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Should More Of Destiny 1’s Perks Make a Comeback?

As we discussed on our previous article, ‘Revitalising The Lacking Weapon Perks Of Destiny 2‘, perks in Destiny 1 worked a lot differently. Weapons themselves were in different states, with less competition as there were less Weapon Classes. A good example is Scout Rifles – the difference between them in Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 is like night and day.

However, we’re not here to talk about the weapons themselves. Rather, we’re here to discuss some of Destiny 1’s perks that have yet to return in some form to Destiny 2. This doesn’t include perks such as Army Of One, as in some ways it’s essentially returned as Wellspring, much like Grenadier has as Demolitionist. Let’s start with a classic:


In Destiny 1, Tripod was a perk that allowed the player to hold up to three rockets in a Rocket Launcher. However, in Destiny 2, only three Rocket Launchers can currently hold more than one rocket per tube. These three are Truth, Royal Entry and Hezen Vengeance. Truth’s larger magazine is innate, whereas Hezen Vengeance can get two rockets via use of the Overflow perk. Royal Entry is able to get two rockets via the Clown Cartridge.

Ideally, Tripod would be a perk that would compete with other damage and reload options for Rocket Launchers. Perks such as Clown Cartridge, Auto-Loading Holster, Lasting Impression and more could potentially have to compete with yet another viable option. You could also have Tripod lower the reload speed of your launcher if necessary for balancing.

Of course, people do want Rocket Launchers to be able to hold more rockets intrinsically. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be something Bungie wants, as it perhaps doesn’t fit into their vision for the weapon class. Thus, bringing Tripod back as a weapon perk is the next best thing.

Shoot To Loot

Shoot To Loot was a Destiny 1 perk only available on Scout Rifles and Sniper Rifles. It allowed the player to fire at any ammo drops on the ground in order to pick them up. Having this perk in Destiny 2 would perhaps offer unique advantages in the Endgame, given that it would be a trade-off perk.

Whilst you can hole up safely and use your weapon to simply shoot ammo drops that is well outside your range, you’re also losing out on a second potential perk on your weapon. Shoot To Loot also makes your weapon part-utility, part-killing machine, which offers more build-crafting situations in your loadout. It would be a safe option for difficult content, and a very lucrative one with scavenger and ammo finder mods. However, it would still remain a safe perk with a cost for that safety.


The Perfectionist perk was actually a perk exclusive to the Hunter’s class Sniper Rifle Stillpiercer. It allowed the sniper to have its entire magazine refunded, provided every shot fired was a precision kill. In Destiny 2’s environment, this perk wouldn’t be that out of place alongside others such as Subsistence.

Even though it asks for more than perks like Subsistence, it also gives more in return. It could be an excellent perk on Sniper Rifles and Linear Fusion Rifles, depending on your personal preferences for these weapons. You could make an argument for it on a Machine Gun, but that would be incredibly overpowered in my eyes.

Grenades And Horseshoes

Grenades And Horseshoes was a classic perk on Destiny 1’s Rocket Launchers, much like the aforementioned Tripod. The perk allows rockets to detonate when in close proximity of their targets, useful for PvP engagements and as a forgiving insurance policy in PvE.

The perk itself is actually already in Destiny 2 on the Exotic Rocket Launcher Truth, so it doesn’t even need porting – just adding the Legendary perk pool. However, it could potentially cause some funky interactions with other perks. The main perk that comes to mind is Season of the Chosen’s Lasting Impression.

Lasting Impression causes your rocket to stick to a target. After three seconds it detonates, dealing extra damage. However, if the rocket detonates before it can even stick to the target, then Lasting Impression is useless. To counteract this, it would be best if the two could always roll in the same column to prevent interactions like this.

Radegast’s Fealty

This is a unique one. It’s not actually a weapon perk, but instead it’s from one of Destiny 1’s Iron Lord artifacts – Radegast’s, in case you couldn’t tell. When equipped, the artifact allowed you to reflect energy-based projectiles when guarding with a Sword. It also increased your Sword’s ammo capacity to compensate for the focus on the blocking mechanic.

This perk could be reworked somewhat and added to the perk pool of Swords. It would make for a unique way to enhance the block mechanic. Whilst Swords have niche usage in PvP, especially the blocking mechanic, this could also be a way to catch your opponent off guard if balanced correctly. In PvE, it could be useful to protect yourself when you’re getting overwhelmed and want to thin the herd at the same time.

Of course, in either activity I don’t think it should be able to reflect everything. It would need fine-tuning to ensure it isn’t overpowered and can simply blow back anything you -or anything- fire at it. You don’t want it encroaching on the territory of the Arcstrider’s Whirlwind Guard, for example, reflecting every single thing in the game. It’s a Super in of itself, and so it should remain more powerful than a perk on a Legendary Sword.

But what do you think of these suggestions? Is there anything you would change? Let us know in the comments.

I've been a fan of the Destiny franchise since D1's Alpha, and have followed it avidly ever since. Destiny is a huge part of my life and it's a pleasure to share that here. I'm a big fan of lore speculation and Endgame PvE content.

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