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Zero Hour Secret Mission Completion Guide (Void)

The secret mission within the quest for Outbreak Perfected, Zero Hour, has been solved overnight! As if figuring out the entire quest to unlocking Outbreak Perfected wasn't enough, Guardians have been working overtime to figure out how to activate the catalyst on it to make it even better. This guide is for Void, meaning that there could well be other mission completions required for Solar and Arc in following weeks, we won't know until the next reset.

Destiny 2 Outbreak Perfected Quest Guide

Outbreak Prime has returned to the Destiny universe in Destiny 2 as Outbreak Prime Perfected. There's a pretty complex secret quest that must be completed before you earn it, so here's our guide for finding and completing it so you can get your hands on this brand new Exotic Pulse Rifle.

Invitation Of The Nine Week 6

With another week comes another Invitation of the Nine. If you haven't completed week 1, week 2, week...

Revelry Guide: How To Unlock Arbalest

The Revelry is well and truly upon us, giving all Guardians the opportunity to unlock a new seasonal Exotic, Arbalest. This Exotic Kinetic Fusion Rifle is the first of its kind, but it won't be granted to you easily. In order to unlock Arbalest you need to complete a series of requirements, so we put a guide together to help you on your journey.

Invitation Of The Nine Week 5

Invitation of the Nine is a long form questline that Guardians can follow by picking up an invitation each week from the Exotic vendor Xur, who we reported on yesterday. If you haven't already picked up the invitation for the previous weeks don't worry, the questline will advance you forward on the appropriate week.

Invitation Of The Nine Week 4

It's now possible for you to pick up week 4 in the new long-form questline from Xur, Invitation of the Nine. For this step you need to have already completed week 1, week 2, and week 3, which will allow you to purchase week 4 from Xur when he arrives between Friday and Tuesday each week.

Invitation Of The Nine Week 3

Invitation of the Nine is a new long-form questline that's been going for a while now in Destiny...

Invitation Of The Nine Week 2

Xur is currently hanging around in Destiny 2, and it's your opportunity to pick up another Invitation of...

Destiny 2 Reckoning Guide

The Reckoning is the second main activity that makes up the endgame content for Season of the Drifter alongside Gambit Prime. It's a tough activity though, made up of three different Tiers. We wanted to put a guide together so that you know what you're doing when it comes to each one, so here it is.

Invitation Of The Nine Week 1

As of the 15th of March Xur is now offering Guardians the chance to begin the long journey through a 9 week quest. This quest is doled out in steps by Xur every time he visits the system, which is only from Friday to the weekly reset on Tuesday each week.