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Most Safety And Trusted Torrent Games Trackers

The issue of torrents and safety has always sparked discussion time.  In this article, we will help you get the most trusted sites with torrents games. The following are some measures that should give you insights if the torrents website is safe.

Copyright information in the privacy policy

A safe torrent site would not be compromised due to copyright infringement. Therefore, you need to check out on the privacy policy of the site to ensure it is a trusted and authentic site.

Clear contact information

Legal torrenting websites normally put their legitimate physical address and email to ensure users can always get in touch with them.

HTTPs websites only

A fake site is run by a fake server that makes it easy for hackers to breach its security. Therefore, when loading a site check on the URL to ensure it is safe.

Now let us have a look at the best torrenting websites for gaming:


This site has an intuitive interface that allows users to search their favorite game from the provided categories easily. You can search the game with the game keywords or go to the game category. There you will find tons of games that imply you will not miss getting your favorite choice. To make it more appropriate to you, you can create an account on this site so that you can have access to their latest games. There are also articles on its interface to help you have a scope on what it is happening In the world of utorrent gaming.

  • The Pirate Bay

This has been in the spotlight because of its uniqueness and popularity. Most gamers love this site because of its advanced search box that allows them to identify their game of choice quickly. This site also offers high-Quality game download, which gives it an upper hand. Therefore, it is all-inclusive since you can also download the game from this site.

  • Zooqle

This is yet another great site where you can safely download your games. It also allows users to download movies and TV shows. You can find your game by searching in the game directory. On its interface, there is a hidden feature that allows you to download your content without being monitored. Additionally, there are the most downloaded and popular games on this site, which ensures you get exposed to the recent and likable games from other gamers. The good thing with this site is that it has a simple interface that accommodates everyone.

  • Kickass torrents

This site is fully loaded with tons of games, movies, and music. You can easily search your favorite game and proceed to download it. However, this site only allows you to search using the game keywords; that is why you should be familiar with the game that you want to download. Therefore, if you are sure of what you want, then this is a site to go by. In this site, you will get your search results, and if you realize what you have been searching for has not been listed, then you can proceed and try another site.

  • YTS.AM

This is a great site with all the content formats ranging from games, music, movies, and TV shows. It is no wonder most people are using it because it has almost everything. You can search for your game using the game directory section to identify the one that suits you. It is a safe site, and you can proceed to download your game.

  • Legit torrents

This is a completely safe site that you will unlikely come across malicious content. This site moderates all its content to ensure it is safe for the users. It has received global positive Alexa rankings. Therefore, if you are looking for something worth to be downloaded, then this is the site you have been looking for. Soon it is going to be the most favorite sites like the utorrents.


The sites that I have listed here are the safest torrents game trackers that you can have. Additionally, you might need a VPN to hide your activities from the hackers. This enhances your safety as you download content from these sites. The most important thing is to ensure you are downloading your games from a safe site.

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