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Why Destiny Is Popular Among Gambling Players

Destiny 2 has witnessed massive success. It’s not common for a game to win a BAFTA award for the best game, only weeks after its release. The reason why this is so impressive is that there are many other first-person shooter games out there, meaning it’s not easy to compete in this market.

Another interesting aspect is that the game is popular among the audience that mainly plays casino games. So, let’s see what it is about Destiny 2 that makes it so appealing to a wide array of different gamers. Moreover, there are some lessons here for game developers as well. Those who plan to get into game design can learn a lot simply by playing this title.    

It’s Welcoming Towards New Players

The game might be called Destiny 2 but that does not mean you need to play the first installment in order to dig in and have fun. Simply by progressing through tutorial and storyline players can go from a complete newbie to an intermediate skill level. It means that the game has a solid learning pace. Moreover, it doesn’t mean that hard-core gamers don’t get to enjoy Destiny 2 since you can always play on a higher difficulty or play PVP. You can jump into PVP almost immediately and play with players with a similar skill level.

It’s Free to Play

Triple-A titles tend to be expensive and the prices of video games are definitely increasing. Of course, online multiplayer games tend to be free to play and sell cosmetics in the in-game store. This is because engagement and entertainment strongly depend on the number of players playing.

This is also the philosophy implemented among online gambling parlors. If you have more players that are at the poker table or blackjack table, then those games become better for everyone. Moreover, progressive jackpots also depend on the number of people playing a particular slot. It is why there are £5 deposit casinos or in some cases no deposit casinos, which ensures there are a lot of users playing at an online gambling platform. With more users, you ensure that player queues are shorter, and in this case, the prize pools are bigger.


The player base can be divided on this topic, but in general, people love when the game has a grinding component. It means that your time investment is appreciated and the more you play the greater the advantages you will have. Bear in mind that you need to be careful when designing games around grind. Some grinds can really ruin the experience if they are too tedious. This applies to Destiny 2 as well, and players are hoping that artifacts and transmog gear will be easier to acquire with future updates. That being said, try to listen to the player base. If the majority of users do love to grind and are in favor of these design decisions, then feel free to embrace them.  

Awesome Story

Source: Pixabay

Let’s not forget just how the story is important for an overall experience. There is a massive player base that picks up games simply to experience the story. This is a new medium for telling stories and it’s one where viewers get to interact with what is going on. The agency plays a big role in how we perceive and feel about certain things. This is why narrative-driven games are so popular in general because players have an impact on what’s happening and on the outcomes. If we talk about titles like The Witcher, Last of Us, or God of War, we can’t ignore the fact that the story is the main component.

New Content

Lastly, you need to be aware that users get bored after playing the same content over and over. This is why patches and updates can reinvigorate the game. Destiny 2 brings a new set of toys for their user base with each patch and it shakes up the established order. It keeps things fresh and justifies the past investment in the game.


These were some of the main reasons why Destiny 2 is among the most played games today. It’s fair towards newcomers, has a lot to offer to hardcore FPS fans, and also provides useful insights to designers and developers. It’s free to play so pretty much anyone can pick it up and enjoy it. So, if you haven’t tried it already, and want to have some fun gunning down your opponents in galactic battles, then give Destiny a try. Also check out prism casino for some fun.

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