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Is loot boxes related to online gambling?

When the subject of video games is brought up, it is often said that they cause aggression, distort the concept of morality, and impair social skills. But there is also a problem that can leave you with no money, and that’s what we’re going to talk about today. This is why many people compare loot boxes to online gambling services. Before we dive into «The World of Loot Boxes», I want to say a huge thank you to the folks at fancasinos.com for the information they put together for this article.

What are loot boxes?

Loot Box — literally, a box of loot, is a virtual object in video games, when using it the player gets random virtual items of different value and purpose. Outwardly it is most often a closed chest, box, box or other container.

What the research says

GambleAware, a British charity, reported that about half of its income comes from just 5 percent of its customers.

The psychological link between loot boxes and Online gambling has been «reliably confirmed» by a new report commissioned by the British charity GambleAware.

Lootboxes in the U.S.

Initially, gamers accepted loot boxes and did not perceive them as something bad, the items did not affect the gameplay in any way and served only a cosmetic role. But over time, game developers have improved the mechanics, making them more aggressive and increasing the dependence of gameplay on the loot boxes, making them similar to online gambling sites.

What are the dangers of loot boxes

Loot Boxes are considered part of what is known as a coercion loop, which is necessary to ensure that players are invested in the game. Compulsion loops are considered one of the factors that creates video game addiction, in which they find many similarities to addiction to gambling sites.

The discovery of loot boxes has led to a separate multi-million dollar community of players. This is attributed to the fact that the act of opening a loot box is an excitable element for both the player himself and the viewers watching the player on YouTube. For this reason, some developers have begun to add loot boxes, even knowing that most players will not purchase them.

How to solve this problem

The main problem with regulating loot boxes has been that games don’t provide tangible assets, and the items you get are only available within the game.

In some US states it is prohibited to sell games with Loot Boxes or Loot Boxes themselves to people under 18 years old. Many other countries are working on the issue of regulation, and studies are constantly being conducted, and many of them come to the conclusion that loot boxes can develop gambling sites addiction in children, that they have features typical of gambling, so they should be regulated by law.

Will loot boxes be banned

A similar question can be asked about online gambling sites. As things stand, the likelihood that loot boxes will be completely banned is slim. Although they may soon begin to undergo stricter regulations than was previously established.


Given all of the above information, the conclusion is simple: regulation at the national and international level, as well as hundreds of studies, can’t be wrong — children are better off being shielded from such games.

And according to some studies, by 2025, the volume of profits from random bonus boxes will be $20 billion.

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