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Destiny 2 Red Legion Concept Art


We’re taking a look Destiny 2 concept art, this time specifically that of the latest faction of enemies to show themselves in the solar system, the Red Legion. These guys were already being talked about before Destiny 2 had been released thanks to some MegaBloks sets which got leaked early, but we still no very little about them.

This guy is Gaul, leader of the Red Legion and the Cabal who kicks your Guardian off of his ship when he turns off the Light from the Traveller. Put simply, Gaul wants to take the Light of the Traveller for his own. This means removing it from the Guardians whom he deems unworthy of the power for their lack of will to use it to conquer. We’re not yet sure how Gaul is going to steal the Light, but we’ve seen him attach a device to the Traveller that ‘blocks’ it from Guardians, resulting in the opening story to unite the Vanguard once again.


This next concept art is for the Tower during the attack of the Red Legion as part of the Homecoming mission. I don’t need to point it out for anyone who’s played the beta but this is exactly what the mission looks like. Bungie has gone to extreme measures to make the game look incredible, and thanks to their efforts the story feels so much more real. In the background we can see the device Gaul is using to stop the Traveller’s Light, stealing it. What we don’t know about this machine is how Gaul plans on harnessing that Light for himself, because as far as we know the Traveller can only give its Light to others and not have it taken by force.

This piece of concept art shows off something we haven’t seen in-game yet, a Red Legion tank. If you’ve played Destiny 1 then you know what a Cabal tank can do and how hard it is to take down. Those things look like Dregs compared to this monstrosity, and the Red Legion is likely to have a number of them instead of just one if they’re attacking in full force.

If you look below the tank you can also see the pods that the Red Legion soldiers drop down to the battlefield in. These things are pretty terrifying when they’re dropping around you. They fall red hot after being dropped from a ship in orbit, and crash into the ground with a strike akin to what I imagine a meteor does. After this they sprout spikes and spin around until they eventually burn away revealing the troops inside, something that is equally unpleasant I must say.

When you consider that these two might be related it could be that this isn’t a tank and in fact some kind of drop ship that actually drops troops to the ground. It doesn’t look like the command ship you board in the Homecoming mission, but it might be an early concept of that ship, though I will always insist this is a tank.

Image Source: TrueAchivements

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