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Top Games for Destiny Fans

Whilst fans of the Destiny franchise will always remain biased to Bungie, could there be some gaming gems to rival Destiny 2 in the coming future? Or at best, maybe some small alternatives already out to give fans a break from their favourite game, if just for a day?

If, like us, Destiny has become your life but you feel a little variety couldn’t hurt, we’ve got a few treats that are worth a little look, to keep you on your toes. Because just like the best real money casino Canada has to offer, found at https://new-casino.ca/real-money, a little distraction can sometimes be both welcome and profitable.


Digital Extremes biggest hit has got to be Warframe and since its release back in 2013, the support is immense. Set way in the future, you fight as one of the ancient warriors of the Tenno race whom have just awoken from a kip lasting centuries to find their country is at war.

You’ll fight plenty of human clones known as the Grineer across different missions spanning plenty of planets and solar systems. These missions can either be solo or multi-players, there’s loads of decent weapons and you’ll upgrade your skills and abilities as you go.

It’s definitely got that Destiny feel to it, although in fairness the weapons are little lacking for our taste. But the gameplay is impressive and you’ll be hooked from the start. Warframe; Heart of Deimos came out in 2020 and is also a great addition to the franchise.

World War Z

Bear with us as yes, the movie stunk but the game is actually a whole lot of fun. And when you are looking for something that provides a break from Destiny, you really can’t go past destroying a vast  zombie horde with a plethora of weapons to pick from.

Spanning the entire globe, your missions have squads of up to 4 whom find new and exciting ways to remove the head and limbs of ravenous, blood-thirsty zombies. A whole lot gorier than Destiny and played in third person, September 2021 saw the latest edition with World War Z; Aftermath hitting our screens. Better gameplay, similar missions and more zombies heads to explode.

Doom Eternal

For Destiny fans that prefer the combat side of the games rather than the strategy, Doom is ideal. You get to give your brain a rest whilst blowing off a little steam and with plenty of gore to keep us meat-eaters happy, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The functionality of the multi-player game is pretty small when compared to Destiny but the weapons are great and the visuals stunning. The perfect game for a gory break.

The Division 2

Massive Entertainment seems to have taken all the feedback from their players over time as all the misses from The Division have been corrected and a great sequel is what’s left. The story continues seven months on from the original, and with plenty of missions in both solo and multi, you’ll never be bored.

There aren’t many games around at the minute that capture the detail of the landscape around quite like this. The graphics are truly ground-breaking as you walk through the streets of Washington D.C., post deadly virus outbreak. Keep the looters at bay, stop the crime-gangs from taking over and generally keeping the peace will keep you more than occupied. And with some awe-inspiring weapons to pine over, you’ll find it hard to put down.

Halo 5

Log before Bungie was creating the epic Destiny series, Halo was their baby and they did a terrific job. Now in the hands of 343, Guardians is the latest in the series which is another blockbuster.

Perfect is the fact that this campaign clocks in at a very doable 10-or-so hours, so taking a day off to complete is ideal. To mix things up, try the multi-player which adds a decent touch of AI enemies into an already heated team-battle scene to really get the blood pumping.

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