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Why You Should Get The Breakneck In Season Of The Forge (Season 5)

Today's reset marks the beginning of the Season of the Forge, or Season 5, in Destiny 2. In a week...

Hunting Down Master Ives’ Killer Part 1

This week Bungie gave us access to the first part of the Festival of the Lost mystery quest. All we...

How To Get Malfeasance And Spawn The Ascendant Primeval Servitor

Malfaesance is one of the most sought after Exotic weapons in Destiny 2. It's right up there with Whisper of...

How To Get Wish-Ender Exotic Bow

This week has seen the release of both Malfeasance and Wish-Ender, two highly anticipated Exotics that weren't in Destiny 2...

A Guide To Completing Every Moment Of Triumph In Solstice Of Heroes

With the Solstice of Heroes in full swing we thought it would be a good idea to give all Guardians...

Why You Should Definitely Be Taking Part In Faction Rallies This Weekend

Faction Rallies has been going on all week so far, but it's this weekend that most of us are going...

How To Make The Most Of Your Free Destiny 2 Weekend

This weekend, June 29th to July 2nd, Destiny 2 will be absolutely free to download and play on your Playstation...

A Guide To Excelling In Faction Rallies 2.0

Faction Rallies is in full flow this week after being away from Destiny 2 for quite a while. The tweaks...

Destiny 2 Sleeper Simulant Quest Guide

The Warmind DLC added a bunch of amazing things to Destiny 2, among them is a returning weapon from Destiny...

How To Get The Rat King Exotic Sidearm

The Rat King is an Exotic Sidearm in Destiny 2 with a very interesting Exotic Perk, it gets stronger when...

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