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Destiny 2: Should a Beginner Start Playing it in 2023?

Destiny 2 is Bungie‘s iconic MMO shooter that has received numerous positive reviews and prestigious awards. Destiny 2 is a game in the Looter Shooter genre. The genre is a mixture of “Diablo-like” games and shooter mechanics like Halo or Doom. The famous representative of the genre is the game Borderlands, which Destiny is very similar to, but at the same time brings its own completely new mechanics to the genre. Players in Destiny will have to master the role of “guardians” – “immortal warriors” and “defenders of the galaxy.” If you haven’t tried on the Guardian’s Cloak yet, we’ve put together some compelling reasons for you to get excited about it right away.

1. Destiny 2 won’t end quickly

The current crisis situation in the world and especially in Russia is partly forcing gamers to spend money wisely. For example, choosing really big games where you can easily spend dozens of hours. No wonder Grand Theft Auto V, the third Witcher, Dota 2, and other games that can be played almost endlessly do not leave the industrial tops.

Considering Destiny’s online pedigree, exploring the game, going through the game’s storyline, leveling up the hero, and hunting for decent artifacts and clothing items, will take players at least 30 hours. And if you remember that there are still additional missions, raids on especially strong bosses, fights with other players, and much, much more, then Destiny 2 can generally become your only game of the fall that will outshine all the others in time.

2. Destiny 2 is available for free

Good news for those who are hesitant to try the game for the first time. With the move of Destiny 2 to Steam, content added to the game during the first two years has become completely free. After downloading the Bungie shooter for the first time, players get an updated introduction, access to all PVP activities, and three PVE campaigns – vanilla, Curse of Osiris, and Warmind, and once they get involved, they will be able to purchase the rest of the DLC in any convenient order.

In addition, you will not find shops with items that affect the characteristics of your character in Destiny 2. Weapons and armor cannot be bought – only knocked out. But you can always use Destiny 2 boost services and there is also an Eververse shop with cosmetics, most of which can also be purchased for a special currency received for completing complex tasks.

3. Destiny 2 is always working on bugs

The original Destiny wasn’t immediately enjoyed by everyone. The gaming press gave Bungie’s game a relatively low score, lamenting something about the value for the genre, and the small amount of content. Ordinary players were also indignant, but more and more diligently inhabited the world of the game. However, a few months after the release, it became clear to even the most zealous haters that Bungie had released a hit.

But the popularity of Destiny would quickly fade away if the developers did not listen to the opinion of the outside and constantly develop the game. With each new patch or addition, Destiny acquired new features and features, and closer to its finale, it became the game – with a lot of game modes, the right balance, a lot of artifacts, and a rich universe – that many wanted to get from the very beginning. With Destiny 2, these problems are much fewer. In the sequel, to the existing features, Bungie also added a story, after which it became perfect. And now, we have one of the most “thought-out” gaming products of recent years.

4. Account Flexibility

Players with accounts that hold licenses to Destiny content can play Destiny on multiple consoles. Using the same Destiny account is only possible on consoles of the same family and generation. If a player’s account is signed in from a new console, an error message will be displayed on the previous console, followed by a return to the login screen. To protect your account from unauthorized access, you must enable security features. Players can enable cross-save to access the same set of characters on the platforms associated with their account.

5. Destiny 2 has almost no analogs

Like it or not, a first-person shooter with MMORPG elements is a very rare occurrence. Really serious competitors that can boast the same level of development, world design, and combat system, Destiny 2 simply does not have.

The closest analogues of Destiny 2 are considered to be Warframe or Division from Ubisoft, but these are games of the Third-Person Shooter genre, and if the first can even compete with the Bungie project in dynamics, then the second is designed for a tactical approach to battles. It turns out that in the absence of alternatives, Destiny 2 remains the only choice. Fortunately – a very worthy choice.

6. Destiny 2 never ceases to be relevant

For any player looking to get their first taste of an MMO that’s been around for several years, there’s a reasonable question about the relevance of the game. Even though Destiny 2 was released in 2017, it is still hugely popular with both regulars and new players. Moreover, the game is extremely friendly to the latter.

In addition, the game world is constantly evolving as part of seasonal events, from which a beginner can learn about the current state of affairs in the system and get the most up-to-date equipment. The player will have a lot of cases, and there will be partners and opponents at any time of the day.

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