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The Crow Has Found His Fireteam In Two Familiar Guardians

With the release of Solstice of Heroes has come a brand new new weapon: Compass Rose, a solar precision frame shotgun, first sighted in the Splicer reveal trailer. However, it’s not the perks or potential rolls on the weapon that really interest me. It’s the lore – and the implications – that comes with it that do instead.

The lore tab begins with a Hunter and a Warlock entering Zavala’s office. They exchange humorous small talk about the office, such as his decorations, before Zavala himself enters. Zavala, strangely enough, recognises them – despite the fact that neither of these Guardians are named as of yet. The pair quickly get down to business, wanting to personally thank Zavala for the Eliksni rescue efforts on Europa and to ask what the long-term plan is for the Eliksni Quarter.

Whilst Zavala reveals there isn’t anything planned long-term, he does state that the Consensus wants to turn the area into a central learning annex. Its purpose would be to allow Eliksni and humanity to freely share things such as ideas, languages and culture. This is a nice gesture, cerainly, and one fans will be happy with. However, it’s also one that would absolutely back up the eventuality of a violent coup by the FWC and New Monarchy in Splicer’s upcoming Epilogue.

Zavala continues that the Botza District, now the Eliksni Quarter, is going to be built up until the people of the City accept them. From then on, the Eliksni will be able to live amongst the city as its inhabitants. However, he does acknowledge that this will take time as many citizens of the City are still angered by the Eliksni presence

The Warlock and the Hunter are surprised by this, but very grateful – strangely so, but it’s another hint towards their identity. Zavala refuses to take credit, instead motioning to Ikora – who has just arrived in his office – as the true mastermind of the plan.

Ikora enters, and finally reveals to us just who these Guardians are – they’re Mithrax’s former fireteam from Forsaken’s older lore books. These are the pair who accompanied him to Sjur’s grave, who listened as he proclaimed himself Kell of Light. And now they’ve come to give their thanks for the City seeing the Mithrax and House of Light as they do. It’s both a heart-warming moment and excellent for Destiny’s ongoing storytelling.

However, the pair haven’t reconnected with our friendly Fallen Kell just yet, admitting that with everything going on, they felt it best to wait until the right moment. Ikora reassures them, calling the trio family, before whispering something in Zavala’s ear, who seems to approve greatly – much to the confusion of the pair of Guardians. Ikora then offers them a job in meantime as they wait for Mithrax: Accompanying a scout outside the city, a “a newly minted Hunter” whose identity happens to be “complicated”. Now, who does that sound like to you?

It would seem that our favourite New Light has found a fireteam that may just be as accepting of him as we are, if their track record with Mithrax is anything to go by. All three of them – two Hunters and a Warlock – should be able to bond over their faith in the Eliksni. Hopefully this may open a path for more Guardians to see Crow as he truly is: Not as Uldren, but as another man entirely.

Of course, the question still remains if we will see Uldren again anytime soon – and if so, will his new fireteam accompany him? It’s possible he may be involved next season, if the leaks are to be believed, but we haven’t heard anything conclusive just yet. We’ll know in time, however, and will be sure to keep you updated.

Let us know what you think of this development, and when we might see Crow again, in the comments.

I've been a fan of the Destiny franchise since D1's Alpha, and have followed it avidly ever since. Destiny is a huge part of my life and it's a pleasure to share that here. I'm a big fan of lore speculation and Endgame PvE content.

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