Destiny 2 Dead Orbit Concept Art and Wallpaper

This week in Destiny 2 we’re finally seeing the return of factions and their respective leaders with Faction Rallies. Guardians will need to ally themselves with the faction of their choice and earn reward tokens for that faction. At the end of the week the totals will be added up and the winning faction announced. This will then lead to that faction’s weapon going on sale for all Guardians, but at a discounted rate to those who chose that faction.

In this article we’re taking a look at Dead Orbit, personally my favourite faction and the ones who arguably have the coolest gear around. In Destiny 1 Dead Orbit were a mysterious group the leader of which, Arach Jalaal, would hang out around the Hanger in the Tower. That was before it was blown up of course.


The image above shows all three of the faction leaders from Destiny 1 and 2, but it’s Arach we’re really interested in. Here he looks a lot more dishevelled and out of place, not that his pale skin, bright blue eyes and striking choice of outfit ever fitted in.


Dead Orbit gear has always been the most stylish, at least I think so. The question mark within circles just says something about Guardians, that they don’t know what they are fully but they fight regardless. When you look at the gear it’s all about being well armoured and looking like you have a skull on your face. Honestly some of the best helmets in the game can be found when you pledge yourself to Dead Orbit and get out there and fight some evil aliens.


This lovely bit of Dead Orbit concept art is for the Scout Rifle Guardians can purchase if Dead Orbit win the Faction Rallies event. What I’m most impressed by with this weapon is how much it looks like something a black ops soldier would use. The Mida Multi Tool had a decal that players could equip in Destiny 1 that would change it to look like something similar, but this is Destiny 2 and this is Dead Orbit, so it’s way better!

If you have any problem choosing a faction for this week’s event then rest your faith in Dead Orbit. The stylish gear, the badass weaponry, and the faction leader who looks like he escaped from Destiny’s version of Azkaban all culminate to make what I consider to be the coolest faction in Bungie’s universe.

Goodbye Destiny Loot Grind

Luke Smith has been talking about the loot grind in Destiny, specifically how it’s going to disappear in Destiny 2 in favour of a much fairer system for both players and developers.

Currently in Destiny we have a situation called the Loot Grind. What this boils down to is hammering away at every single activity until Guardians get Engrams to take back to the Cryptarch and decode. At the moment these Engrams could be anything depending on whether they’re rare or legendary. Most players prefer a legendary Engram for the loot it provides. This legendary loot could then be something that the Guardian already owns, but the grind teaches us that it might have slightly better stats, and that’s what we’re all after.

Of course we also now have infusion, the process through which a player can upgrade gear and weapons with other gear and weapons of a higher Light level by combining them. This means that once players find some gear they really like, they can continually upgrade that gear as they earn other items of higher Light levels. While this is a system that solves the problem of wanting to have those perfect stats on your best gear, it’s problematic for Bungie.

For example, if a particular weapon with a certain set of stats, which can be re-rolled, has a superior edge in the Crucible, Bungie need to correct the advantage in order to keep the game fair for everyone. However, correcting the imbalance requires Bungie to change the stats for all of a certain type of weapon, because no one weapon can be singled out.

In Destiny 2 this is all changing. Each piece of gear, armour, and weapon is handcrafted to have specific stats and work in a certain way. This means that you’re never looking for a better version of Clever Dragon, you’re just looking to up the Light level. For Bungie, this means that if a weapon is overpowered or imbalanced, they can just tweak it in an update, or tweak a few other weapons to match it.

This might not sound like a huge change to the game, but for Bungie it is. Now the updates they push out don’t need to nerf all of a type of weapon, they just need to nerf that one pesky weapon that’s getting in the way. This frees Bungie developers up to focus on important things, such as loot caves, the placement of collectables, and making Raids as awesome as possible.

Image Source: VG247

Playstation Exclusive Exotic Borealis

Among the exclusive content coming to Playstation 4 Guardians in Destiny 2 is an exclusive Strike, armour set for each class, PVP map, and of course this little weapon called Borealis.

Borealis is an exotic Sniper Rifle that’s only on Playstation 4 for a limited time, so grinding for it is recommended so you can gloat for the maximum amount of time possible. But what’s so exotic about this Sniper Rifle? And what could it help you do if you were to head out and use it in activities?

The exotic perk of this weapon, though it isn’t officially defined yet, is that you can swap between Arc, Solar, and Void damage. Not only are you able to swap between the different types of elemental damage, you can do this on the fly. From the trailer it appears as though you can press a button and it will cycle the weapon to the next type of damage, though that isn’t confirmed and could be very clever editing instead.

However you’re able to swap between the damage types it’s just impressive that you can. In Destiny 1 the House of Wolves update added a Fusion Rifle that you could swap out to have the range of a Sniper Rifle, with slightly different charging times, called Queenbreaker’s Bow. This weapon completely changed how you thought about killing enemies, and made it so that you wouldn’t need to swap between a number o weapons.

Can you imagine how useful a Sniper Rifle that can deal all three types of damage will be? The modifiers that are applied to every heroic activity will no longer bother you, as you chop and change your elements to take down the Ultras and deal the most damage possible in any given event, whether that’s a Raid, a Strike, or even just a daily mission. To top it off, you can infuse it to keep up with the highest Light levels and avoid ever needing to leave it behind for something more powerful.

This is just the perk we know about, there could be more. I imagine that Firefly won’t be available on the weapon, purely because that would be incredibly devastating when combined with the element swapping. It feels like it would need a bonus to Agility however, because Sniper Rifles are hard to stop and aim with when you have all kinds of enemies hunting you down fro all directions.

Sunshot, Sweet Business, and Riskrunner – Some of the Exotic Weapons in Destiny 2

Destiny has a whole pile of Exotic weapons for Guardians to gather, horde, and barely use in all of the activities the game has to offer. Destiny 2 will be no different, and now we have the opportunity to check out three of the Exotic weapons coming with Destiny 2. These weapons were class exclusive in the Destiny 2 reveal event but there’s no confirmation as to whether they are specifically class exclusive. The classes mentioned below are the ones that simply held the exotic weapon to give you an idea if they are class exclusive.

Sunshot – Hunter Exotic Hand Cannon

Obviously Hunters get the Hand Cannon, that’s just the class they belong with and you can’t really argue with that. This gun is Solar powered, which should also be obvious given the name. The weapons deals 200 damage, at the moment anyway because we don’t know about the infusion process if there even is one. The weapon also fires 150 rounds per minute, which sounds more like a machine gun but it definitely isn’t, and that fact alone makes it awesome.

The perks for this weapon are Sunburn, which produces explosive rounds that are said to highlight targets, and Sunshot, which makes enemies explode in Solar energy. I can’t really get my head around just how good this is going to be in PVP. Here you have a way to highlight your enemies, and there are explosive rounds going off as standard. Couple that with an explosion every time you kill an enemy, and you’ve got team kills stacking up in your mind already.

Sweet Business – Titan Exotic Auto Rifle

This exotic Auto Rifle sounds like it’s Void powered, but it could as easily just be Kinetic which is just fine. The weapon deals 200 damage and fires 360 rounds per minute, which is pretty phenomenal and worthy of an exotic weapon.

The perks for this weapon are Payday, which increases the hip fire accuracy as well as the total ammunition its magazine, and a Placeholder perk that currently isn’t named, but it boosts the rate of fire and range when you hold down the trigger. Additionally any ammunition that is picked up will be automatically loaded into the magazine.

Riskrunner – Warlock Exotic SMG

This SMG also does 200 damage, but it fires 360 rounds per minute, just under the Auto Rifle Sweet Business which is nothing to be shunned. This weapon seems like it does Arc damage, so it may be that it doesn’t just belong in the Kinetic Weapons slot. As the first exotic SMG we’re getting a look at, this is pretty awesome.

The perks for this gun are Arc Conductor, which increases the weapon’s damage when you take Arc damage, and another unnamed perk which works alongside Ar Conductor, giving bullets a chance to become chain lightning when the other perk is active.

These exotic weapons look pretty great and are a good start to what I’m sure is just an entire mountain of elusive loot to chase after.

How Good Is The SUROS Regime?

The SUROS Regime was recently on sale from Xur during his last brief visit to the Tower. While many of you may have purchased it to boost your collection in order to achieve that Age of Triumph record book stamp, you might not know what you now have sitting in your inventory.

The main perk of the SUROS Regime is SUROS Legacy. This perk grants additional damage to the bottom half of each magazine. If you get a kill with this second half of the magazine you also have a chance to regenerate health. What this results in is you blasting out half the magazine before you’ve seen anything, in PVP at least. In PVE this weapon may grant you some health in a clutch moment, but it’s PVP where it exceeds. That additional damage will mean you get the kill before your opponent, and you’ll probably get a decent health buff if they’ve been aiming at your head. Having the advantage in one on one fights in PVP is so important, and that’s why this gun is extremely viable for all Crucible matches.

Other set perks include Spinning Up, which causes the weapon to be fired faster the longer the trigger is held. Thunderlord also comes with this perk, and it’s really great to see in action, bolstering the weapon’s capabilities in PVP even further. This perk can be switched out for Focused Fire, which slows the rate of fire when zooming in on targets, conversely increasing damage dealt at the same time. This one can feel a bit counter-intuitive, but if you’re a Guardian who enjoys firing down a scope then this is the perk to go for.

A second set of perks include Hammer Forged, which improves accuracy and range, great for Focused Fire and anyone who likes to aim down sights to blast their enemies away. Or you can switch it out to Lightweight, which grants +2 agility to your character. Other weapons with this perk really help you out in Strikes and Raids, and it’s worth having that additional agility if you can get hold of it.

To conclude, SUROS Regime is almost certainly a PVP focused weapon, and it’s always been that way since Year 1. With that said, in PVE it can help you move around and dodge enemies faster than anyone else, get clutch health boosts against minions of the Darkness, and help you finish off tougher enemies with the last half of the magazine.

Image Source: VG247

How To Get All 6 Class Specific Weapons

Ever since the launch of The Taken King the Gunsmith has been offering Guardians the chance to earn reputation with him. This reputation leads to weapon orders for prototype Legendary weapons, some of which are well worth trying out. This isn’t all however, as sometimes he’ll offer up a quest, an opportunity to earn something more from him, something exotic. This is the beginning of class-specific exotics, one for Hunter, Warlock, and Titan, and all three will be needed in order to complete the Age of Triumph record book. Here is a quick guide as to how to obtain these weapons, but be aware that in the background you should probably be paying the Gunsmith a bit of attention already, to rank up in the meantime if nothing else.

Step 1: reach rank 2 with the Gunsmith

This step is pretty self-explanatory, you need to earn enough reputation with the Gunsmith to reach rank 2. This can be done by earning reputation in Golden Age Relic drops, or by completing the weapon tests he sets each week. You can complete up to five each week, so it’s worth doing that now if you want a chance of earning the goodies.

Once you reach rank 2 you’ll receive the Back in the Saddle quest, which will lead to a Legendary class-specific weapon, Susanoo for Warlocks, Immobius for Titans, and Stillpiercer for Hunters.

Back in the Saddle

The first part of the quest tasks you with killing enemies with a certain weapon while a certain telemetry is active. The second part of the quest requires you to gather weapon parts from Rare or Legendary weapons of the type that the eventual Legendary you’ll receive is, Shotgun for example. You need to dismantle 10 weapons to gather all of these. This is how you obtain the Legendary class weapons, but those exotics are what matters.

Rinse and Repeat

The Gunsmith will task you with doing the same as above, though this time it’s primary weapons with primary telemetry. You’ll have to dismantle rare and legendary weapons once again to get 10 weapon parts, and afterwards you’ll be rewarded with the following.

Tlaloc is a Warlock exclusive exotic Scout Rifle. The exotic perk, Overflow, increases handling, rate of fire, and stability while the user’s Super is charged.

Fabian Strategy is a Titan exclusive Auto Rifle. The exotic perk, Front Lines, increases handling, stability, and rate of fire when enemies are close. Kills will also partially reload the magazine, making for very easy killing.

Ace of Spades is a Hunter exclusive hand cannon. The exotic perk, Maverick, moves one round from your ammo reserves to the magazine when you land a precision kill.

Image Source: PlanetDestiny

Destiny: How Good Is No Land Beyond?

Last weekend Xur was selling No Land Beyond, arguably one of the most controversial exotic weapons in Destiny. This weapon is a Sniper Rifle that sits in your primary slot, and believe it or not that’s the exotic perk it has. While this might sound amazing, it’s really not as good as it sounds when you take into account that this weapon has a dreadful rate of fire, and an even worse reload speed.

However, there are players who have taken this weapon and made it their own, which is of course the case with every weapon in Destiny. What makes No Land Beyond more bearable as a Sniper Rifle are rest of its perks. Mulligan has a chance to grant a bullet back in the magazine if you miss a shot, which is great because you’re going to miss lots and lots to begin with. After a while though, you’ll start to notice how many bullets you have left, which is important as this is a two shot body kill. If you need that extra bullet then you can deliberately miss and hope to get the extra shot that’ll give you the kill. You could also get another shot at the crucial moment when aiming for someone’s head in the Crucible.

The Master, the weapon’s second perk, increases precision damage, and grants additional damage to the next target if you make a kill. This perk makes it so that you can get a body shot kill, aim directly for an enemy, and most likely destroy them in one shot. This perk is definitely catered more towards Crucible matches, and as far as I’m aware this is the place where No Land Beyond exceeds.

One question you need to ask yourself right away is whether you want a Sniper Rifle primary or secondary, because if you want it as a secondary then you won’t be using this gun.

With that out of the way we know you want to use No Land Beyond, but how do you make the best use of it? First you’ll need to level it up and get all of the perks activated, which is far easier to do in PVE that it is PVP. You will encounter a lot of comments about how bad the weapon is if you’re using it for Raids or Prison of Elders, it’s just about acceptable in Strikes but if you’re the reason the team wipes then you’d better be ready to pay for it.

When you’ve fully upgraded the weapon you want to head to PVP and start learning how to use it best. It’s going to take a lot of work but once you’ve learned how long it takes to get a second shot off on a target you’ll be good for competitive play. The real trick is to master the Mulligan perk, and make it so that the only time you miss a shot is when you mean to, sometimes scaring the enemy and moving them towards a team mate’s line of fire is the better option. Finally, when you’ve got all of that down, you’ll be ready to Trials of Osiris and making people feel truly awful about themselves by using this against the greatest raid weapons ever seen.

Destiny Xur’s Inventory: Should You Buy Thunderlord?

This week Xur has brought with him the Thunderlord, one of the few exotic Machine Guns, but one that I think is worth investing in.

Firstly, you need to consider that this gun looks, feels, and has the name of something like what you expect Gods to wield. This Machine Gun deals Arc damage, so is really useful when modifiers play to Arc weapon strength, but it’s also got two unique perks that enable it to be viable for both PVE and PVP.

The first perk, Lightning Rounds, makes the gun more accurate the longer you hold the trigger. Let’s just pause for a moment and think about every weapon in Destiny, and what happens when you hold or hammer that trigger for any length of time. That’s right, you end up staring at the sky, or veering away from your target so that bullets dance lightly around it in the distance and you have a small stroke in frustration. Alleviating the recoil on a Machine Gun is not only unfair to anything that’s going to be in your crosshaird, it’s also a move that makes this weapon extremely viable for Raid and Strike bosses in PVE, as well as any enemy in the Crucible. Can you imagine seeing a group of Guardians off in the distance, aiming down the sights at them, and hammering a hundred or so bullets at them in one long streak? I’ve done this, and it’s one of the few times I’ve wiped out a team.

The second perk, Feeding Frenzy, reduces reload time with every kill. While this doesn’t sound amazing, you need to remind yourself that this is a Machine Gun, a weapons that reloads so slowly that you could go and make a cup of tea in the time it takes to load the first bullet of your next clip in the chamber. The number of times I’ve been reloading and have been killed in both PVE and PVP is too high to write, but you must know how frustrating it is. This perk makes life easier for the active reloader, the person who kills whatever is in front of them and hits the reload button so they’re already working on it before they see another target. With increased reload speed you can hammer a group of foes and rack up some kills, reload while you’ve got plenty of time, and then smash another group of foes safe in the knowledge that you have a full clip.

Even if you’ve got a better heavy exotic for your Guardian this is worth having to rack up the Grimoire Cards and your exotic weapon count. Bother of these are important in Age of Triumph, and you’ll kick yourself if you didn’t pick it up when you had the opportunity to do so. However, it’s worth noting that if you despise Machine Guns then this will just sit in your Vault, because it’s the ultimate Machine Gun.

Image Source: Planet Destiny

Destiny Xur’s Inventory: Should You Buy Telesto?

For those paying attention to Xur’s inventory this week you’ll know he’s brought a pretty decent Special weapon with him, Telesto. This weapon is more like the Needler from the Halos series than anything else out there, and that’s thanks to it’s unique exotic perk.

Unplanned Reprieve, a perk that causes fusion projectiles to attach and detonate with a delayed Void blast. This is what makes the Fusion Rifle look and act so much like the Needler, the fact that you see those projectiles fire away and lodge themselves in your enemy, only to explode moments later. It’s so incredibly satisfying to pump ta Guardian full of those Fusion Projectiles, watch them move out of the way and think they’ve survived, only to explode in a glorious purple blast that you can see from miles back.

When it comes to PVE this weapon is brilliant, it looks really cool and the fact that you can pump enemies full of damage and have them explode really helps against bosses. When certain enemies stagger it’s important to hit them with as much damage as possible before they come back to their senses and attack you again, these projectiles ensure that damage happens when you want it to. However, you can lose out on that damage if you fire too late, and that’s one of the only downsides to Telesto. In Strikes and Raids this weapon performs admirably, particualrly against fast moving foes such as Sepiks Prime, but it’s in PVP that it finds it’s home.

When it comes to the Crucible this is a devastating and satisfying weapon. The only problem you have is that you need to constantly keep on top of your ammo, which we all know is pretty scarce for Special Weapons in PVP. Sadly Telesto doesn’t regenerate ammo like Invective, so you’re stuck with having to pick up the ammo as you see it. With that said, the weapon is incredibly useful when you’re having a hard time getting kills with your primary, and you just need something to get you out of that no kill hump.

With Age of Triumph releasing very soon, this will be more than a decent shooting stick, it’ll be a collectable. If you’ve peaked, you’re level 40, Light 400, and have the best armour set and weapons the meta allows, then this is a valuable item for your Record Book. If you complete the Record Book in time you gain access to a t-shirt that lets every Guardian know just how much time you’ve sunk into the game, and how much of a legend you are. For this reason if nothing else, Telesto is worth buying.

Image Source: PlanetDestiny

Destiny Xur’s Inventory: Should You Buy Truth?

This week Xur has brought with him the exotic rocket launcher, Truth. However, just because a weapon is exotic is not enough to warrant it’s purchase, so we’re here to help you decide whether or not you need this very fine rocket launcher.

Truth has two perks tat make it extremely useful in battle wherever you are. The first is Prototype Trueseeker, which makes rounds from this weapon seek their target aggressively. Now you may not understand why that’s important when your aim is amazing, but trust s when we say that a little extra help from what is effectively a guided missile never goes amiss.

The second exotic perk for Truth is Grenades and Horseshoes, which makes rockets detonate early depending on their proximity to their target. This means that if your target sidesteps your rocket and continues shooting, you know that the rocket is going to blow up when it gets close to them anyway. So you can turn around and walk away as you wait for the sound of your enemy’s scream and a massive explosion to fill the air.

When these two perks are brought together in one weapon there’s very little they can’t do. Take Raids for example, when you come up against a boss you need to make every shot count. What better way to make your rockets count that to have them explode even when they’re just near your target, and gently guide themselves towards them? Add in the fact that the weapon can be infused up the the highest Light level and you’re in for a real treat.

In PVP the weapon performs even better. Every time you’ve picked up heavy ammo, loaded that rocket into the chamber, and fired only to see your enemy jump or dodge out of the way can no be made up for. Truth will actively seek out your target, and we’re talking about way more than a simple nudge in the right direction. Truth rockets can whizz past your foe and make you look like an idiot, but seconds late that rocket will return and blow their backs off.

While it might not be the recommended rocket launcher for use by pro Crucible players, this weapon is far better than any Legendary rocket launcher you’ll pick up from vendors. It’s also going to count towards your Age of Triumph Record Book when the time comes for you to fill it out. You’ll need every Grimoire card and every exotic weapon, and if you don’t have this it counts for two of those things. If you’re at a loose end for what to do with your Strange Coins, it’s a pretty great way to throw them away at the very least.

Image Source: VG247