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Is Destiny as an Esports primed to become an important E-sports betting market


Esports is one of those things that can quite easily go missed unless it is a huge part of your life. There are 280 million viewers in 2016 of Esports, from the league of legends world Championships attracting millions of yours to the smaller and less known Esports that many people choose as the niche for their own entertainment, there are many reasons why Esports are becoming popular, more so than ever before. Esports offers a high level of interaction for even the part-time gamer, and as with many team games and first-person shooters, you can choose your level of interaction, and commitment, and quickly find yourself immersed in the world with professional gamers and novice players alike. The real appeal to the sports are how quickly you can begin and create a whole world for yourself in this online environment.

The very fact that you can access these online games from the comfort of your home, and potentially turn them into a competitive sport that you can play yourself, with others that you know, or even that you don’t, is appealing to many. Destiny has carved itself a cult following of many gamers and fills a gap that many didn’t know existed. Destiny 2 tournaments are propping up and becoming more popular by the day, and with many people finding more time on their hands recently, this is only set to improve.

But does this mean that in destiny is primed to become an E-sport favourite? And are the best esports betting sites like those found at bestbettingsites.co.uk, going to be the next big thing?

Destiny Rise

Destiny was first released in 2014 for PlayStation and Xbox, the developer, Bungie,  released the multiplayer share world environment, and fans quickly followed the lead. There are different modes of play, and as with many online games you can choose PVP or PV options to give you plenty of scopes to try things out and become an expert. Invest in time and energy into becoming a pro gamer, is a commitment, and the destiny hopefuls are more than happy to put this effort in. Expansion is quickly followed and a direct sequel destiny to too, was released in 2017. Even though there are many competitors on the market, this game has had mostly positive feedback and sold over $325 million in its first five days. With awards and compliments from industry professionals. Whilst the game is relatively new in the grand scheme of things when it comes to online gaming, and Esports in general, there is no reason why destiny shouldn’t be at the forefront of people’s minds when it comes to online betting on Esports.


Better news to be just about the horses and football, but anything that can be competitive is now available to bet on. Online gaming and the online betting world, seem to be on the rise at the same time. The use of the Internet to replace, or enhance our usual entertainment forms, only serves to speed up the process, and ensure that Online betting is completed in a professional manner. Online betting in its current form is accessible, dazzling, and open to all. This means that Esports can easily slot into the industry and entertainment quite well. Of course, betting itself carries an element of risk, but the online world of gaming can quickly draw people to the world of competitive online games, who would normally enjoy other forms of entertainment. And it doesn’t have to be just fantasy games and role-playing, there are plenty of people betting on gems such as the FIFA eWorld cup as well! So even if your main past time isn’t necessarily space-themed or fantasy-based, there is a world of online betting that you can join and enjoy.

Perfect Match?

Whilst the growth of the sports and tournaments that both entertain and potentially earn the viewer money at the same time, it’s hard to deny, there are some considerations that we need to think about. Some leagues and professional players have a lot of packing from various sources, with commitment and weeks of time committed to improving their game, top of the range equipment to ensure that they are ahead of the curve, and teams of people that support and encourage these players, but there is nothing to say destiny can’t be the next big thing, and indications from fans show that there is certainly an audience out there for this style of game. So even though it may not feel as though there is a huge scope for destiny becoming the next big thing right now, it’s a case of watch this space and sees how things progress in the coming weeks and months.

So not only does destiny have some great teams, a huge fan base, and some great gameplaying abilities, there is much more to come from the tournaments and events that destiny has lined up in the future. So being involved at this stage could be a great decision all round. And even though we don’t know what the future may hold, doing your research and working out exactly what is needed where is essential.

As with anything to do with technology and the internet things are developing at an incredible speed all around, so taking the time to get to know the Esport approach and getting to grips with your equipment can’t be a wonderful use of time right now!

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