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Sea of Thieves: Tips and Tricks to Get You Started

With new updates coming in every month, Sea of Thieves is not the same game it was two years ago, making it even more difficult for new and returning players to cope with different aspects of the game. 

There are lots of new things to know and learn. But do not worry, we have got you covered. Read on for some helpful and fun tips and tricks to stay ahead in the game and get the most out of the experience. You can also check out battlelog.co/sea-of-thieves-hacks-cheats-aimbot-esp/ for more information.

Sailing that ship is more challenging than you think 

Being a pirate is not easy, and this game makes sure you know that at every turn. Having a crew means you will have to work together to make sure your ship goes places because, it turns out, there are a lot of moving parts. 

This will include dropping the sails, adjusting their angles to make sure they billow in the wind for more speed, and raising the anchor to move the ship. Another essential tip would be to keep an eye out for rocks and other pirates. Steering and map-reading are also some of the critical skills to hone.

Handbrake turns in the ship 

Here is another pro tip if you’re going to crash into rocks or are heading towards land. Lock the wheel wholly in one direction, drop the anchor and wait for your ship to spin. 

The ship will spin around 90-180 degrees. This is a bit of an evasive maneuver, but it is fun and helps you get a good look at the enemy ships as well.

Get voyages from one of the three factions at any Outpost

You can just sail the seas and explore. But being a pirate, you should have a proper plan. For that, you will need a treasure map. The main goal in Sea of Thieves is to get gold. 

Your primary way to earn money is by completing the Journeys for the three factions, which you will be picking up at their posts on outpost islands. You will get the maps and riddles that point the way to the treasure by the Gold Hoarders. 

Secondly, you are tasked with taking out undead pirate captains and bringing back their glowing skulls by order of Souls. And lastly, the Merchant Alliance is all about trading, from chickens and pigs to gunpowder and cannonballs. 

Protect the treasure at all costs

When you start getting treasure, it will be very tempting to keep sailing until you fill your ship with more treasure. But do not let greed hamper your success. If the ship ends up sinking for whatsoever reason, consider your treasure gone too. 

If you keep your treasure on the ship for an extended period of time, that will increase the chances of other players and pirates coming after you and your treasure and stealing all of it. 

To avoid this, head back to the outposts on the map, and then you can sell your discoveries to the Gold Hoarder’s Shopkeeper between voyages. And if you decide to keep sailing for a more extended period, then find creative ways to hide your treasure. 

You could try putting the chests in the Crow’s Nest, on the Captain’s Balcony (on bigger ships), behind the barrels in the lower decks, under the steering wheel, or even on the sail cross beams.

Mermaid Warp

There will be times where your crew might leave you but no need to worry. This happens when you take too long to check out new islands or any nearby shipwrecks. However, you do get a chance to warp back to your ship. 

When the vessel has covered some distance, a mermaid will appear in the water. You have to look for the plume of smoke rising from the water to locate it. Interact with that if you want to rejoin your crew.

The Blunderbuss

You will not be having this at the start of the game, but it is definitely a worthwhile investment. Blunderbuss is a shotgun-like weapon. It can take down your enemy in a single shot, but you will have to be close enough to do that. 

You can go to your armory in the Weapon shop or on your ship to swap weapons to the Blunderbuss or Eye of reach.

Compilation of a few extra essential tips:

There are a few miscellaneous tips that you should know. Here’s a quick run-through:

  • Look out for sharks, snakes, and the roaming Kraken, mainly since the wildlife in the Sea of Thieves is too dangerous.
  • When you die in the game, no matter what way, you’ll respawn in the “ship of the damned.” Then you have to wait for the doors to open, and when they do, you will have to walk through them to respawn on your ship.
  • When your ship gets captured by other pirates, you will have the option to sink the ship yourself from the menu. Just choose the option “Scuttle Ship” from the menu. Another pertinent thing to note is that if you’re on a crew of multiple people, you will require a majority vote in order to make decisions.
  • Another fun feature in the game is that you can fire yourself from the canon. Isn’t that fun? In order to do that, go to the end of the cannon and follow the prompt to climb in. Also, know that you can’t aim it while you’re in it because you’re already in it.

Concluding words

Hopefully, these tricks will help you get an edge in the Sea of Thieves. Make sure to utilize them in your next gaming session and play like a pro! And as it is a playful game hence always try to experiment more and more.

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