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How Competitive Gamers Are Getting an Edge in 2021

Gaming has moved away from being just a hobby to a competitive sport which has captured the attention of audiences from all around the world. Also known as esports, gaming has expanded its reach during the global pandemic, offering a way for sports fans to continue to connect despite the lockdown.

Esports are played at every level, from local amateurs to enormous, big-money tournaments which attract international competitors. And although players may not be running around a field, they still need to take care of their physical and mental health.

Staying fit is important for every competitive sportsperson, and gamers are no exception. Here are a few ways that gamers can take better care of themselves – and gain that all-important competitive edge.

Snack Regularly

Whether it’s a car or a human body, nothing runs smoothly without enough fuel – or the right kind of fuel. Eating small portions regularly keeps energy levels topped up, and blood sugars stable.

Of course, you’ll need the right kind of snacks at your disposal that are compatible with gaming. Anything too messy or sticky is a bad idea, especially if you’re just grabbing a few mouthfuls when there’s a pause in the game. You’ll also need something that digests easily or else rather than receiving an energy boost, you’ll just feel sluggish.

The good news is that you don’t need to break the bank to stay well-fed and healthy. The Publix weekly ad is the ideal place to shop to pick up nutritious but enjoyable snacks at a great price. Peanut butter is often chosen by athletes as it’s packed with healthy fats and high in protein. This makes it the perfect gaming snack, and right now you can pick up Skippy’s peanut butter with a saving of up to 7.29 on a BOGOF deal.

Stretch It Out

When you’re focussing on a tournament, or even just practicing for hours at a time, it’s easy to fall into a groove and lose track of time. This can leave you feeling stiff, sore and tense with muscles which have been cramped into one position for many hours.

Some very basic yoga moves such as the Cat Pose or Child’s Pose will help to stretch out tense muscles. Rolling your neck all the way around, first in one direction and then the other will let you work out any kinks.

Stretching will help to counteract any problems but when you’re playing, try not to stay in one position for too long. Be mindful of your gaming position and try to change things at least every 30-60 minutes. Many gamers find they tend to lean forward and hunch their shoulders. By being aware of your posture and working to improve it, you can reduce the stress on your muscles.

Mental Alertness

Playing well isn’t just about physical fitness, mental agility is essential too. And if you’re not taking good care of your brain, your mind won’t be as sharp or as quick when it matters.

Looking after yourself physically will benefit you mentally. This means getting enough sleep and resting well between sessions. If you’re tired and sleep deprived, you won’t be able to think clearly and might be slower off the mark. Hydration is also important, something that many people underestimate. Steer clear of caffeine and drink plenty of water; keep your favourite bottle close at hand while you’re playing.

There have been many studies which have proven the effect that fresh air can have on your wellbeing. Plan time into your schedule to take a walk outside and enjoy some gentle exercise, preferably somewhere with trees and quiet, green spaces. If you’re struggling to get good quality sleep, getting outside for at least 30 minutes during the day will help you to get some shuteye at night.

Slip some AirPods in, listen to your favourite podcast while you’re walking and by the time you’re back home again, you’ll be fresh, alert and ready to tackle any mission.

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