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Online Gaming Genres Destiny Fans will Love

As one of the most hyped games to have been released last decade, Destiny – and its sequel, Destiny 2 – has amassed quite the loyal fanbase. Easily one of the best examples of the MMORPG genre, with hundreds of thousands of gamers playing the franchise across gaming platforms its seems there’s a huge appetite for Guardian action amongst the gaming community.  

Despite its enduring popularity, you may find yourself looking to dive into some new gaming experiences in 2022. If that’s the case, keep reading to discover online gaming genres that you’re sure to love.  

Sandbox Gaming 

Sandbox games have increased in popularity in recent years alongside the development of sophisticated gaming technology. The genre was once a small niche, however, in 2021 it encompasses a huge variety of titles like Minecraft and even Grand Theft Auto. 

One of the biggest draws of sandbox games is that they rely a lot on player creativity. Instead of having to follow set storylines and gameplay, when you play sandbox games there are open environments to explore and you get to decide the direction that the gaming experience goes in.  

While making the leap into sandbox gaming may be a bit unfamiliar if all you play are MMORPGs or shooter games like Destiny, they will draw you into much more immersive experiences. They’re a great way to experiment with unfamiliar gaming mechanics and you could see your performance in Destiny improve in the process.  


The iGaming genre consists of different casino-themed gaming experiences such as online blackjack or poker as well as sports betting. Much like there are different PC gaming platforms like Steam and GOG, in iGaming there are several different digital poker rooms and online casino gaming platforms. Some operators even offer free bonuses in games like online slots, making iGaming great value for money too.  

One of the biggest draws of iGaming is that it provides all the thrill and excitement of casino gaming directly on your desktop or mobile. Live dealer games, for example, are surging in popularity as online casino tech becomes more advanced, and there are even some casino and poker games that you can play in Virtual Reality.  

Survival and Horror Games 

While the two may have overlapped recently to the point where there’s now survival-horror sub-genres, survival and horror genres are usually considered to be distinct from each other despite their many similarities.  

The core mechanics of horror games do rely on survival and decision-making, but it’s a hugely broad category that encompasses everything from post-apocalyptic games to zombie chillers, haunted house thrillers or games that ramp up the psychological tension. For pure chills and thrills, check out games like Blair Witch, Alien: Isolation and Destiny 2

Survival games, like The Long Dark, centre on effective resource management, with characters needing to salvage weapons or craft survival systems as part of the key gameplay. They typically increase in difficulty as you progress through the game, testing your decision-making abilities and survival instinct.  

Then, there are games like the Resident Evil franchise that pairs classic horror themes with survival-based tasks.  


Sure, this genre has been around since the dawn of video gaming, but if it’s been a while since you’ve been hooked by a platformer it could be time to pay the genre some love again. When it comes to gaming nostalgia, the platformer genre will be right up your street. Covering possibly the biggest variety of games, platformers involve running, jumping and climbing through levels as each side-scroller game progresses.  

In modern times, platformer gamers are popular amongst indie developers and mobile gaming app creators, due in most part to their simplicity and cost-efficiency. It’s not uncommon to find gaming apps that pay homage to classic 2D side-scrollers like Donkey Kong and Sonic The Hedgehog, for example. However, games studios aren’t limited to 90s tech when it comes to creating new platformer experiences, so you’ll find plenty of cross-over titles that incorporate the best bits of RPG and puzzler games into platform adventures here in the 21st century.  

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