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Vex Mythoclast Is The Model Exotic Primary

With Season of the Lost and 3.3.0, Vex Mythoclast has skyrocketed in popularity because of its insane buffs. As a reminder, here are the buffs it received on top of this season’s better Breach And Clear, Particle Deconstruction:

  • PVE damage bonus increased by ~40%. 
  • Range stat increased to be near-best in class for high impact Auto Rifles. 
  • Increased stability stat. 
  • Reworked catalyst to grant stability and damage after a kill. 
  • Increased rate of fire from 360 to 390. 
  • Reduced Linear Fusion Rifle mode charge time from 820 to 533 (same as standard Linear Fusion Rifles). 
  • No longer loses overcharge stacks on stow except when in Linear Fusion Rifle mode.

Now obviously, Particle Deconstruction elevates it even beyond this, making it one of the best primaries in the game at base. However, Particle Deconstruction or not, the Mythoclast remains a very strong choice, doing more DPS than most other Exotic Primaries – and Legendary Primaries in general. And that’s not even taking into account its Linear Fusion Rifle mode.

Ultimately, this is what an Exotic Primary needs to be to content with Exotics belonging to the Special or Heavy ammo slots. Vex Mythoclast can comfortably sit alongside weapons like Xenophage, Anarchy, Divinity and Izanagi’s Burden because of how brilliant it is. Much like Eriana’s Vow, I wouldn’t question anyone’s use of this in most content.


Vex Mythoclast should stay where it is, but other Exotic Primaries need to be buffed to the point that Vex Mythoclast is a weaker choice by comparison, because you don’t have to do anything special to get Vex’s performance as is – it’s there from the get-go. From a design and gameplay standpoint, there’s not many drawbacks.

There’s nothing like Symmetry requiring stacks to activate its buff, or Rat King needing other players, or Tarrabah and Outbreak Perfected needing time to ramp up.

Bungie have previously stated that they want Exotic Primaries to see more playtime in high-end PvE content. Well, I think Vex Mythoclast proves that it’s possible – a few small buffs can go one hell of a way, debuff mod or not.

But what to do you think of the Mythoclast? Too overpowered, or just fine? Let us know in the comments.

I've been a fan of the Destiny franchise since D1's Alpha, and have followed it avidly ever since. Destiny is a huge part of my life and it's a pleasure to share that here. I'm a big fan of lore speculation and Endgame PvE content.

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