Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal Livestream Summary

Today was the Destiny 2 reveal livestream from Bungie. The live event invited both press and YouTubers or streamers to come and try out the game, in addition to the epic reveal that they streamed around the world. The details from the event follow.

The stream opened with a new trailer for Destiny 2, following Commander Zavalla’s story from his first day as a Guardian, and how he had a hand in the Tower being built from the ground up.

Luke Smith entered the stage next, and spoke a little about how Destiny 2 is a new beginning for the universe. The fact that it’s coming to PC alone means that veteran players will be playing right alongside complete newcomers, but that will probably also be the case on consoles too. He then spoke about the three things that the developers have been thinking about as they’ve been building the game.

First is a world that pulls you in. This involves having a story that players can relate to, and characters that they want to spend time with and work together with, as well as enemies. The world needs to be enticing, inviting players to explore every corner for new discoveries.

Secondly they want to create amazing things to do. This involves creating a world that’s not only attractive to groups of players, but those who want to enjoy the game as a solo experience as well, and they’ve taken steps to ensure it will work to everyone’s preferences.

The third point is that there’s always someone to play with. 50% of the players in the original game have teamed up to take on the raids, but this means 50% haven’t. This third point is a hint about how the Nightfall, Trials of Osiris, and the Raids will be available to all players through the changes being made in Destiny 2.

Next up we finally get a trailer that explains what happens to the Tower to leave all the Guardians stranded in random places around it, how the Cabal attack. The trailer shows the Cabal invading after removing the defences the guardians have set up, the attack takes the Guardians completely by surprise and cripples them.

The trailer then skips to gameplay, and we’re back behind the eyes of a Guardian in the moments the Tower is falling. Right off the mark we can see that this is a new Subclass of some kind, and they have an additional ability on top of the melee attack and grenade recharge. As two more Guardians join the fray we can see the shooting looks a bit meatier than in Destiny, and as the team fall in against a door we can see Commander Zavalla right there in the middle of the combat helping out, a real first.

Supers start coming out next, and one Guardian gets a Void shield that they can use to defend and smash enemies out of the way with. Next a Hunter pulls out a shield and spear, both sporting Arc damage, which allows them to pierce their way through the enemy ranks. Finally our Guardian pulls out their Super, a Solar sword that can throw blade shots and be brought down for massive damage.

As the player seeks out the Speaker only to find him taken by the Red Legion, Ikora lets out a huge Void Blast to take down a Cabal ship. After Amanda Holliday brings us up to a Cabal command ship, it’s time to take the fight to the leader. At this point it’s worth mentioning the plethora of new weapons that are on display, but we’ll go into those in another article. The gameplay ends with a huge Cabal telling us how our journey ends here.

After that we have a brief discussion about the story of Destiny 2, which sees the Red Legion coming to Earth to take the Traveller, to become a better class of Guardian. Players will need to spend the whole game recouping the loss that is felt at its beginning. The Cabal are jealous for the Light, and are fighting as hard as they can for it. Guardians will lose their powers and their home, and they’ll have to fight to find a new one and regain what made them great once more.

When it comes to the weapon slots things are going to be very different in Destiny 2. On top of the new guns we now have different types of slots, one for Kinetic weapons, one for Energy weapons, and Power weapons. Read more about the weapons of Destiny 2 here.

New Supers are explored now, with the Dawnblade first. This is a Warlock Subclass that uses a Solar sword mentioned earlier. The Sentinel is the Void shield ability that allowed players to push their way through the enemy forces, the shield can also be thrown to take enemies out from afar. Finally we have the Arcstrider, a Hunter Subclass that uses an Arc staff to flip and slash through enemies.

Steve Cotton, World Lead, takes to the stage next. He discusses the worlds that we’ll be exploring in Destiny 2 both in missions and free play. The usual Campaigns and Strikes, including one called The Inverted Spire, are both returning. Here it’s worth noting that this particular Strike is on a world outside of our system, meaning we’ll be travelling a long long way in Destiny 2. The Crucible of course returns, but it’s going to be 4V4 across all modes.

A big piece of news is the fact that you can launch any content without having to go to Orbit first. There are side missions, treasure maps, and new random encounters to have as you explore each planet. Lost Sectors are filled with bosses and a huge cache of treasure for you to uncover. The four world players will patrol across are Titan, Io, Earth, and Nessus, all of which we’ll explore further over the coming days.

When it comes to social options, Clans will be coming into the game in Destiny 2. Previously coordination had to happen outside of the game, but now it will be so much more integrated. Clans will be able to work together, with every activity counting towards rewards all members receive. Something new called Guided Games will allow solo players to pair themselves with a clan in order to access endgame content like the Raid.

Mark Noseworthy, Project Lead, comes onto the stage next. He talks more about the social aspect of the game, and how important it is for them to help build those relationships in Destiny 2.

A final note from Activision told fans that the PC version of the game will be available exclusively through Please check back to check out in-depth articles on every aspect revealed about Destiny 2 so far.

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Activision Blizzard Confirm Steady Stream of Content for Destiny 2

During a conference call that took place after the earnings report meeting for Activision Blizzard, it has been confirmed that Destiny 2 will have a steady stream of content after launch. This confirmation comes as a reiteration to investors who have clearly raised concerns over the sequel, given that a core complaint with the original game was the lack of updates and content after launch.

Activision Blizzard also confirmed that Destiny 2 on PC will have meaningful features that make the game relevant to PC gamers, but was reluctant to reveal further information before the gameplay reveal on May 18th.

This news is welcome after the disaster that was the post-launch content for Destiny in the beginning. The first two expansions, The Dark Below and House of Wolves, added features to the game that many felt should have been there from day one. Thus these expansions will always be seen as the missing puzzle pieces of the original game, that appeared to have been cut out of it when it was finished and held back behind time and money barriers.

Year 2’s expansion was better, The Taken King added much to the game that players had requested, as well as features they didn’t know they wanted. The hunt for Calcified Fragments is one that still consumes Guardians today, and the secrets held by the Dreadnaught are still making many question what certain items are for.

Rise of Iron, the last and latest expansion, added more mystery and a lot more content to the game. Most players are still pursuing the rewards offered by the latest DLC, and many are going through it with a fine tooth comb in order to complete their Record Books for Age of Triumph.

Bungie continues to offer updates, and not just the hot fixes that serve to balance out the current meta of the Crucible. The April update brought more to The Taken King than originally planned, and opened our eyes to the generosity of the developers that we thought were money-grabbing finks. The Dawning showed us yet again just how festive the developers could be, though we were always expecting something thanks to The Festival of the Lost and Crimson Days. Finally we have been given the Age of Triumph.

Age of Triumph is easily the best free update Destiny has ever seen It has given players who weren’t even bothered about finishing Rise of Iron a reason to play again, with records that require players to scour the whole game again more or less. It also encourages the completion of pesky quests that we haven’t quite been bothered to do as of yet.

Anything close to what we’ve seen in the latter half of Destiny’s existence will be more than welcome in Destiny 2, though I suspect a much larger plan is at play. From what we can see so far the two initial expansions are planned to relate to Trials of Osiris, and Rasputin. While Trials of Osiris is a weekly event, Rasputin is simply a mystery. Both of these expansions, it can be argued, will add more than just the content you can see, and that’s why they’re so exciting. Adding more content each week with both the expansions would fit, especially if you’re solving a mystery with Rasputin that requires you to complete a task each week or miss unlocking the next one.

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Destiny 2 Collector’s Editions Now Available

Recently retailers opened up pre-orders for Destiny 2, most notably the collector’s and limited editions. The original Destiny had both of these edition as well, with the collector’s edition containing a replica Ghost with the first Dinklebot voice.

Now that Destiny 2 is available for pre-order we can finally see some of the content we’ll be getting both in-game and physically for our gaming shelves. The standard edition of the game simply comes as it is, though depending on where you pre-order it you could be getting a bonus anyway. UK retailer GAME offer a Cayde-6 figure for example.

The Limited Edition of Destiny 2 is slightly more extravagant. This all comes packaged in a large box decorated with symbols from the Destiny universe. The game will come in a steelbook case, and owners get the expansion pass as well, which looks to hint towards DLC for Trials of Osiris and Rasputin. Bonus digital content includes a Legendary Sword, Legendary Player Emote, and Cabal Empire Themed Emblem. The collector’s box contains a few physical items, a booklet with secrets of the Cabal Empire, a Cabal Schematic, some collectable postcard images, and Cabal Military Pawns.

Finally we have the actual Collector’s edition, which is around £200 and the largest of all the editions of Destiny 2. This edition contains all of the items from the Limited Edition, plus some additional physical items. Owners receive the Destiny 2 Frontier Bag, a customisable bag that can be worn as a backpack or a shoulder bag, and a 15 inch laptop/tablet sleeve with an inner protective pocket. This edition also comes with something called the Frontier Kit, containing a solar panel USB charger with built-in light, a paracord, and a blanket.

Playstation versions of all of these editions are going to sell out fast, so if you’re thinking of getting one then you should pre-order it now just in case, you can always cancel later. The contents of each edition should dictate what you buy, so if you want the all singing and all dancing version then get the collector’s edition. However, it’s important that you think about what you want from your edition. Will you only be using the digital content and never the physical content? Obviously the Limited Edition is for those who have no gaming shelf and no use for the physical stuff, but the Collector’s Edition is for those who want digital and physical items.

Finally, it’s worth knowing that you can buy the Expansion Pass separately to the main game. If you’re concerned about having only the base game and the first two DLCs, then this is all you need. Let us know what edition you’re after in the comments.

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Destiny 2 Officially Announced

In the wake of the leaked poster for Destiny 2 Bungie has officially announced the sequel to it’s intense space opera MMO.

Bungie tweeted a rather disturbing image that shows the Destiny logo, with a big 2 behind it obviously and the last city on Earth in a blazing inferno, eclipsed by the Traveller. This image, which you can see below, completely changes everything we know about Destiny, as this is supposed to be the safest place in the Solar System, guarded by the kind of dead corpse of the Traveller.

destiny 2 Image Source: Polygon

Now the Traveller was dying when it released the Ghosts, a last ditch effort to save humanity from the forces of the Darkness, and it worked. Ghosts created Guardians, and they have protected the last city for the entirety of Destiny.

However, in both the leaked poster for Destiny 2 and the Destiny 2 Mega Bloks sets, we see the Cabal invading the Tower. This social hub has been a safe haven for all Guardians since the early alpha phase, but something has changed. Now Earth is being invaded by the Cabal, a new force that has most likely crash-landed into the planet and stormed the last city with their sheer numbers.

A reveal trailer that features Cayde-6 talking about his first encounter with these foes in the last city, which is hilarious, further backs up the facts with visuals of him shooting them all in the face. The video has a very different feel to the other Destiny promotional videos, which have also always featured live action portions. Of course with Cayde-6 being an Exo, you can’t really use a real life character to capture his likeness.

What we see in the trailer that may allude to gameplay details is the vast last city spread out before a fireteam of Guardians. This city has never been somewhere Guardians can explore, but now it appears it will be akin to those areas we see on other planets around the solar system. What fights await us there we cannot know yet, but we’re certain there will be a further gameplay reveal at E3 2017.

The sheer scale of the last city leads us to believe that the areas available for Guardians to explore are growing. In Destiny there are only certain areas you can explore, none of which organically connect with each other because they’re on different planets. In a world where No Man’s Sky exists, it’s reasonable to expect to be able to fly from one planet to the other in Destiny 2, as well as fight all kinds of Darkness in between.

All of these detail and more still need to be confirmed, and we’ll have to wait for the full worldwide announcement trailer before we have those details. This new trailer drops in two days on March 30th, but there’s always Age of Triumph if you just have to get that Destiny fix straight away.

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Destiny 2 Poster Leak – What It Tells Us

Recently you may have seen news that a poster for Destiny 2 was leaked. This is true, and as far as anyone can tell it shows the release date of the game as September 8th. This matches up with the release date of the original game which was also launched in early September.

The poster shows the classic fireteam of three Guardians with their guns out, heading into some kind of warzone that appears to be in the Tower! That’s right, and this is where things get interesting.

What we can see behind the Guardians in the poster is Cabal ships flying in, which we all know means the Cabal have not only invaded, but are attacking the Tower. This ties in well with the MegaBloks sets that were leaked a while back, and that alone is a good indication that we’ll be seeing scenarios similar to those in Destiny 2.

If we look at the MegaBloks sets and think about these scenarios we can begin to understand what the gameplay, or at least mission structure, of Destiny 2 will look like. We know that there’s a fight in the Hanger in the Tower, we know Guardians such as Commander Zavala will be leaving the Tower to join the fight out on the planets of our solar system. This potentially means missions will be far more open, with a large sandbox area or set of areas made for each planet, with different missions occurring as you pick them up in each. Having NPCs such as the Vanguard placed on planets around the solar system would also make for easier quest giving.

Bungie has said that Destiny 2 is more open and  very different to the original game, which makes me think it has a more World of Warcraft style world that allows you to travel between areas, which are planets in Destiny 2. In an age where a game like No Man’s Sky can exist, we could be given planet-sized worlds to explore and conquer.

When it comes to Raids, the Nightfall Strike, and other new events that require players to meet up without matchmaking things will be trickier. Currently Destiny sets all players up within an instance together, but this will be hard to achieve in an open world setting without players meeting up outside a designated Raid area for example.

However these finer parts of the game are implemented I’m sure they’ll be great, but right now we should focus on the Tower. In September we may well be able to run around and explore a much vaster Tower area, fighting the Darkness as it rears its ugly head.

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Destiny 2 On Track For 2017 Release

An Activision Investor Slideshow has confirmed that Destiny 2 is on track to be released this year. During a Q&A session it was then also confirmed that the game will be released in Fall, or Autumn.

The original Destiny released in September, so a September release date for Destiny 2 would seem fitting if that’s what Activision is going for. This release slot is after the summer lull, when people are desperate for new games after E3 a few months before, and before the Holiday rush of releases that compete for Christmas present space.

The investor slideshow also spoke of on-going content development plans, which mean that expansions will be coming thick and fast for Destiny 2. Thanks to the new engine the game is being built in, making it easier for Bungie to develop new content, we can expect more live events from the team in addition to full content expansion such as The Taken King.

Many are sceptical about the release schedule for this year however, because of the nature of publisher and developer relationships. A report was released by Kotaku saying that Activision would gain control of a percentage of Bungie stock if Destiny 2 did not hit the 2017 release window. Activision has since come forward and denied the report, saying that no partner stands to gain Bungie stock in the event of a missed release date.

Activision has around three large studios helping Bungie work on Destiny 2, also according to Kotaku. The game is coming to five consoles, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Scorpio, Playstation 4 Pro, and PC, meaning there’s a lot of work that has to go into developing it. To make Destiny 2 work across all these platforms, and work with each other for PVP, Strikes, Raids, and milling around in the social areas, the game needs to be compatible across each platform. Currently Destiny doesn’t allow players to compete across Playstation and Xbox consoles, hopefully that will change with Destiny 2 and allow all players to both see each other and compete with each other. This kind of compatibility is what will push Destiny 2 from the level the original game is at now, to beyond the level of games such as Overwatch.

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Destiny 2 Mega Bloks Sets May Reveal Future Story

This week has been fairly quiet on the Destiny 2 news front, but since this is the first article in the series I thought we’d recount some of the biggest Destiny 2 news to date.

First of all we know that at the very least that Bungie will announce and reveal Destiny 2 this year. According to the leaked content plan, a picture of which made its way around the Internet just after Destiny’s launch, 2017 is the year Destiny 2 is announced. So far Bungie have stuck to their guns on this plan, so we have to hope that they’ll follow through on this part also.

The most recent leak however, if you can call it a leak, comes from Amazon accidently publishing listings for Destiny 2 Mega Bloks sets. The listings, which have since been pulled by Amazon, featured names of unknown classes of enemies in the Destiny universe. It’s unlikely that these sets are a hoax, since a lot of marketing work goes into their creation, and it’s very hard to believe that Amazon would let even one product with fake details and photoshopped images through into their product listings, especially from such a well-known brand, let alone three!

The first of these Mega Bloks sets was named Destiny Cabal Goliath Tank Building Set. The set featured a buildable Cabal Goliath Tank, with articulating rotating turrets. The tank would open up to reveal an interior troop bay, and come with four highly detailed micro action figures to go inside, including Cabal Phalanx, two Cabal Psions, and Commander Zavala of the Vanguard. Zavala was said to come with detachable armour, and the Legendary Auto Rifle An Answering Chord. The Cabal on the other hand, were set to have detachable Siege Dancer Armour, weapons, and a shield accessory.

Most, if not all, Destiny players will know about everything in this set, though no one has ever seen Commander Zavala leave The Tower. Could this have been alluding to a story scene in Destiny 2?

The second Mega Bloks set was named Cabal Bruiser Battle Building Set, and featured an entire Buildable Hangar Platform. The hanger in this set was said to be the hanger in The Tower, where a legendary warrior would face his greatest contest yet. The warrior in question was Cruicible Lord Shaxx, wielding Raze-Lighter. Owners would be able to battle Shaxx against the furious cleavers of a Cabal Red Guard, a military group never before heard of in the Destiny Universe.

This set is the most interesting, because it makes a lot of sense within the context of Destiny lore, and it’s something that’s been teased for a long time by Bungie, a Cabal attack on The Tower. The Cabal attack head on, it’s just their way. When they can’t beat something, they smash a ship into it, as is the result in The Dreadnaught, part of The Taken King expansion for Destiny.

There hasn’t been a major Cabal expansion for Destiny ever, but every other race of The Darkness has had one, so it would make sense for the Cabal to be the main race in the next one. If the Cabal did attack The Tower, it would be devastating, so much so that it may mean the end of The Tower and the Last City on Earth, unless the Traveller does something about it. Throughout the story of Destiny players have seen evidence of the Traveller healing, regaining at least a small part of its power. A Cabal attack would be the perfect crescendo for Destiny, leading into Destiny 2, and give players some sense of narrative fulfillment in the process.

Finally, we have the Aspect Of Glass Building Set. This set was said to contain a Buildable Aspect of Glass jump ship, a ship players can get in the game, with a cockpit that opened and a working launcher, presumably to make it fly. A Hunter micro action figure was the pilot for this set, and cam with detachable Spektar armour, and the Legendary shotgun Lord Of Wolves.

As far as leaks go this one seems to have the most truth behind it. The question is, will we see more of the Cabal Red Guard at E3 2017?

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Destiny 2 On The PC, Vicarious Visions Helping Design

News of a ‘Destiny 2’ release has put gamers into a hopeful mood. Under the new direction of Luke Smith, big changes are happening for this game. Recently, Kotaku has confirmed the biggest change is that ‘Destiny 2’ will finally be debut on PC. Which means that avid computer gamers will greatly appreciate this debut. Choosing to release this game with a PC version comes as no surprise to most. Especially since the studio is looking to tap into a large audience.

It has also been reported that Vicarious Visions will be helping in the creation of ‘Destiny 2’. This partnership will surely result in a wonderfully satisfying game. Since both studios have great credentials in the video gaming world.

What Should You Expect from ‘Destiny 2’

Rumors On What To Expect from ‘Destiny 2’

It has been years since the original ‘Destiny’ game has been available. So it is no surprise that the release of ‘Destiny 2’ has players clamoring to play the game. After bringing on a new director, Luke Smith, Bungie is able to promise a different game.

What Should You Expect from ‘Destiny 2’? There have been many reports that indicate that ‘Destiny 2’ will expand on the original game’s formula. However, the game will introduce new weapons, abilities, and mechanics. The confusing storyline has received a complete overhauling. The old storyline was made up of several cut scenes, and two-dimensional characters that had very predictable motivations. This means that players will be able to have a better gaming experience. Players are hopeful that Bungie works to resolve this sooner so that they are able to create a more satisfying ‘Destiny 2’ gaming experience.

Space Exploration

The International Business Times believes that ‘Destiny 2’ will finally bring an element of space exploration that was absent during the first ‘Destiny’. The studio has finally been able to get away from last-generation consoles. Which means that players should expect to see more vehicles and spaceships to appear in the game.