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Like Destiny 2 New Light, the Best Entertainment is Free

One of the oldest tricks in the marketer’s playbook is to offer a product for free. Why would any business do this? Because it knows some of those users will be engaged enough to purchase add-ons or upgrade to a paid-for version. The revenue from the paid-for games is greater than the cost of providing free play to all.

Publisher Bungie recognized this when it decided to offer Destiny 2 New Light free of charge.

What is effectively a free-to-play version of Destiny 2 comes with the core game areas and access to the main activities available in the game. Importantly, your Power level is high enough from the get-go, allowing you to dive straight into the action.

New players, who can find the game on Steam by searching for Destiny 2, will get to play the evolving world MMO for free. If like most readers of this site, you get to understand how to play Destiny and fall in love with the game, you won’t mind paying out for additional versions of the game, which include:

  • The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition
  • Beyond Light
  • Season of the Lost Silver Bundle
  • Throne of Atheon Emote Bundle
  • Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack
  • Shadowkeep
  • Forsaken

What Exactly is Destiny 2 New Light?

Think of the free game as a no-charge point of entry to the world of Destiny 2. There’s no catch – you can play this free, tailor-made version of the full game for as long as you like. It’s not a trial with a time limit.

The content focuses on software released before Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, which is a major expansion paired with the New Light game.  It comes with every planet and hub, plus DLCs like Nessus, Titan, and Mars. There is also a special intro mission within the Cosmodrome.

So, what are you waiting for? Test out the best that Destiny 2 offers for as long as you like with no charge. You can even play online with your friends via PS4, Xbox One, or PC.

Why Free Games are Good for Everyone

The logic behind providing free gaming is tried and tested. However, in terms of games like Destiny 2, three parties win, and nobody loses. Firstly, the new players clearly benefit because they get to play a cool game for free. Secondly, existing Destiny 2 players benefit as they get fresh players through the door to do battle with. And lastly, Bungie benefits because the player pool remains strong and healthy – and they get to upsell paid-for versions of the game.

You will find the same logic applied to other types of online gaming, like the casino sector where, once you register an account, you can try free slots and table games. Free gaming makes particular sense in this instance for the player, who can see how a particular slot or table game (like blackjack, for example) works before they need to risk their own money. Gambling platforms lay on the free games knowing that some players will then go on to make a deposit.

But it’s video gaming where the free-play tactic crops up time and again. Perhaps the best-known example is Fortnite, the outlandishly popular MMO game. It started with humble beginnings, but soon millions of players had registered to parachute into the cartoon-style world, survive and kill everyone else to win the map.

Mobile Free Gaming Tactic

If you’re looking for a multitude of free-play entertainment in one place, go to your mobile device app store. It is packed with titles that are free to play but encourage you to spend money with add-ons. From Candy Crush to Angry Birds, you can play for free as much as you wish but may purchase additional items. There is also a vast amount of merchandise you can buy.

For golfers, a popular game is the new version of WGT, a multiplayer online golf game you can enjoy on any device for free. But you will always be urged to spend some real cash upgrading your equipment rather than releasing it by playing through the levels.

Free Play Works

It’s not a coincidence that this marketing tactic works. Everyone is a winner, and any company taking part will be keen to ensure the player gets a demonstrable benefit from free play with no time limit.

Those who love the free games like Destiny 2 New Light enough to want to purchase other versions of the game will help Bungie invest in further releases. And that is a significant benefit to us all.

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