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Is Savathun Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen?

It is fair to say Bungie has held its end of the bargain when it comes to keeping the Destiny franchise updated and fresh with new content. The Witch Queen expansion, set for an epic reveal on August 24, is the tenth expansion of the Destiny franchise and the sixth of Destiny 2.

Bungie has teased The Witch Queen content over the past few months, stating it is a crucial component to completing the first saga of Destiny. It is now scheduled for release in early 2022, after being delayed slightly because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Plenty has happened around the world since The Witch Queen’s initial announcement, including an additional expansion pack, the passing of Bill C-218, and the Phoenix Suns winning the NBA finals — has a team ever been so apt for Destiny fans in a game ruled by darkness and light?

Expect new guardian sub-classes, new powerful weapons, enjoy exciting loot drops and loot crates, and a deadly new enemy when The Witch Queen hits your machine.

Destiny players have spent the past months studying and decrypting the game’s lore and come to the conclusion that Savathun is The Witch Queen. Fan theories suggest Savathun has already infiltrated the Vanguard and the Last City, hiding in plain sight in human form and waiting to strike. She could well be the biggest challenge yet to Guardians worldwide.

Destiny 2, The Witch Queen” by Bungie is licensed under CC BY 3.0

Who Is Savathun?

Savathun was born Sathona on the planet Fundament, a Hive planet with a staggering 52 moons. She is the second-born daughter of the Osmium King, a younger sister to Aurash, and an older sister to Xi Ro. More prominently, Savathun is the sister of Oryx, the infamous Taken King.

Taox, a sterile Mother, tutored the three sisters, but she ultimately double-crossed them. Taox convinced The Helium Drinkers that the Osmium King was going senile and convinced the Helium Drinkers to kill the king and his daughters if they installed Taox as their regent. The Helium Drinkers succeeded in killing the Osmium King, but the daughters escaped.

The sisters made a blood oath to return and exact vengeance on the traitors, with Sathona vowing to become a Mother and use the corpses of the Helium Drinkers to raise her spawn. Several years later, the sisters reached the very center of Fundament, where they found the revered five Worm Gods. The Worm Gods offered the trio the chance to escape Fundament in addition to achieving immortality. The three sisters accepted a pact and became the first Hive as we know it. Xi Ro became Xivu Arath, Aurash became Auryx King of the Hive, and Sathona took the Mother morph to become Savathun, The Witch Queen.

Savathun is a cunning character who has learned how to infect the minds of her opponents with a unique language known as Savathun’s Song. Bungie has worked her mind-controlling song into the game’s soundtrack, most notably in the title music of Shadowkeep.

Destiny 2, The Witch Queen” by Bungie is licensed under CC BY 3.0

Has Savathun Corrupted Osiris?

Right now, everything is pointing towards Savathun having corrupted the legendary Warlock, Osiris. You may recall the Hive High Celebrant slaying of Osiris’ ghost, Sagira, back in the Season of the Hunt, which made Osiris mortal.

Now mortal, Osiris serves as an advisor to the Vanguard. Certain lore suggests Osiris is comfortable using Statsis (check out the Ingenious Hammer lore), a power bestowed by the Darkness. Furthermore, Osiris suggested to Saint-14 that he close down the Trials of Osiris.

Savathun explained in some of her lore that a man saw her and thought she was ill because of her blackened teeth. Which Guardian always has his mouth covered without exception? Osiris!

Also, Saint-14 has noted that he thinks Osiris is different but is yet to allude to what is meant by that comment. Being an advisor of the Vanguard puts Osiris in the perfect position to cause the most trouble and would be the ideal host for The Witch Queen to take over.

We may learn more about The Witch Queen and Osiris in the August 24 reveal, but that is the direction we are heading. Do you have your own theories?

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