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Destiny and gambling players

All types of gambling are tied to an element of luck in some way. Most gamblers will do everything they can to get a fortune as an ally. Some talk openly about superstition, while others never admit to being influenced by supernatural forces. But it’s safe to say that a significant percentage of gamblers believe in destiny in one or another way. 

Suggestions about the influence of luck and professionalism on the gaming outcome include a diverse set of arguments that should be considered from various perspectives. And this article will discuss whether your winnings are predestined, or all depends on your skill and expertise.

Card Games

It doesn’t make much sense to rely only on your luck when you’re playing card games. Of course, as in everyday life, you can try to develop the habits of lucky people. But if you don’t know the basic rules of card games, you shouldn’t expect to win by chance. It is important for players to familiarize themselves with the basic rules of the game, learn all the combinations, the names of bets, and only after that start playing. 

Skill is the most important aspect of winning in a card game. However, luck can also change the situation on a table. At any time professionals may hold weak cards, and the beginner can get the strongest hand that could easily lead him to the desired victory. But such luck is possible within a single deal, and during the whole session, experience is likely to outweigh luck.

Slot Machines

In the case of video slots, everything is much easier. That’s why they are so popular with students who don’t like to spend time studying game theories. Students only need to find a complete 10 deposit casinos list with a selection of the best gambling websites and start trying their luck. Here, players do not have to learn complicated rules and memorize the names of combinations, and other terminology. College students and other beginners can solely rely on luck and win just by pressing the Start or Spin button.

The only thing you can learn to win in slots is the skill to vary your bets. For example, many players prefer to stick to the Zigzag strategy, when bets are raised after each losing combination, or reduced after a successful line of spins.

Popular Superstitions

If you are well versed in the rules of the game, already found a great online casino, learned how to use no deposit bonuses and other profitable offers — you can think about superstitions. Perhaps, following some rules will help you stay more confident and relaxed.  

To start with, it is necessary to remember that 13 is considered an unhappy number, not only in gambling but also in real life. And there are several examples: Friday the 13th is believed to be the most unlucky day. When it comes to casinos, players will avoid everything that is connected with the number 13. Gambling institutions are also well aware of this superstition, which is why large casinos often omit 13 in their floor numbering: the 12th is followed immediately by the 14th.

As with numbers, colors are often considered a sign of good or bad luck. According to many players, black is an unlucky color. In contrast, red is often perceived as the color of fortune, especially in Chinese culture. Many Chinese gamblers wear red when they go to the gambling hall.

Although most poker players think that luck is not important in poker games, many gamblers believe that some talismans will bring them good luck at the table. Such objects may be of all kinds and types. The rabbit’s foot, horseshoe, and four-leaf clover are exceptionally popular. Not surprisingly, most casino players have lucky clothes that they wear in casinos, and sometimes a lucky companion who supports them during the game.


There is one question that is particularly controversial among the entire gambling community — what helps you win at casinos? Luck, skill, or experience? In fact, it all depends on the type of game, as well as on the overall experience of the gambler.

Statistics show that, in most cases, beginners always rely solely on luck. Professionals will confidently say that experience and skill are more important when it comes to card games. There is no single correct answer in this case because both of these statements are true to some extent. And of course, a bit of luck will not hurt anyone. Especially if you decide to start gambling.

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James Collins is a professional casino reviewer. He has in-depth working experience in the field of gambling and the creation of gaming projects. James is currently engaged in blogging and writes articles about casinos.

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