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Top 5 Video Games That Feature Gambling

What about video games that have gambling? As some of you will know already, there are a lot of ordinary titles that feature the most popular casino games. Some examples that contain some casino elements are Final Fantasy VIII, Red Dead Redemption series, and more. But, today we will be focused on other titles that offer online casino games for you to play. There are a lot of options these days, also the most popular titles offer one gambling game or multiple variations. Let’s check them out in detail. Also find best slots based on video games.

The Witcher 3


Here we have a game that is like no other. It can be compared to many other titles that have been offering great features and stories. This one, however, has the most detailed and most advanced story than any other. There are no online casinos here. Instead, players can enjoy Gwent. This is a card game and it doesn’t like video poker, or something similar. But, gamblers like it, and they play on a regular basis. You need to collect strong cards and have the strongest deck. The game is complicated and will require a lot of time to be mastered. We would like to see this option at the top online casino. This option makes gaming better and allows players to have fun in between slaying monsters and exploring the online world.

If you would like to play an actual casino game and win, there are very good options out there. There are sites that offer a great gambling experience. Be free to check the Zodiac Casino review and see why this is the case. A proper review will help you get all the answers before you make the first deposit and win.

Bioshock Series

If you have played Red Dead Redemption you will like the option we have here. In a nutshell, you can play slots that are still available in Rapture (a city in the game). All users who have played video games will like this option but why? Well, you can check out great slot games and they will pay out on the first spin. However, they will not do this all the time. After the first spin, you will have to play for a long period. These are only gambling games you can see here, and you will need in-game currency to play slots. There are no other table games or any other option common to Las Vegas. Anyway, the gameplay is fun and you will enjoy playing for hours. Of all gambling video games, this option is more than just appealing and does offer a great way to relax. On the other hand, the game is thrilling and a bit scary so you will have to prepare yourself for this way of gambling.

Watch Dogs

This has been one of the popular games and one that is just right for this list. If you enjoy action-adventure games you will like this option as well. These days casinos have more famous effects than anything else, and in this title you can play poker. Yes, you will have to experience poker and defeat the opponents. But, there is one important element called hacking. The goal is to hack the CCTV cams and obtain access. Then you can see the cards of your rivals which will make the game stunning and wild. Gaming is nice and comes with a lot of thrill. Sadly, there are very few other options where you can see an online casino which would be even great. We hope this will be corrected with the future releases of Watch Dogs.

Fallout New Vegas

This game is special. It has one of the most stunning video game graphics in the recent period and one of the best lists of betting options you can imagine. There are multiple casinos here and you can walk to anyone you like and play blackjack, slots, roulette and so much more. Casinos are special and they match the design game has. Overall, this is a great gaming platform that millions prefer, and it had to be on our list. This is also just one of many perks and options you can see so it has a huge potential and will keep you busy for hours in the lack of a better word.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

If you like betting and want to see this in an ordinary video game, an online casino in GTA is the place to go. We all know that here you can find some of the best slot options and also other titles that are common in the world of gamblers. You can visit a special site where you can gamble and win or lose. Yes, we all know that grand theft auto v has the best options of this kind overall, but this version is still stunning even despite the fact that betting is not possible in the game. Keep in mind that you can always find the cash to spend even more hours here. If you are a retro gamer who likes these things, this title is the best of them all and the one that deserves your full attention.


There are a lot of other options we would like to mention such as Triple Triad and etc. Anyway, if you like betting, these options are stunning and deserve your full attention. These are titles you will cherish and play for many months. All you have to do right now is to pick the game you like and test it for yourself. You will soon understand why this is on our list and why you will want to spend hours in it.

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