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7 Awesome Video Game Themed Decoration Ideas

Do you love to play video games? If yes, you will surely like to bring this love in your gaming room. There are some fantastic nostalgic gaming room décor themes that you can use in your home.

Moreover, these gaming room décor ideas help gamers pay tribute to old-classic games. It also allows you to incorporate a playful vibe into your home. 

A gaming room is a place at your home where you can freely reflect your personality. So here are some awesome gaming room décor ideas that delight the gamers:

Video Game Themed Wall Art


The fun and exciting part of decorating a gaming room is that it reflects your style and personality. You can display a large piece of wall art with images of your favorite games or gaming characters.

You can cover the entire wall of your room with oversized wall art or a collage. If you do not incline towards significant pieces, hang smaller wall art pieces that belong to games, characters, collectibles, etc. 

In this way, you can create a beautiful gallery wall that creates a realm of imagination and creativity. It is an excellent yet quirky way to add a personal touch to the gaming room. You can check out various game wall art ideas to update your room. 

The Game Collection


All video game lovers acquire games, figurines, consoles, medals, assorted merchandise, etc. So gamers should create a built-in shelf that showcases several video-game and board-game collections. It also occupies the empty space of the room.

To create a great gaming room library, sprinkle some toys or game-related merchandise on shelves. 

Choose an Appropriate Space

Aces And Chips Illustration Canvas Wall Art


When you decide on a particular space for a video game room, think carefully. People who have a basement have an added advantage. A basement is a perfect place for long and peaceful gaming sessions.

Usually, basements are dark and quiet, so you can consider them an ideal place for hardcore gaming sessions. However, people who live in apartments do not have the privilege of basements. But no need to worry about this.

You can use an alternative, i.e., turn your spare room into an incredible and exciting video game playing area. But, unfortunately, some of you can not even afford an extra room. 

In that scenario, you can quickly transform your bedroom corner into a gaming corner.

Ambient Lighting

Jackpot At Casino Canvas Wall Art


In video game rooms, you do not need natural light to look at the screen for a long time. However, ambient lighting is crucial in the gaming area. The right amount of ambient lighting can protect your eyes from getting blinded by the screen.

You can combine floor lamps with wall sconces or use offset lights on ceilings to create a warmer and illuminating atmosphere. Add different colored lights to create a unique and surreal atmosphere.

Projector or Wide Monitor

Sometimes,  you find playing video games on a system too awkward because of a small screen. So it would be best to use a projector or wide monitor to have the best experience and enjoy gaming sessions.

You can also pick LED TV to connect with consoles, speakers, or different gaming essentials. Moreover, if you have a projector, you can customize the size and range as per your need.

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