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Exotic Weapon Changes Coming With Season 15

This Week At Bungie, Bungie previewed several changes coming to some of Destiny 2’s Exotic weapons. Here they are:


Anarchy is first up. Bungie likes that it’s a great choice for hard solo content, and trapping enemy spawns/chokepoints, but don’t want it to remain part of a dominant tactic for boss damage, and particularly don’t want it to be great for boss damage AND add clears in a single encounter. With this change they expect it to remain strong, without being borderline usable as a Primary weapon. 

  • Reduced total reserve+magazine ammunition from 26 to 16. 
  • Reduced damage by 30% vs bosses (Champions are not bosses). 


Xeniophage was already top notch, so didn’t need to benefit from the global Machine Gun buff. It does benefit from the damage-per-bullet buff to Machine Guns, but now has slower rate of fire to compensate, resulting in slightly lower damage per second, but higher burst damage and sustained damage (since it’s now more ammo efficient). 

  • Reduced rate of fire from 120 to 90 RPM. 
  • Receives less of the Machine Gun PvE damage buff. 

Fighting Lion 

Fighting Lion has always been fun but not dominant in PvE, so they weren’t worried about the impact infinite ammo would have there. However enabling fast, unlimited grenade spamming was too much in PvP based on internal playtests, so they’ve addressed that specific case without significantly impacting its feel in PvE. 

  • Fighting Lion reserve ammo increased from “a lot” to “infinite.” 
  • Receives the same changes as other breech Grenade Launchers. 
  • Reduced base reload stat to 0 (breech Grenade Launchers with 0 reload stat reload very, very slowly). 
  • Now increases reload speed to its previous level on damaging multiple enemies with one grenade. 
  • We’ll be keeping an eye on this, but believe it’s in a good place with this change (and note that we’re not going to over-nerf an Exotic with its own subreddit). 
  • You shouldn’t be manually reloading Fighting Lion anyway. 

Vex Mythoclast 

Bungie says they were cautious with tuning this one at launch, knowing that shipping a dominant weapon that has incredibly low ownership would break PvP, and aimed for “balanced, but erring on the side of not letting it ship too strong.” However, it fell short of balanced, ownership is much higher now, and they want it to be strong enough to be a desirable reward from Vault of Glass: 

  • PVE damage bonus increased by ~40%. 
  • Range stat increased to be near-best in class for high impact Auto Rifles. 
  • Increased stability stat. 
  • Reworked catalyst to grant stability and damage after a kill. 
  • Increased rate of fire from 360 to 390. 
  • Reduced Linear Fusion Rifle mode charge time from 820 to 533 (same as standard Linear Fusion Rifles). 
  • No longer loses overcharge stacks on stow except when in Linear Fusion Rifle mode. 


Bungie had to touch this anyway because of the Fusion Rifle changes, and figured that if they were in there they might as well make a buff they’d been thinking about. 

  • Updated perk to account for fewer shots per burst (should build up charge rate at the same amount per burst as before). 
  • Reduced the damage penalty for increasing charge rate by 40%. 


Due to how the charge time stat works with the Fusion Rifle changes, Bungie made a small change to avoid breaking this weapon – in playtesting it makes almost no difference, but if they didn’t mention it someone would notice. 

  • Reduced charge time from 0.82s to 0.78s (i.e. charges 0.04s faster). 
  • Slightly reduced damage per shot. 


As it is, Bastion feels very strong with Shotguns being less dominant, so Bungie has pre-emptively adjusting it in PvP. It’s also super low usage in PvE, so we’re buffing it there too. 

  • Reduced damage by 15% (can now not quite kill a Guardian with one shot in the three-shot burst it fires). 
  • Increased spread angle by 10%. 
  • Increased PvE damage by 25% (so overall around a 10% increase in PvE). 

Sweet Business’

Sweet Business’ perk refilling the magazine when picking up Primary no longer works in a world without Primary ammo, so it’s been adjusted. 

  • Now refills magazine on picking up Special/Heavy ammo instead of Primary.

That’s all for Exotic changes. Were you hoping for more buffs? Let us know in the comments.

I've been a fan of the Destiny franchise since D1's Alpha, and have followed it avidly ever since. Destiny is a huge part of my life and it's a pleasure to share that here. I'm a big fan of lore speculation and Endgame PvE content.

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