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Upcoming Bungie Title to Be eSports-Ready

When there’s a popular game, you’ll certainly find people asking “is there an eSport version”? Competition is, apparently, ingrained in today’s gaming culture. Even online casino games can be competitive. Online casinos routinely hold gaming tournaments that are insanely popular. Here, players compete in how many hands or spins they can win, and there’s a prize pool, too, for the luckiest players. Just like in a proper gaming competition.

Destiny 2 lacks one thing that’s vital for becoming an eSport: a focus on PvP. At its core, it is a player-versus-environment (PvE) game, and it shows no signs of shifting to player-versus-player. But Destiny is not the only Bungie game out there – and definitely not the last game the company will ever release. Let the following job ad published on Bungie’s website stand witness to that.

A job listing that says a lot

“Are you on a mission to create games that bond players together into deeply invested communities? Would you like to work on something comedic with lighthearted and whimsical characters? Do you spend your time deconstructing the latest PvP games to understand how they work?” This is how the job listing on Bungie’s website looks. The task of the future Multiplayer Systems Designer will be to “prototype different game ideas” and most importantly, to work with Bungie’s team to turn “a creative dream into a new franchise at Bungie”.

Among the responsibilities of the new hire we find the task to “conceive of, build, and iterate on competitive multiplayer game mechanics”, and the ideal candidate will have to have “experience shipping ongoing live updates to a successful PvP game” along with “strong familiarity with global gaming markets and the competitive gaming/esports landscape”.

This at least suggests that we’ll have a chance to try a brand new “eSports-ready” Bungie game in the future, and also confirms that the “new secret world” that will thrive “in parallel with Destiny” is under construction.

Competitive eSports shooters today

There are quite a few major competitive online shooters today with a ton of eSports potential – and some of them with established eSports status. Just think of CounterStrike: Global Offensive that’s been around since 2012 or more modern additions like Valorant, launched by Riot Games last year. The latter took the eSports path right from the beginning: the game was launched in June 2020 and organized the first Valorant tournament before the end of the year. Riot also announced its first official tournament circuit that will conclude sometime in September.

If Bungie decides to go down this path, it will have a chance to compete with newcomers and veterans ranging from Overwatch to Apex Legends, for the favour of an ever-growing crowd of eSports enthusiasts. How big, you might ask? Well, according to gaming intelligence specialist Newzoo, there were 223 million last year (along with more than 270 million occasional viewers), with this number growing continuously year after year.

Hopefully, the new title in development will be at least as successful and well-loved as Destiny 2… and we’ll have a chance to take a glance at it soon.

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