titans who prefer the Sunbreaker Subclass and it’s where they obtain that power.

During the Red War the Cabal weapon, The Almighty, tore Mercury in half. This means that half of the planet is intact while the other half is strewn between the Sun and it. So I guess when we arrive on Mercury we’re only going to have half of it to run around right? Well I could be wrong, let me explain.

The Vex can mess around in time, going back and forth. So it follows that as Guardians we might go through a Vex portal and end up on a past version of Mercury where they’re sending this huge Vex army. If there’s a lot of activity in one time period it would also attract someone like Osiris, a Warlock obsessed with the machines. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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Fan Made Destiny 2 Art

The Destiny community is responsible for a lot of things, salt key among them! But this isn’t about the madness that can sometimes spew from the Destiny Subreddit or Bungie forums, this is all about the fantastic art that’s been made recently by fans, for fans. Some of the time this can take the form of actual artwork but there are also 3D printed weapons that look simply amazing. Here’s just a few examples that we’ve seen on the community over the last few weeks.


This brilliant Titan sketch is from Reddit user Phenriel. I think they’ve done a really great job of capturing what it is to be a Sentinel in Destiny 2, the responsibility that players feel when they adopt this Subclass and need to defend their fireteam at all costs. That shield is a symbol that represents so many things in Destiny 2, and it’s nice to see it as such a highlight in this artwork.


This sketch is also from Phenriel over on the Destiny Subreddit. What we’re looking at here is a cross between the Dawnblade and Voidwalker, at least I think that’s what it is. Obviously this Warlock is wielding a sword and using Void energy, but that Subclass isn’t a thing yet in Destiny 2 so I guess we can count this as a desired feature. What is does highlight is the fact that there’s no chopping and changing of abilities and perks within those abilities, or even the Subclasses themselves. Can you imagine how varied the game would be if we were able to change around things like this? The Crucible would be a living nightmare of complete death and destruction.


This is from Reddit user Fargle2nd. If you’re confused about what this is I’m going to say that you’ve not played much Destiny. This is a Sunshot. More precisely this is a Sunshot that was 3D printed to some pretty perfect detail. I think what I love most about it is the magazine, that circular piece in the middle. Sunshot is one of the most iconic weapons in Destiny 2 because of the way it looks, and the way it literally melts enemies to the ground. Let us know what you think of this fan art in the comments.

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Destiny 2 Voice Files Reveal Potential Future Content

Over on the Destiny 2 subreddit user TheEcumene has taken the time to go through 26K of audio files and found a number of lines that appear to hint at future content for the game. However, all of this must be taken with a pinch of salt as Bungie love leaving Easter eggs around for players to find, and there’s every chance that all of this is leftover or completely unused data. But there is the chance that these audio lines give away some future story spoilers and reveal the content that Bungie is working on now that will release later in Destiny 2. Let’s dive in, I’ll walk you through the most important ‘discoveries’.

Among the voice lines are a lot about Patrol Zones from Destiny 1; Venus, Mars, The Dreadnaught, and even Old Russia. In some way all of the events from Destiny 1 are mentioned, including the Prison of Elders, but this is all most likely leftover recordings that were going to be used in some environmental scans, expanding the universe for those who never played the first game.

Now onto the interesting stuff. Ganymede is mentioned alongside something called The Myriad. Ganymede is the largest of Jupiter’s moons, and is the ninth largest object in the solar system without a substantial atmosphere. The moon has polar water ice caps and would make a good position for the Guardians as they expand their presence again throughout the solar system. I suspect that The Myriad is the name of a base on Ganymede, one established within the story of Destiny 2 since Io is the last place the Traveller’s Light touched and is further from Earth than Ganymede. New planets is something that Bungie would want to add to the game, so this leak is likely to have some bearing on the future.

Shiro, the guy who handed out bounties on Felwinter Peak after the launch of Rise of Iron, is on Mercury. This guy would definitely have something to do with a big push against an enemy, but there’s no further information on why he would be on Mercury, unless he was hiding after the Red Legion invasion. The same audio file also mentions Osiris returning to the Tower, and that has direct relation to one upcoming Destiny 2 expansion that relates to the Trials of Osiris. While this confirms that a legendary Guardian who was exiled from the Tower and the Vanguard will be returning, it tells us little about the upcoming expansion.

SRL will supposedly be returning along with Marcus Ren, it’s inventor. SRL is personally one of my favourite events in Destiny, and I’m thrilled to hear that it might be returning. Whether or not the Live Team at Bungie has worked harder on creating new tracks and Sparrows is another thing.

There are also a few lines relating to mysterious lore such as worms on the Moon, more likely Wryms from The Taken King expansion, and even a new Speaker. It’s true that the Speaker has not been around since the end of the campaign, but have Bungie really done away with this charismatic creep?

See the full details here from the subreddit thread. I apologise if it’s been deleted as Bungie may have butted in since and ordered it to be removed. Let us know what you think.

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Destiny Age of Triumph Revealed

For a while there have been rumours around an April update happening in Destiny. While Bungie hadn’t announced anything, it would make sense for them to update the game in April this year like they did last year, and arguable last year’s update made players happier than The Taken King expansion did.

Well this week Destiny: Age of Triumph was revealed, and it’s having a similar effect on the community as last year’s April update did. The most important thing to know is that Age of Triumph brings with it a new Record Book to complete, and releases on March 28th.

Unfortunately there isn’t a Light level cap increase with this update, though at this point I think everyone is ready for a new game rather than more increased levels. In addition all Raids are being brought up to the higher Light Level difficulty of 390, something Guardians have been asking for since Rise of Iron released. Interestingly the weekly Raid will now have new challenges assigned to them, the completion requirements for which will be necessary for Guardians to work out we think, since that’s how the Destiny community works best. Completing these challenges will unlock new ornaments, so everyone will know you’re the ultimate raider! While the new raids will be available at the higher Light level outside of the weekly challenge, this will only be three weeks after age of Triumph launches. Week 1: Crota’s End, Week 2: Vault of Glass, Week 3: King’s Fall.

Bungie also announced that older Raids will now be rewarding players with new items, that’s new armour and weapons at the current Light level. Any raids that didn’t have Sparrow and Ghost rewards will have them now, and they’re the best. Bungie is patching many fixes to exploits in older raids like Crota’s End and Vault of Glass, making them harder in general to complete without the increased Light level.

Elemental primary weapons are returning, not least the Vex Mythoclast, and at 400 Light as well!

If you love using Three of Coins from our great friend Xur then you’re in luck! These items will now work on Raid bosses, rejoice!

The legends could be true about that seventh chest in the Vault of Glass as well. While it isn’t confirmed, it was highly hinted at, and no one has ever found it before. Will you be the first?

Age of Triumph Record Book

Not every page of the record book was shown, but we do know quite a lot about what’s in there. There are thirteen pages to compete in the record book, and given that Destiny will remain online for the foreseeable future you should have plenty of time to complete every one of them.

Some pages are raid specific, and will no doubt be focused around accomplishing everything in each raid, as well as the new challenges, which are mostly going to be guesswork in the early days.

There are class-specific pages in the book as well, and they aren’t as easy as you think. Needless to say completing every Quest in the game and reaching level 40 with each class is essential for completion of the Record Book, but there’s even more to do than just this.

When it comes to the Crucible you’ll need to be a seasoned veteran and have picked up all the ghosts, which of course you haven’t, and the Iron Banner probably be getting a look in with this last completionist list so you have that to look forward to.

Finally, the book is basically a completion list of everything there is to do in Destiny. If you want to finish it you’ll have to get every Dead Ghost, you’ll need to reach a reasonable rank (25) with all Factions, you’ll have to help people who shouldn’t be helped (Eris), and most importantly, you’ll have to be the best damn Guardian the Tower has ever seen. Oh and if you thought you’d get away without collecting every Grimoire card then you’re dead wrong.

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