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Why Video Games Such as Destiny 2 Are Great for Relaxation

Life gets complicated and life gets tough. Our everyday lives are full of worries, responsibilities and things we need to take care of. It can get pretty exhausting to manage all the facets of life after a while, and that is why we need to take time for ourselves to relax and come back down to Earth again.

To relax, we go for a walk, we read a book, watch some TV or just lounge around in the afternoon sun. But in modern times we also have the opportunity to use video games for this purpose, and many people turn to video games at an increasing rate. So let us discuss why video games, such as Destiny 2, can help us relax and why they are beneficial in that regard.

Occupying the Unconscious

Our brain is a very complicated organ for us to understand, and truly, we do not understand it fully today. In very simplified words we can say two general things about our brain and how it relates to what we do throughout the day. Some things we need to consciously think about, and other things happen subconsciously. A conscious task we do is calculating what our groceries will cost us. A subconscious task is walking and breathing.

But a lot of other things of the more psychological nature also happen subconsciously. This can be when you worry about something and can not put words on it, the sudden urge to do certain things and so on.

To fully relax you need to occupy both the unconscious and conscious part of your brain. Video games typically do both. You use your conscious brain to set goals, devise strategies and evaluate your performance when you succeed or fail. The subconscious part of the brain is used when you move your character with WASD or click to interact with your mouse. When you run the Crucible in Destiny 2 you feel all these aspects kick in at once. This fact makes video games superb as a relaxation method.

Stimulation is Key

Stimulation or excitement are not necessarily components for relaxation. But they are important boosters for you when slogging through a boring week. Stimulation and excitement can be found in many places.

Some people like to place bets on sports, for example. They take time to evaluate sports teams or individual participants to make well-grounded predictions and then reaffirm their convictions by betting money. Now when watching the sport, they feel more excitement because there is something on the line for them as well. Often, these people will take a good while to look at sites like New Jersey’s number one source for sports betting in 2021 to figure out where their money can generate the best return and therefore also excitement.

Games like Destiny 2 provide the exact same thing. There is an interesting story that entices you to learn more about what is happening. Chaotic and dangerous fights occur making you fight for your survival and potentially exciting loot that you can use to advance your character. Video games can get you pumped, and this strengthens you in your everyday.

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