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Watch All Episodes Of Destiny 2: The Series Here

Remember how Destiny 2 used to be with every episode of Destiny 2: The Series.

Destiny 2- The Series Is Coming

Over the weekend we posted an article on an incredible fan project, Destiny 2: the Series. This is a project that sees the entire original format of Destiny 2 recorded on a PC, with ultra-high graphics, and no HUD. It’s a perfect way to view the Destiny 2 experience as it is right now, before so much content is Vaulted, and no doubt changed when it gets re-introduced in a few years.

Now, all 32 episodes of Destiny 2: The Series are live for you to watch. We’ve gathered them together here so you can watch one after the other without ever needing to search for them.

Episode 1 – 101: Homecoming | The Red War

The first mission in Destiny 2’s Red War campaign, what an opener!

Episode 2 – 102: Adieu | The Red War 

This may be one of my favourite missions. It sees the Guardians rising bloody and broken to fight another day.

Episode 3 – 103: Combustion | The Red War 

An introduction to a now very old friend indeed.

Episode 4 – 104: Hope | The Red War

Discovering the Hive on Titan for the first time.

Episode 5 – 105: Looped | The Red War

Reuniting with the best Hunter Vanguard there has ever been, Cayde-6.

Episode 6 – 106: Sacrilege | The Red War

Locating Ikora on Io. this one is beautiful.

Episode 7 – 107: Payback | The Red War 

Commandeering a Cabal ship in order to enter The Almighty undetected.

Episode 8 – 108: 1AU | The Red War 

Fighting through and disabling The Almighty.

Episode 9 – 109: Chosen | The Red War

Facing down against Gaul!

Episode 10 – 201: The Gateway | Curse of Osiris

Starting out with the Curse of Osiris campaign.

Episode 11 – 202: A Deadly Trial | Curse of Osiris

Seeking out a way to revive Sagira.

Episode 12 – 203: Deep Storage | Curse of Osiris

Trying to find a map for the Infinite Forest in order to stop Panoptes.

Episode 13 – 204: Hijacked | Curse of Osiris

Now to find a Vex Mind to help Sagira map out the Infinite Forest without going insane.

Episode 14 – 205: Omega | Curse of Osiris 

Jumping into the Infinite Forest to defeat the Infinite Mind!

Episode 15 – 301: Ice and Shadow | Warmind

Now we’re getting into my favourite expansion for Destiny 2. Warmind!

Episode 16 – 302: Off-World Recovery | Warmind

Hatching a plan to lure Xol out into the open.

Episode 17 – 303: Will of the Thousands | Warmind

Heading off to meet up with Xol and blast off his scary old face!

Episode 18 – 401: Last Call | Forsaken

The very first episode in the Forsaken expansion.

Episode 19 – 402: High Plains Blues | Forsaken

The saddest episode in the series.

Episode 20 – 403: Scorned | Forsaken

Learning the locations of each Baron from Spider.

Episode 21 – 404: The Baron Hunt pt.1 | Forsaken 

Kicking the Baron hunt off with The Rider.

Episode 22 – 405: The Baron Hunt pt.2 | Forsaken

Hunting down more of the Barons.

Episode 23 – 406: The Mad Bomber | Forsaken

Going up against The Mad Bomber, one of the more terrifying Barons.

Episode 24 – 407: The Machinist | Forsaken

Taking down one of the largest Barons, The Machinist.

Episode 25 – 408: Nothing Left to Say | Forsaken

The satisfying conclusion to Forsaken, one of the best expansions in Destiny history.

Episode 26 – 501: A Mysterious Disturbance | Shadowkeep

Moving on to start up Shadowkeep.

Episode 27 – 502: In Search of Answers | Shadowkeep

Investigating the Hive around the Scarlet Keep.

Episode 28 – 503: The Scarlet Keep | Shadowkeep

Seeking out some Hive magic.

Episode 29 – 504: In The Deep | Shadowkeep

Descending into the Hellmouth.

Episode 30 – 505: The Nightmare Cometh | Shadowkeep

Getting just three more pieces of armour from three more Nightmares.

Episode 31 – 506: Beyond | Shadowkeep

Time to return to the Pyramid.

Episode 32 – 507: In the Face of Darkness | Bonus

The darkness is here.

That’s all there is for now. We’ll be sure to update the article if more episodes are released, which I’m certain there will be. Let us know what you think of the series in the comments.

I'm an avid Destiny 2 fan and player. I fell in love with Destiny 1 during the early alpha and have been hooked by the universe ever since. I really enjoy playing with other Guardians, speculating about the lore, and writing about as much of the Destiny universe as I can.

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1 Comment

  1. Woody

    November 16, 2020 at 1:08 pm

    fyi all the videos above are 101: Homecoming

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