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Revitalising The Lacking Weapon Perks Of Destiny 2

Discussing the best way to revamp Destiny 2’s perks.

Back in Destiny 1, weapon perks worked a lot differently. For example, Lightweight wasn’t a part of your weapon frame, it was a random, selectable perk in columns between other perks. Likewise, damage perks weren’t really as sought after because we always felt quite powerful. The sandboxes are simply very, very different. In fact, the only damage perks I can think of off the top of my head are Reactive Reload and Crowd Control.

But compare this to Destiny 2, and it’s night and day. The game has always championed damage and reload perks, even with Bungie’s nerfs and changes. However, this focus often leaves other perks feeling forgotten – or downright useless. Today I’d like to look at some perks from Destiny 2 that feel left out, and how to potentially bring them back into the current day with better bonuses.

We’ll specifically be looking at perks that aren’t really up to par. We aren’t going to be going over perks that work as intended but aren’t sought after, like Hip-Fire Grip or Firmly Planted for example. Instead, we’ll be going over perks that specifically underperform and thus aren’t sought after. Let’s start with the notoriously panned Air Assault.

Air Assault

Air Assault cannot roll on any obtainable weapons currently – and thankfully. The perk’s only effect was increasing your handling by 20 whilst you were airborne – a negligible bonus at best. A perk with name like Air Assault should actually increase your ability to assault from the air, but this doesn’t help your in-air accuracy whatsoever. But the question is, how do we improve this perk?

Well, the first way to make it enticing is to give you improved in-air accuracy in addition to the handling bonus. This might make it into a sought after perk for jump snipers in the Crucible, and perhaps even for other weapons too. However, it doesn’t necessarily make it viable for PvE. Then again, not every perk needs to be good in both activities.

Another potential way to improve the perk would be to give the player increased damage whilst in the air without giving any other significant bonuses. That would mean no additional in-air accuracy for starters. And yes, this would perhaps synergise far too well with top tree Dawnblade, but with that subclass tree slated for nerfs, the synergy may not end up being as powerful as it would be right now.

Energy Transfer

Another notable perk is Energy Transfer, which can only roll on swords. The perk generate class ability energy when guarding from damage. However, who actually uses this over damage perks on a sword? They’re incredibly potent weapons ever since their buff, and Energy Transfer just feels like a relic compared to Whirlwind Blade or Relentless Strikes.

A potential change could be to edit its effect. Rather than granting class ability energy, it could generate all of your abilities’ energy simply by guarding damage. Whilst similar to Wellspring, this asks you to play defensively in order to regain your abilities, whereas Wellspring demands you go on the offense. You could also have it work somewhat similarly to Disruption Break, granting you increased damage for your other weapons depending on how much damage you’re able to block with your sword.


Redirection is a raid perk of all things, dropping on several of Deep Stone Crypt’s weaponry. But why is it so bad when it can net you up to 100% extra damage? Well, for starters, the perk’s description is grossly inaccurate. The perk’s description is: ‘Damaging rank-and-file combatants increases damage against more powerful ones’. However, powerful combatants doesn’t refer to Majors or Bosses here, as it does elsewhere.

In actuality it refers to tougher red-bar enemies, like Captains, Knights, Centurions and Minotaurs. This makes the perk feel wasted when you accidentally tag one of them for additional damage. To make the perk valuable, it simply needs to trigger on Majors and Bosses only, not on ANY red bar enemy in the game. Rather, damaging larger red bar enemies, like the ones mentioned above, should help you stack Redirection faster.

Sneak Bow

Sneak Bow is up next – did you even know this perk existed? It can only roll on three bows, and on all of them it’s hardly a top tier pick. Firstly, Sneak Bow allows you to hold Bows for longer and reload faster when crouched. It also prevents you from pinging on enemy players’ radars if you shoot whilst crouched. I would consider this bonus minimally valuable, as the Crucible is all about movement and momentum right now.

To improve Sneak Bow, it needs to be able to compete with the likes of Archer’s Tempo at a minimum. Perhaps give it extra accuracy when crouched as well, or increased precision damage? Maybe even both in addition to what’s already there? As it stands, damage perks are king, and this would be no different.

Let us know what other weapon perks you find underwhelming, and ways to improve them, in the comments.

I've been a fan of the Destiny franchise since D1's Alpha, and have followed it avidly ever since. Destiny is a huge part of my life and it's a pleasure to share that here. I'm a big fan of lore speculation and Endgame PvE content.

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