Is Lincoln Green The Best Pulse Rifle For Destiny 2 PVP?

Lincoln Green is a Legendary Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2, but more specifically it is one of the best, if not THE best, Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2 for PVP (the Crucible). I’ve been playing around with this weapon a lot in Destiny 2 and I think it’s fantastic, but let’s take a look at the stats in more detail so you can decide for yourself.

The Rounds Per Minute from this weapon are pretty much the most you can get at 540, but honestly that’s the best stat on it. The Impact is small at 23, The Range is only 32, the Stability is about average at 46, the Reload Speed is 33, and the Handling is 30. These are all mid-range and not very exciting, but the Perks add enough to make up for it.

In terms of hidden stats we’re looking at a Zoom of only 17, very poor, Inventory Size of 46, a massive Aim Assistance of 74, and a Recoil Direction of 60. I don’t know about you but any weapon with that level of Aim Assistance is a weapon I want in my arsenal.

The weapon has a Rapid Fire Frame which means deeper ammo reserves and a slightly faster reload speed when the magazine is empty. The three sights to choose from are IS 5 Circle, which has a short zoom and greatly increases Handling Speed, Model 6 Loop, which has a medium zoom with red dot sight and increases both Range and Handling Speed, or the Mark 15 Lens, which has a long zoom and greatly increases Range whilst decreasing Handling Speed. Of these I can tell you that the last Sight is the best because it offers the most Range, and that is extremely important for using this weapon.

The next two perks to choose from are Steady Rounds, which has a magazine that’s optimised for recoil control, and greatly increases Stability whilst decreasing Range, or Alloy Magazine, which provides an even faster reload speed when the magazine is empty. While I did point out that Range is key with this weapon the reload speed is not. In practice I find that Steady Rounds is better because you can get more shoots off with better accuracy, finishing off any leftover enemies with a different weapon in your equipment.

Finally we have Quickdraw, which means the weapon can be drawn unbelievably fast.

Now when it comes to usage this weapon is pretty damn brilliant. If you spec it to the point where you’ve got as much Range and Stability as possible you’re going to be laughing your enemies out of each match. If you stay back and fire like crazy into your target then they’re going down, the Impact steadily alters their aim so they can’t return fire and the rate of fire is enough to put them down before they recover enough to take you on. I’ve even had enemies run off and hide behind walls to heal, and I’ve still managed to kill them.

Licoln Green is a fantastic ranged weapon for PVP no matter where you’re playing. Each map has it’s disadvantages but Lincoln Green seems to almost remove them as you dart about them finding spots you can get shots off with ease. Get this weapon, because it’s brilliant. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Livestream #3 Cancelled

Tomorrow Bungie were scheduled to have the last of their three livestreams detailing the upcoming Expansion, the Curse of Osiris. However, it now seems as though this livestream has been cancelled in favour of a blog post.

The final livestream was set to discuss and show off the things we can earn in the new expansion, and the way it’s changing how we earn rewards from activities. Unfortunately that stream is cancelled and instead an in-depth blog post will be appearing on the Bungie blog that goes over the same details, as well as more information about the state of the game and quality of life for Destiny 2 players following the launch of the expansion.

In the blog post Bungie want to talk about their goals going forward with the game. Destiny leadership will discuss their priorities moving forward and what the game will look like when Curse of Osiris launches, as well as the state of the game in the weeks afterwards.

While it’s a shame we won’t get to see what the quality of life in Curse of Osiris will be like I think we can make some educated guesses over some of the changes that are coming . Bungie recently made a big change to the way XP is earned in the game, which directly affects the rate at which Bright Engrams are earned.

Before the change greater amounts of XP were rewarded for harder activities such as Raids and the Nightfall Strike, while XP would gradually decrease in terms of the amount earned for smaller activities every time an activity was completed. Now XP has been halved across the board which has upset a lot of people. I think that the developers will be talking about how XP changes will affect their activities in Curse of Osiris, but as to what those changes are it could be anything.

What we haven’t seen anything of is the new Exotic weapons coming in Curse of Osiris. It’s clear that the weapons the Expansion adds are going to be combinations of Golden Age weapons with Vex technology weaved into them. What would be brilliant is a  weapon that shoots bullets through time with a 100% accuracy rate.

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Destiny 2 The Curse Of Osiris Reveal Stream #2 Recap

The final reveal stream for Destiny 2 the Curse of Osiris is today so we thought we’d cover all the details from the last stream to keep you caught up on what’s coming with this expansion. As an initial note it’s worth knowing that Season 2 of Destiny 2 begins when this Expansion launches.

Bungie took players to a pre-recorded Public Event on Mercury, because it would take too long to wait for what they want for the stream. Mercury features a bespoke Public Event that can’t be found on other planets, Vex Crossroads. As the Public Event goes on the area it’s in changes and opens up, making for a Public Event that’s almost never the same. There will be bosses for the event that drop keys that open up the next section of the Public Event, leading Guardians through each phase.

The event shows off just how different Mercury is to the rest of the Solar System in Destiny 2. There are islands built far out in the distance that can only be accessed as part of the bespoke Public Event, meaning there’s content that might not be seen by a number of Guardians. The rest of the Public event will be shown by YouTubers as Bungie wanted to leave some stuff for players to explore.

A new endgame reward system is also being added as part of Curse of Osiris. There is a Forge where players can bring together items from around the system to craft new weapons in the Lighthouse, as well as a mystery that needs to be solved within the updated social space.

Brother Vance is going to be handing out a lot of things, from gear and weapons and Engrams to adventures, quests, and tasks. In amongst these Adventures are Heroic Adventures that have random Heroic modifiers applied to them and require a Fireteam for anyone hoping to finish, but they are possible to complete as a good solo player.

As part of the Vex Weapons that Guardians can craft they must acquire verses that Osiris wrote from Brother Vance. These act as small quests that players need to collect items for in order to complete. From the Inventory players can view wha they need to get to complete the Verse, and by viewing the Verse in further detail they can see the activities they must complete in order to get the items needed to finish the verse. Once charged the verse becomes a Prophecy Tablet that Guardians need to take to Brother Vance for transmutation. Taking that tablet to the Forge will reward you with the weapon for that verse, of which there is one for each.

The weapons earned by completing verses are themed around Vex technology that’s been hacked into weapons from around the time Osiris was banished from the Tower. This means these weapons look badass because they’re pretty damn old, but also bleeding edge in terms of technology.

Strikes were also a subject of the second Curse of Osiris reveal stream, the Expansion actually has two brand new ones. The introduction to these Strikes has been built into the Expansion’s campaign, but once that’s finished the Strikes will be added to the Strike playlist for you to complete at any time.

Towards the end of the stream Bungie move towards the portal that leads to the Infinite Forest, and enter it. The Fireteam take part in an Adventure that leads them into the Infinite Forest, which is different each time Guardians enter it. Adventures in the Curse of Osiris are themed, meaning each one will have a very distinct and individual gameplay feel. As you move through this area the landscape will propagate, but they’re all put together like Lego instead of in a way that’s been purposefully designed by Bungie developers. Within the Infinite Forest any of the core antagonist races can appear, because none of it’s necessarily real. There are also Vex Demons that are the minions of a Vex AI that’s part of the Infinite Forest.

Bungie head into one of three different endpoints for the Infinite Forest, the Dark Future, but players can also end up in a new form of the Present Day, or the Past. In the Dark Future there is no light from the Sun, the Vex have burnt it out and are the only race in existence in the Solar System.

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What Are The Vex?

With the first expansion for Destiny 2, The Curse of Osiris, releasing very soon we thought it was time to take a look at the star villains of the DLC, the Vex.

The Vex are an ancient cyborg species that are linked together and ruled over by the Axis Minds. They appeared first on Venus at an unknown time through transfer gates, which allow them to teleport instantly from planet to planet.

All communication attempts with the Vex have failed because of their single-minded purpose of expanding throughout the galaxy until they are the only race around. The Axis Minds want only for this result and nothing will stand in their way, and nothing can escape their path of destruction.

While the Vex appear to be machines made of a metal that is similar to hammered brass in appearance, part of them is organic as well. On the world they’ve transformed into a machine planet, Nessus, Vex Milk can be seen in rivers and lakes everywhere. This is what the Vex radiolaria cells float inside the machine bodies, because the Vex are aquatic creatures at heart. They deem their mechanical bodies indestructible, and as such they recycle them whenever they’re done with them.

During the Golden Age the Collective on Venus found Vex structures that seemed to be billions of years old, meaning they’d have to have been built when the planet was so hot it would melt any metal. The best theory around this is that when the Traveller transformed Venus into a garden world it brought the Vex structures through from another version of Venus.

The Collective even found a Vex specimen among the structures, and found that it had created a simulation of Venus as it was in the present day, with the scientists who analysed it accurately portrayed in the simulation as well. This pushed the Collective to madness, and in the end they brought in a Warmind to do the work as they became convinced that they were in fact a simulation themselves.

Now on Mercury the Vex have built a forest, the Infinite Forest, underneath the planet’s crust. This is a possibility engine that runs endless possibilities for the Vex to analyse for how they can achieve them, helping them further their goal of complete galactic domination. In the Curse of Osiris Guardians will travel through this forest to hopefully divine the Vex’s true purpose for having suddenly started up work again.

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Character Bio – Ikora Rey

The Curse of Osiris, the upcoming expansion for Destiny 2, focusses a lot on the character and actions of Osiris. This guy was awesome, as in the best Warlock in the Tower, but he was kicked out for his views and obsession over the Vex. Before that however, he trained the best Warlock in the Tower today, Ikora Rey.

Ikora’s knowledge has earned her the position of leader of the Vanguard, but she’s also incredibly knowledgable about al things in the Solar System. Before this she was a disciple of Osiris and was well know for being outspoken in her class.

In her early days she was known for her efficiency in the Crucible and her sheer will to survive against all odds. She was often being shot down only to be found or turn up weeks later having fought off all manner of aliens. Her survival skills come from her knowledge of all things, and this has gained her the respect of all Warlocks, with some even believing that she can turn Guardians into frogs.

As leader of the Vanguard her position is to analyse unconventional threats and create solutions for them. These threats are anything out of the ordinary such as the Darkness, or a giant Vex portal suddenly activating on Mercury. She uses an elite force of spies called The Hidden who act as her eyes and ears wherever needed. One of The Hidden is Eris Morn, a Guardian who many think of as mad and a person to avoid, but Ikora Rey listens to her and values her opinions.

After her retreat to Io as part of the Destiny 2 campaign she was sought out by us, the Guardians, and returned to help fight the Red Legion and kick them out of the Tower.

In The Curse of Osiris we’re going to see a new side of Ikora, one that’s desperate to see her old mentor again. Can you imagine seeing someone you respect that much being banished so far away that you’d never see them again? Ikora will be asking the Guardians to explore the activities of the Vex and find out what Osiris has been up to, potentially bringing him home to the Tower if everyone else is on board with him being there.

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Destiny 2 The Infinite Forest Wallpaper

With The Curse of Osiris release date getting ever closer we thought we’d put together some wallpapers you can use on your devices of what will be a core focus in the first Expansion, The Infinite Forest.

First we need to understand what The Infinite Forest is and how it fits into the Destiny universe. Basically the Vex have built a machine that shows a huge number of possibilities for the future, and the Vex use it to try to see how they can achieve their ultimate goal, which we can only presume is complete assimilation of the universe.


This first wallpaper is The Infinite Forest itself. In here Guardians will find trees that relate to possibilities in the future, present, and past, all ones that the Vex constantly monitor. When we enter these possibilities they’ll be constantly different, but not procedurally generated. The oddest thing about this forest is the fact that it has no trees as humans perceive them, but then again what would the Vex consider to be a tree?


Alright here it is, the dark Vex vision of the future. In this wallpaper we can see that the Sun has been burned out, though not destroyed. In all likelihood our Sun will turn into a Red Giant before exploding into a nebula when its life has run its course, but here the Vex have dome something else to it. The planet is Mercury, and the fact that the Sun looks just as large but dead, almost lifeless probably means somehow the Vex have sucked it dry of energy. Nothing but machines could live in a Solar System without the Sun, so this is probably the future the Vex want most.


This final wallpaper is the new social space in Destiny 2 The Curse of Osiris, The Lighthouse. Now this is an extension of the area you’d get to when you complete a Flawless run in the Trials of Osiris, with some portals outside of it that allow us to access the Infinite Forest. These portals were opened by the Traveller as part of the pulse it sent out at the end of the Destiny 2 campaign. Why these portals have opened and what it means are anyone’s guess, but we know that they open up a world of new activities for us.

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Destiny 2 Tips For Clash In The Crucible

With Clash being the mode for this week’s Iron Banner we thought it prudent to try to help you survive when you venture into this limited time PVP mode. Of course these tips will still be relevant when the Iron Banner is said and done so if you’ve arrived looking for helpful tips for Clash regardless of the timing then you’re in luck.

First you need to understand what Clash is, and we’re here to tell you that it’s basically Team Deathmatch. You’ll begin the match as part of a team of four and then both teams need to fight each other, getting as many kills as possible in order to add to their team’s score. The game will end when one team has fifty kills or the timer ends, in which case the team with the highest score will win.

The most important thing you can do in any Crucible match is play the objective, and here that luckily ties in with the thing that most people do in the Crucible regardless, kill other Guardians. Each enemy down is a point for your team, but the real skill is in getting the kill without getting killed yourself, which if you do die is called trading as both teams get a point.

The second most important thing to do in to do in Clash is play to your own advantage. The way you find it easiest and get the best results from killing is the way that you need to be fighting. If that means you get double Hand Cannons then go for it, but if it means that you need to shoot from afar then you’ll need to get those rifles and snipers out to play to your skills.

Finally, the last thing you need to bear in mind when you’re fighting in Clash is where your team is. You may be fighting win random players but you still need to stick together because otherwise you’ll be picked apart. The combined fire from a group of enemies is too much for an individual to handle, but if you’re working together as a team also then there’s a better chance that you’ll survive.

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Destiny 2 The Curse Of Osiris Reveal Stream #1 Recap

Last week Bungie held the first in a series of three livestreams which will steadily reveal more about the first upcoming expansion for Destiny 2, the Curse of Osiris. In this livestream Bungie covered the new stories to tell in this expansion, but what exactly did that entail? Let’s take a look to remind ourselves before the next livestream.

New stories to tell is intended to cover the new location Guardians will be exploring, the story of the Curse of Osiris, and the characters we’ll meet along the way. The opening cinematic shows Osiris in a bit of a pickle, obviously in the Infinite Forest searching for something. Here he is scared by what he finds and throws his Ghost away through a portal to protect her.

From this we can surmise that Guardians will be searching for Osiris in order to help him, and then defend him from whatever is hunting him. At the point Osiris freezes time in the cinematic the Vex actually manage to unfreeze and attack him, so what is that all about and why are the Vex so vehemently searching for one outcome from the future in the Infinite Forest?

We’re told that the Vex are amassing on Mercury because the Traveller‘s Light awoke a portal on it. This is bad and it’s why the Guardians are now investigating it.

Next up is Osiris himself, and a bunch of lovely screenshots that I’m sure will feature on the site in the future. This guy is the greatest Warlock to ever have lived, and he was exiled to Mercury by the Vanguard. Osiris took what he had on him to Mercury and since then he’s been modifying his gear and weapons with Vex technology in order to keep one step ahead of them.

Now we see Sagira, Osiris’ Ghost who is the first named Ghost in the franchise, as well as the second Ghost to be heard in the series ever. She’s also been stylised to look more Egyptian than other Ghost shells in Destiny 2 and that’s important because it’s the whole theme of Osiris.

Ikora Rey will feature heavily in the Curse of Osiris because she’s the one who knew Osiris the best, and she’s the one who sends the Guardians to Mercury. She also needs to explore who she is as the Vanguard leader and how to be better at that in order to lead the Last City forward.

Brother Vance is the next subject shown and it’s hinted that while Osiris knows there is a Cult of Osiris who worship him he doesn’t like to think of himself on that level. In Destiny 2 Brother Vance wanted to find the perfect Guardian to bring Osiris back, now he knows Osiris is coming back and he is beyond excited about it.

Bungie then move onto locations and Mercury is the focus of it all. The key word they thought of when creating this planet was mystery, and that is going to be the theme throughout this expansion. Whatever we see when we’re exploring the planet will always have more to tell, even when fighting in the Crucible. Before the Vex Mercury was a lush garden world, but then the Vex arrived and hollowed it out into their own machine world.

The gate through which players will venture in Curse of Osiris will take them to different versions of Mercury, namely past, present, and future. What the Vex are doing is trying to find the right equation for the future, finding all possible realities until they locate one that they can use to their advantage. Through this gate players will have to face Vex from the future and the present, but also precursor Vex from the long dead past.

Due to the theme of the Vex there will be missions in the Curse of Osiris that play out differently each time. Bungie has made different combinations of set pieces that they will implement in different ways each time a mission is loaded in order to make it feel different and unique. This is by no means procedural generation but it does give the impression of it.

Future Mercury is next on the screen showing a place called the Dark Future in which the Sun has died, and no life remains but the Vex. This is a terrifying future and obviously one that the Vex would love to achieve. The Lighthouse in particular is a real hellhole, but in the present day it is a social space. Here the Cult of Osiris eagerly await Osiris’ return and have gone ahead and invited everyone there. This will be the start of a number of missions and it’ll be the place where you interact with a bunch of characters.

The player level has been raised to 25 and Power Level to 335, but this is not something Bungie go into here. What they do show is some Warlock armour with a Vex helmet that looks seriously creepy. On one of the walls in the Lighthouse there is an in-game tracker for activities after you’ve completed the Cure of Osiris. The activities specifically relate to weapons that you’re able to craft from vex technology just like Osiris.

Deej moves onto the surface of Mercury to give us all a taste of the planet. The social space is similar in size to others in Destiny 2 and will feature all the same activities. Apparently there are survivors from the wreck of the Almighty on the planet and that’s who we’ll be facing as we explore. He moves us through the planet which is as you’d expect, but then we hit the Infinite Forest.

The Infinite Forest exists within Mercury, the entire centre that the Vex have hollowed out. Here players explore and go through other gates in order to access different realities. The gates are controlled by ‘trees’ which have different appearances for each of the realities.

When the updated activity director is opened there is one surprise I wasn’t expecting, The Almighty. Obviously Mercury is a destination but the Almighty is right there, and sadly they don’t go into it.

At this point Deej takes the opportunity to address the question of new Raid content coming to Destiny 2. It sounds like there isn’t a new Raid being added but something called a Raid Lair. While the Leviathan is still available the new Lair named Eater of Worlds is now available as a six player activity. This lair features new encounters, puzzles, and bosses, but if you enjoyed the original enough then you’re fine because they’re upping the level requirements to Power Level 300. The idea for a Raid Lair is that it’s shorter and something you can do if you don’t have enough time to take on the entire Raid in an evening.

The Raid Lair is set to go below the city on top of the Leviathan, into the belly of this planet eating machine. The devs were keen to tell fans that there are a lot of stories left to tell with the Leviathan so expect more content to come. While it may be that we see more Raid Lairs added to the game I think that’s okay, because it expands the universe and gives us so much more in this rich universe.

That was all for this stream but there are two more to come over the next two weeks leading up the launch of the first expansion. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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Destiny 2 Curse Of Osiris Wallpaper

With the first expansion for Destiny 2 on the way soon we thought it would be good to put together some of the best images for it as wallpapers for you to use on all your devices. The Curse of Osiris is an expansion that focusses on the character of Osiris, specifically his relationship/interest in the Vex and a huge force that seems to be amassing on Mercury.


This first image depicts Osiris as he walks out of what appears to be a Vex portal onto the surface of Mercury. We know from the details released so far that we’re actually contacted by Osiris’ Ghost, Sagira, who has recruited the Guardians to help her find Osiris after they were separated. At this point they’re together so it could just be a cinematic made for marketing purposes, but I’d like to think that we’ll see these two fighting alongside each other at some point during the expansion.


This next image is of Mercury, of course. This is the planet that’s at the core of the upcoming expansion, Curse of Osiris. While Osiris might have an intimate knowledge of the Vex there’s currently no knowledge regarding his whereabouts. What we do know is that Mercury is where he was banished, and it’s also where the cult of Osiris and Sunbreakers find their home. Osiris disappeared a while ago, which isn’t surprising considering he’s been investigating a race that can travel through time, but Mercury is more than the Vex.

On Mercury Guardians will be able to patrol through the Infinite Forest, a simulation forest the Vex built some time ago. I’m very excited to see this area since it’s the Vex representation of what a forest on Earth might look like, meaning it could be filled with some really weird stuff.


This final image is a wallpaper of the new Crucible map releasing for Playstation 4 first. Here we can see a glimpse of what the Infinite Forest is going to look like, as you can see it’s nothing like what you’d see on Earth. This new Crucible map is going to be a lot of fun to play in because it’ll be available on Playstation 4 first, allowing one group of Destiny 2 players to gain the advantage over others initially.

Image Source: Power-upGaming

Faction Rallies Season 2

This week sees the return of Faction Rallies to Destiny 2. If you’re new to the game Faction Rallies is an event in which you need to align yourself with a faction for the week, one of the big three from the Tower. These factions are New Monarchy, Future War Cult, and Dead Orbit. Once you’ve aligned yourself with them you then need to complete activities in order to earn reward tokens to spend on faction rewards. That is how you’ll net yourself all the faction gear and weapons you crave, but there’s a prize for the best faction. The faction that has the most tokens at the end of the week will have their weapon go on sale for just 1000 Glimmer, which is obviously a bargain.

Now this week is different to the last faction rallies event in that the gear up for grabs is new and the faction weapons up for grabs to the most popular faction are different also, let’s dive in and take a look.


This time around New Monarchy is offering this awesome sword as an incentive to fight for them this time around. I’ve got to say that this really does look brilliant and I want it so much, but I’m a Dead Orbit man through and through so I don’t think I’ll be contributing towards it.


Future War Cult are offering this Fusion Rifle as their reward. This looks much better than what they offered last time around, and the fact that it’s all in their colours makes me want to get it for my Future War Cult themed Warlock.


Finally we have Dead Orbit’s Grenade Launcher. This looks pretty awful right? There’s no character to it, and all there is to trace it back to the best faction in Destiny 2 is that tiny logo on the back. I’m not impressed by this and it makes me want to fight for a new faction. But how can we earn tokens for the faction we ally ourselves with?

Bungie posted last week the changes to how players can earn tokens for their factions, which has been updated from last time after some Guardians felt their efforts weren’t rewarded enough.

You can now earn 5 to 9 tokens per Strike completion, up from 3 to 7 last time, and Nightfall Strikes will reward 10 to 18. Heroic Public Events will now reward 5 tokens, down from 8 last time, and destroying enemy resources no longer rewards tokens at all. Finally, opening Lost Sector Chests will reward you with 3 faction tokens.

So from the looks of things the best way to go and get as many tokens as possible is to do your Nightfall Strike and keep on Striking. When you’re on Patrol you want to do the Heroic Public Events and take all the Lost Sector Chests you can. I think the real way you’ll farm these tokens though is through Strikes, especially if you’re a new player because you will grind through those Power Levels so fast with all the loot you’ll win. Let us know which faction you’re rooting for in the comments.

Image Source: Bungie