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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – 5 Tips to Help You Dominate in Ground War

Call of Duty amazed its fans with the introduction of Ground War mode and its unique gameplay. Everything about this mode is fast, furious, and risky. Players are organized into two teams and fight to win points on a very large map. 

Wining Ground War requires a team to earn 250 points. To get these points, players have to hold the available control points. Moreover, any team that captures and holds the five controls points for forty-five seconds will also win. But it is easier said than done. So, you need to simplify the mode a bit with COD modern warfare hacks from game professionals. 

Also, we will help you out with 5 tips that can be a game-changer for you while on the battleground. That way, your team will have the extra assistant they need to dominate in Ground War. So, check them below! 

5 Tips to Dominate Ground War

  1. Get Smart with Loadout 

Your loadout consists of all the equipment that will help you on the battleground. Ground War is an all-assault game that requires the best of weapons. So, when putting things together, make sure you pick the useful ones. For instance, we recommend that your loadout consists of weapons that can help you in short, medium, and long-range confrontations. So, go for the Overkill perk to get the specialized weapons you need. 

For close combat, make sure you add shotguns in your loadout. Also, add a sniper rifle and target killstreaks when possible but don’t focus entirely on it. 

  1. Don’t focus on Kills.

The main thing that leads to winning Ground War is capturing and holding the control points to earn the required 250 points. So, this game doesn’t pay much attention to the number of kills you make. Therefore, focus more on the objective and try to build the points your team needs to win. But be careful too of enemies who’re pursuing the same objectives. They’ll drop you if you’re careless. 

So, pursue the objective by focusing on every action that will take you closer to achieving it. Don’t wander around searching for players to kill unless you’re facing death from other players. 

  1. Use Vehicles wisely 

Many players love the fact that vehicles are available for them in Ground Wars. While we’re also happy about it, you still need to be careful when driving. It is better to use vehicles to dominate a particular section on the map and push the enemy back while your teammates pursue the objective. Another important use is when you want to cover some distances faster, you can use it then. Vehicles are also great for knocking out air streaks due to their strong turrets. So, if you strategize these moves, you can gain more by driving a vehicle on the map. But no matter what you do, remember that your enemy can still take down your vehicle if they have advanced weapons. For instance, if the enemy targets your vehicle with a rocket launcher, they can deal a lot of damages to your vehicle. So, be careful when using vehicles too. 

  1. Grab Advanced Weapons 

No matter what you do, enter the game with high-capacity weapons to dominate. Whether you like it or not, many players will always be rushing towards the objective from time to time. Sometimes, you may not have the chance to reload your low-capacity weapon before someone kills you. 

So, instead of being clumsy, grab a weapon like the LMG and keep it handy for such situations. Some of the top LMGs to consider are PKM, M91, SA87, MG34, FiNN, and MK9 Bruen. Any of these weapons can deal a lot of damages to multiple enemies without a miss at any time. 

  1. Fight with Useful Perks 

 Everything that increases your strength on the waterfront is necessary to win this mode. Therefore, make sure that you keep some valuable perks handy to face some situations. Luckily, Ground War also has some perks that can help you perform better. Some of the recommended ones include Cold Blooded, Shrapnel, Ghost, Overkill, and Restock. 

Overkill is a perk that allows you to use 2 primary weapons. Cold Blooded keeps you hidden away from thermal optics and protects you from Snapshot grenades. With Ghost, you can move freely without being detected by High Alert, UAVs, Heartbeat Sensors, or even the Rader Drones. Finally, shrapnel allows you to spawn with additional lethal equipment while Restock recharges your equipment. 


Many players love Ground War, although it is a tough mode to win in Call of Duty. All you need is the tips we’ve shared above to prepare yourself for the fast-paced all-assault confrontations. Also, since it’s a team-based game focused on winning objectives, it’s great to constantly work together with your team. 

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