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Ammo Finder Mods Have A Hidden Timer You Can Exploit

A Destiny 2 player, going by the name of ‘KuaiBan’ on Reddit, has uncovered a hidden timer on Ammo Finder mods – and a way to exploit them to your advantage. He posted it his findings on Reddit, and we’ll also show you them below:

Contrary to popular belief, ammo finders are not entirely RNG. Similar to Warmind Cells, there is a hidden counter, a progress bar that tracks weapon final blows you have accumulated so far, and when that bar is filled, you will be rewarded with a glowing ammo brick.

Note: weapon final blows only, ability kills and warmind cell kills doesn’t count for finder mod apparently.

Per Aug 12th 2021 TWAB

– Ammo Finder 

– Now have an increased chance to spawn ammo on kills with primary weapons, and a further increased chance with Exotic Primaries

Subject : Machine Gun Ammo Finder Mod

All tests were done in K1 Revelation lost sector on the moon.

Legendary Primary Weapons

Extraordinary Rendition – 1 Machine Gun Finder ModExtraordinary Rendition – 2 Machine Gun Finder Mod

Exotic Primary Weapons

The Huckleberry – 1 Machine Gun Finder ModThe Huckleberry – 2 Machine Gun Finder Mod

Legendary Special Weapons

Dreambreaker – 1 Machine Gun Finder ModDreambreaker – 2 Machine Gun Finder Mod

Exotic Special Weapons

Merciless – 1 Machine Gun Finder ModMerciless – 2 Machine Gun Finder Mod

Legendary Heavy Weapons

Seventh Seraph Saw – 1 Machine Gun Finder ModSeventh Seraph Saw – 2 Machine Gun Finder Mod

Exotic Heavy Weapons

Thunderlord – 1 Machine Gun Finder ModThunderlord – 2 Machine Gun Finder Mod

I also tested other heavy weapon finder mods, but they pretty much yield the same result as Machine Gun Ammo Finder, so we can assume the numbers should be consistent for all heavy ammo finder mods.Takeaway

So, what does all this data mean? While there’s a small amount of RNG involved in ammo finder mods, it is actually final blow based in the large scheme.

Just like every 4th final blow (5th in patrol) with a seventh seraph weapon will generate a warmind cell, ammo finder mods also have a hidden counter, a progress bar you need to fill with weapon final blows.

The amount of progress you get for each final blow is affected by two factors:

  • Weapon type (Exotic Primary, Legendary Primary, and the rest)
  • Number of finder mods you are stacking

Why don’t we illustrate that with average % of progress for each final blow?

Average Progress for each final blow1 Machine Gun Ammo Finder Mod2 Machine Gun Ammo Finder Mod
Exotic Primaries6.17%7.35%
Legendary Primaries4.87 %5.99%
Exotic Special3.84%4.58%
Legendary Special3.91%4.38%
Exotic Heavy3.64%4.62%
Legendary Heavy3.57%4.42%

Exotic Primaries are the king for ammo finder mod, each final blow with an exotic primary will “fill the hidden bar” with an average of 6.17% progress, 7.35% if you are stacking them.

Now is it worth stacking finder mods? If you look at the percentage of progress, the benefit seems so minimal, with only about 1.20% increase for exotic primaries, and less so for the rest of the weapons. This roughly translates to 3 to 4 kills difference.

However, let’s assume you are playing a strike in a fireteam of 3

  • There are 300 enemies in the strike, each of you get 100 by the end.
  • 20 of your 100 kills are from your abilities, 20 are from warmind cells, this means you have a weapons final blow of 60
  • Assuming you are using exotic primaries
    • with 1 finder mod, you can proc it 3 times
    • with 2 finder mod, you can proc it 4 times.

While 3 to 4 kills difference doesn’t sound much, they do add up, making finder mod proc more often throughout the whole activity. Not to mention you are also competing for kills with your teammate, being able to shove off some kills needed for that heavy brick is pretty cool.

Knowing the percentage of progress, this also means you can plan your kills, and have a rough idea when will you get a heavy brick from finder mods.

One last note, this “hidden counter” will reset on DEATH. So if you are doing a GM Nightfall, and you are one weapon final blow away from getting some heavy.

  • And you died.
  • You will have to restart the whole process.

So there you have it – a surefire way to get ammo bricks back for your harder-hitting weaponry. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

I've been a fan of the Destiny franchise since D1's Alpha, and have followed it avidly ever since. Destiny is a huge part of my life and it's a pleasure to share that here. I'm a big fan of lore speculation and Endgame PvE content.

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