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Five Things Bungie Should Introduce in Destiny 3

Destiny has become a staple game within the gaming community, with millions of players worldwide enjoying the sci-fi shooter. With the release of the Destiny 2 sequel, the game’s producer, Bungie, continued to add content and keep the game fresh. However, as with any game, there’s always room for improvement.

As of right now, any rumors of a release for the third installment in the franchise are promptly shot down. Back in April, Destiny 3 was once again trending worldwide, with gamers throughout the vast wasteland that is social media all clamoring for a trilogy. Unfortunately, however, The ongoing Light and Darkness saga will conclude next year, at which point Destiny 2 will be seven years old, and surely a new game will be released.

If that’s what you were thinking, however, think again. Senior Forbes contributor Paul Tassi theorized a few months ago that yet another trilogy of Destiny 2 expansions were around the corner. If his theory came to fruition, then Destiny 3 would probably be released around 2027, right around the time that we are due for a fresh generation of gaming consoles.

Whether the new game is released this year, next year, way down the line, or even released at all, remains to be seen, but it should feature these five upgrades if it ever reaches the marketplace.

An Open-World

Many players have expressed their desire for Destiny to have a fully open-world experience in the form of Elden Ring, Grand Theft Auto, and many more games at present, and with consoles able to handle much more than they could back when Destiny 2 was released, Bungie should consider the idea. To make the trilogy stand out from its predecessors, the game’s creators should create larger areas that connect seamlessly, allowing players to explore and discover what the game has to offer.

More in-depth Customization

Destiny 2 improved on the customization aspect of the game much to the delight of those that criticized its predecessor, but there’s still plenty of room for improvement. Bungie has been contemplating the idea for a while now, and they should pull the trigger on introducing more in-depth customizations, allowing players to create unique characters with personalized appearances. One only needs to take a look at the battle royale extravaganza Fortnite to see just how successful additional customization options can be, and they can even provide the game with sponsorship and commercial opportunities.

Furthermore, Bungie should expand on the Guardian subclass system, creating plenty of options for players to choose from and allowing them to mix and match abilities across different classes.


Destiny 3 needs a significant graphics upgrade from its predecessor, Destiny 2, primarily due to its dated graphics. Although the current release has sufficient graphics for its time, the gaming industry has progressed significantly since 2017, with titles like Red Dead Redemption 2, The Last of Us Part II, and Cyberpunk 2077 pushing the boundaries of what is graphically possible.

Online casino games are a primary example of how gaming graphics have improved over the years. These games such as blackjack online involve photo-realistic environments, especially when played with a live dealer. By this, they have established visual models that can push modern hardware to its limits. By improving its graphics, Destiny 3 can match up to these standards and create a more immersive gaming experience for players.

Enhanced AI

Perhaps the most critical element of any game is its AI and it’s an area where Destiny, both the first and second installments in the franchise, has struggled. Many often complain about the game being far too easy and Bungie should take the complaints on board and improve their creation by introducing more advanced AI mechanics to make the game’s enemies more challenging to defeat.

Currently, enemies often rush players in waves, making the gameplay feel predictable and repetitive. Introducing new enemy mechanics would add to the game’s overall experience and make combat more exciting. Those of you that play sports games will already be aware of the massive gamble that EA Sports took when they decided to invest millions in making changes to their market-leading FIFA franchise.

They completely revamped their AI to make single-player gaming more challenging and as such, make the classic career mode much more difficult. The result was that the Canadian game’s producer hit the jackpot and their beloved game mode was resurrected, with more and more players flocking to play it than ever before.

A Compelling Storyline

Destiny has always had a captivating storyline, but Bungie could delve deeper into it. Some players have expressed frustration with the game’s narrative, which feels incomplete at times and leaves too many questions unanswered. Destiny 3 should strive to create a more immersive and well-developed story keeping players invested while introducing fresh characters and adversaries to maintain the storyline’s vibrance.


Destiny 3 is shaping up to be a huge success especially if Bungie can add in the mentioned five things. From weapon randomization varying from player to player, campaigns that support co-op play, a new raid system, increased rewards for activities, and a replayable endgame content system; these ideas should definitely give the eager players something to look forward to. Although there’s still uncertainty regarding its release date, new developments are sure to be eagerly awaited by fans of the franchise worldwide.

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