Character Bio – Osiris

With the big reveal of the Curse of Osiris Expansion last night at Paris Games Week, I thought it would be good to look at the character that’s going to be the highlight of this first piece of Destiny 2 DLC, Osiris. The Expansion is set to take Guardians to Mercury where the Vex are building an army to take on, well pretty much anything. This is highly dangerous because the Vex are bringing machines from the past, present, and future together for their force, but seeking help from Osiris could be equally harmful.

Osiris is a Warlock, specifically a Dawnblade, who was exiled from the city. Before he was exiled he was so good at killing aliens that Saint-14 himself recommended him as Vanguard Commander. He’s even been an apprentice to the Speaker, for a time.

However, Osiris isn’t all that great when you get to know him. Soon it became apparent that he was descending into madness, searching for the true purpose behind the Guardians and the nature of the Darkness that nearly ended the Traveller. His beliefs are considered borderline blasphemous, and when it was discovered that he was diverting Guardians and Tower resources away from the protection of the City and refugees no one was very happy with him. He used these resources and Guardians to explore legends from the system, including the Vault of Glass. It’s implied that Osiris inspired Kabr, the Legionless to enter the Vault.

Osiris studied the Hive in great detail, and even predicted the coming of Oryx and the events of The Taken King. It’s also said that he came too close to understanding the Vex and their logic and processes for travelling and seeing through time. the Speaker banished him for his misuse of Guardians and the resources of the Vanguard, believing him to be dangerously obsessed.

He formed a Cult on Mercury, the planet to which he was banished, who follow him to this day. The Crucible Tournament held in his honour is still active, the Trials of Osiris. His followers, such as Brother Vance, spend their time testing their Light, seeing how far they can bend it to their will before it can be broken. Even though the cult lives on, Osiris himself is said to be both dead and alive, missing from this universe as we know it.

At some point in time he held council with both The Nine and the Queen of the Reef. He receives reports on the goings on of the system from Eris Morn, and employs the group known as the Sunbreakers.

In the Curse of Osiris Guardians are tasked with finding Osiris for the help he might be able to provide in fighting the Vex. If this guy has driven himself almost to the point of madness by researching them, maybe he’s too far gone to be of any help. Or maybe he’s the perfect man for the job. I think that when we meet Osiris he won’t make any sense, he’ll speak in riddles that have something to do with events we’ll experience in the future and won’t understand until then. But I have to say that I’m very excited to meet this guy. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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Character Bio – Cayde-6

Cayde-6 is the Hunter Vanguard member who is responsible for tracking and assigning bounties to high-value targets. He gives Guardians jobs such as take out Askor, Archon Priest, or the Psion Flayers.

You can find Cayde-6 in the Vanguard Hall in the Tower with the rest of the Vanguard. He offers Hunters Vanguard weapons and armour, and is easily the funniest character in the Destiny Universe. Cayde-6 pleads with Guardians under his breath and out of earshot of the other Vanguard for them to take him with them, though it’s clear he would never abandon his post while there’s good to be done.

Cayde-6 was once human, and while he remembers little of his life before the collapse, he does have some memories. Whatever he can recall is mixed up and in the wrong order, and some aren’t even his own memories.

Beginning life as a human soldier with a large debt on his head, he was approached by Clovis Bray to have the debt removed. While Cayde-6 can’t remember the job offer or anything about he, the next memory he has is being taken to Europa where he was converted into an EXO. Another memory, possibly after becoming an EXO, sees him assigned to security duty for the Ishtar Collective where he was looking after Dr, Maya Sundaresh. Cayde-6 wanted to get to know the doctor better but she never noticed him. The final memory Cayde-6 has is of being restrained by a shadowy creature on a destroyed world, followed by a memory he says is not is own.

Once Cayde-6 was an adventurous Guardian, and even now he dislikes his ‘desk job’ with the Vanguard, but realises it serves the greater good. He lost the notorious Vanguard Dare, but only took over the role of Hunter Vanguard when his predecessor and close friend Andal Brask was murdered by by Taniks, The Scarred, a Fallen mercenary. As Cayde-6 yearns to be out in the wilds with every Guardian, he longs most to see the inner workings of the Vault of Glass.

In The Taken King storyline Cayde-6 plays an important part in the Guardians gaining access to Oryx’s Dreadnaught. He helps the Guardian obtain a Stealth Drive against the wishes of the other Vanguard members. The Stealth Drive itself is stolen from the War Mind Rasputin, and the ship it is fitted to has been borrowed from Eris Morn without permission. Cayde-6 and Eris have a mutual distaste for each other from this point onwards, even today Eris refuses to forgive him for destroying her ship.

As part of The Dawning Cayde-6 offers his assistance to Ikora Ray and the Guardians when they’re called to take on Omnigul and Sekiron, Nexus Mind. however, this is more of an effort to avoid leading a team of Hunters who hate him.

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Character Bio – Commander Zavala

Commander Zavala is the Vanguard for the Titan class, an Awoken who lives in the Tower and is stationed alongside the other Vanguard representatives. He sells Titan armour and emblems, and was named as one of the characters in the leaked MegaBloks sets for Destiny 2.

Zavala used to be a student of Lord Saladin, and fought in the Battle of Twilight Gap. He’s even been a serious competitor in the Crucible, and as such was approached by the various factions of the Tower for support, none more so than New Monarchy representative Executor Hideo, who offered to make him King of the City if he joined them. He refused.

He also Refused Dead Orbit representative Arach Jalaal when he pleased for support from Zavala, though this probably would have reignited the Faction Wars. Zavala did vouch for the Future War Cult and their inclusion to the Consensus, an alliance of the City’s factions, because of their focus on combat which he sees as useful to the City.

Commander Zavala’s role in the Vanguard is overall defence of the City, and developing strategies against enemy forces, both from The Darkness and any who threaten the City. He is the one responsible for the preemptive Strike mission against the House of Devils and killing Sepiks Prime. He also tasks Guardians with recapturing Freehold by destroying the Cabal chain of command.

While Zavala may not appear to be scary, he’s got a lot of history that many may not credit. The Battle of Twilight Gap was a battle against The Fallen, as all houses came together to try to take The Traveller from Earth. Together Zavala and Lord Shaxx led the counterattack and successfully defended the Traveller from its enemies, though many enemies lost their lives. It was at this battle that the Thunderlord Machine Gun gained its reputation, and the Gjallarhorn was forged from the armour of the dead Guardians who fought in it. Lord Shaxx began the Crucible as a way to ensure that future Guardians are always ready for a fight, even the biggest fight of their lives. The Crucible continues today because Guardians always need to be ready for  a new threat to rear its head, and Zavala is a large part of why it exists.

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